I just peed my pants!

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Okay, not really, I don’t think……. but I do want to share something that we do that makes both travel and life with a toddler easier and more affordable. It is a service that makes me so excited I could almost pee in my pants! I mentioned in the previous post that we like to ship diapers and baby essentials to our final destination using a service such as diapers.com or amazon.com. In case you aren’t already using them, we have found these services to be essential to our daily home life as well. If you are still buying your diapers at the grocery store, put down the jumbo pack of Pampers and listen up!

We started buying from diapers.com when C was a wee little one and we were going to visit Grandma and Grandpa, who at the time lived three hours away. We would ship what we need for the weekend there, and viola less stuff to pack in the car. We quickly realized it was quicker and cheaper to also do that at home as well! While I still use diapers.com for some things, I have personally found Amazon Mom to be less expensive, plus it comes with some other awesome benefits I will share with you.

With Amazon Mom you can set up automatic shipments for various baby products (we currently have one for regular diapers, one for nighttime diapers, and one for wipes). You pick the frequency of the delivery: monthly, every three months, etc… and then the products magically appear via two day shipping when you need them. If you realize you need them sooner or want to delay/skip a shipment you can do that as well. You can buy “in bulk” and thus pay less per diaper. You set up auto-pay with one of your credit cards that earns points to make it even better. Their shipping is free and the prices they offer are WAY better than you can find in your local grocery store. With Amazon Mom, they give you 30% off their already good prices. I have even used digital coupons to make the orders even cheaper.

So, saving money and time is awesome, but there is another equally awesome part to Amazon Mom……free Amazon Prime membership for up to a year! This would normally set you back $79 a year, but you get it free! The main fabulous feature of this is free two day shipping on basically anything that comes directly from Amazon. If you need something even quicker, you can do one day shipping for 3.99. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have used that feature. Other family members now even have me place their orders in order to take advantage of this benefit. Works great to ship birthday presents ordered on Amazon for free to all of Little C’s fabulous cousins and second cousins around the US. I loathe shipping fees, and this helps to virtually eliminate them from our life. It does it via two day shipping, not by utilizing a service that must travel via donkey that takes 2-3 weeks to show up at your door.

I highly recommend giving it a shot if you have a kiddo still in diapers. It makes not only travel easier, but also just day to day life simpler and more affordable. Here is a picture of Little C (notice the C painted on her chest) wearing a diaper painted blue that was delivered directly to our home via Fedex courtesy of Amazon Mom!

No, Amazon didn’t pay me for this, nor do they probably have any knowledge that I am so in love with their service. If all systems are working properly, I may get some sort of credit from Amazon if you utilize their service by clicking on the Amazon Mom ad on my homepage, but I can guarantee I truly do think it is a rock star service!

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  1. I absolutely agree about the Amazon mom program!! Amelie has been out of diapers for a little while so I don’t use the program much anymore. But, you can also subscribe for household items like laundry detergent, soaps, etc. I plan on checking out the price difference on those to see if it’s worth using the program.
    Diapers.com is pretty good too especially if you have one of their promo coupons (which you usually get once you sign up)!

    Awesome post Summer!!

  2. Thanks, Veronica! I just learned that they do paper towels, soaps, etc…. and am super excited to get more stuff from them. 🙂 Love having less stuff to bring home from the grocery store, too!

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