Man, pack your bags!

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We have a division of labor in this house………I handle the Starwood hotels, The Man takes on the Hyatt hotels.  It makes it easier to decide who’s name to put the reservation in, and thus who’s account receives the credit for the nights when we travel together.  It also helps use know where to look first when we are traveling for work.  The Man stays a fair amount at a Hyatt Place that is close to where his company is headquartered.  It’s affordable, convenient, clean, updated, etc…. Though, really he isn’t near as picky as me, so four walls, a bed, and a tv would pretty much work for him regardless!

Anyway, Hyatt has a promotion going on right now (register here) that rewards you with 10,000 bonus points after five nights in a Hyatt hotel between April 1 and June 30.  The Man just booked his 4th night under that promo tonight.  Now, he just needs one more measly little night away at a Hyatt between now and June 30.  Just one more night until 10,000 bonus points!!

As a point of reference, free nights start at just 5,000 points per night for Category 1 hotels (and go all the way up to 22,000 per night for Category 6 hotels).   Many of the Hyatt Places and Summerfield Suites in cities we visit are on that Category 1 list.  Some Hyatt Regencies are on there as well.  You can also use your Hyatt Gold Passport points for upgrades to suites and to club level (ie free food and drink) floors.  Suite upgrades when you are traveling with little ones can be super awesome, as there is a little more space to go around.

Okay, back to The Man’s one more little tiny night away until his account takes a nice points bump.  When either of us is away it certainly adds extra work for the other.  Not to mention the fact that we do kind of miss each other and that C is old enough now that she will repeat the name of whomever is missing in a very pathetic and heartbreaking way.  Nonetheless, she will appreciate the bonus points more than she knows yet (woohoo family vacation!)  So, he has a mission…….be gone one more night in the next six weeks!!  If push comes to shove, we may just pay out of pocket to book a cheap Hyatt nearby to get the points, but we would much rather it be for a productive (expensed) work trip!  So Man, pack your bags!

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  1. Chris just booked his trip to Taipei yesterday. He will be staying at the Grand Hyatt for 18 days. Does he just have to sign up for their points program before the reservations are made or can he sign up before he checks in?

    • He just needs to register for a Hyatt Gold Passport number (their points program) before he goes on his trip and to be sure that the front desk registers his number when he checks in. He can register for their program here.

      He also needs to register for the bonus points promotion as soon as he gets his Hyatt Gold Passport number, here.

      Using the promotion above, 18 nights away should give him 40,000 points in bonus points alone! That will be on top of all the regular points he will earn for his stay. Regular points are earned at 5 points per dollar spent at the hotel on the nightly rate plus everything else he charges to his room. You guys can easily get several free nights at really nice Hyatt hotels around the world for the points he will earn on this trip alone. As a point of reference, free nights at the Hyatt Regency Cancun go for 8,000 per night and free nights at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad or Hyatt Regency Curaco go for 15,000 per night. Free nights at some Hyatt Place type hotels start at just 5,000 points a night. This stay alone will also up his status to “Platinum” within the Hyatt program. This gives 15% more points with each stay, free internet, and some other nice perks. Go, Chris, go!

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