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I’ve mentioned shopping through different online portals in order to get tons ‘o bonus points. I’ll go a little more in-depth now and invite you to join me in mourning the loss of half of the greatness of my favorite shopping portal: ShopOnePass through Continental airlines. Essentially, the way it works is you go to the ShopOnePass website and then click through one of their links for various online stores. You will then be prompted to enter your Onepass number. Proceed through to the online store of your choice and shop/purchase like normal. 6-8 weeks later you should receive some shiny new Onepass miles in your account for your effort.

For fun, I’ll give you an example…….Say you wanted a new “perfect tee”, some chino shorts for yourself (in HOT pink no less!), a cute little denim dress for your daughter, and some new work pants for your husband. If you are a Jcrew addict like me, you would logically think of checking out their website for your MUST HAVE items…..only if there is a sale, of course. To get there, first go to the ShopOnePass portal, click on Jcrew.

Next, enter your Onepass number when prompted.

Then just shop as you normally would on the retailer’s website. If you use a Continental credit card you will receive 4 miles per dollar spent. If you wanted to use a different card, you would still earn 2 miles per dollar spent. This is important for retailers like Jcrew, Gap, Home Depot, etc…. where you may choose to use their respective credit cards in order to maximize rewards within their programs. I am a travel points junkie, but I still use my Jcrew card when making Jcrew purchases for the benefits that come along with it (I love the free in-store alterations when I use the card, for instance). This way, I have a double win because I have the benefits of using my Jcrew card but I also earn Continental miles.

Here’s the part where you mourn with me……..the double mile bonus for using a Continental branded credit card will be ending on July 19th. What that means for you (and me) is if you have any purchases – especially any large ones – that you are planning on making in the near future using this portal with your Continental card, don’t delay past July 19th! It is truly amazing how fast points can add up this way. For Mother’s Day we got The Man’s mom a flower bouquet that cost roughly 40 dollars. At that time the ShopOnePass portal was offering 25 points per dollar from We used a Continental card and received double the points per dollar, so 50 points per dollar. That came to 2000 miles just for ordering a 40 dollar bouquet for Mother’s Day. I’m really sad to see this benefit going away, but plan to maximize it for the short time it has left. I think I just felt a tear running down my cheek………….

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