I Interrupt Whatever You Are Doing to Bring You $1,250 in Free Money!!

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UPDATE: About 48 hours after this post, the 100K “bump the bonus” deal dried up. Moving super quickly when opportunities like this pop up is a must. Didn’t take long for the Chase “suits” to realize they were giving away tons of free “cash”! Still a good read so you will be ready for the next time a chance like this pops up…..and it will! Plus, the Sapphire is still a great card even with just 50,000 points – that is what I originally signed up for!

Seriously! If you have good credit, are responsible with paying your bills, and want to get in on the points game then GET THIS CARD NOW!!!! I talked about it here, but it is the Chase Sapphire credit card. The standard offer right now (which is really good) is 50,000 points for spending $3000 on the card in the first 90 days. Perhaps we are just big eaters and drivers, but our food and gas bills for three months almost comes to that amount. Throw in paying a few other bills with the credit card and we hit that minimum spend with no problem. With the Chase Sapphire you can transfer points on a 1:1 ratio to several programs including Continental Airlines and Hyatt Hotels. Remember, with Continental a domestic round-trip rewards ticket can be obtained for 25,000 miles, so this could get you two for free. With Hyatt, free nights range anywhere from 5,000 – 22,000 points depending on the hotel. So, with Hyatt that could get you many free nights depending on the particular Hyatt you are staying at. You can also use these points as “cash”: $625.00 for travel when you book through Chase’s Ultimate Rewards portal. You really can’t go wrong with any of these choices. The annual fee for the first year is also being waived, so if you play it right this is all yours for free!

Here’s the best part……………..recently Chase started targeting some customers with a 100,000 point sign-up offer. Check the details out on Flyertalk. Chase is being fantastic and honoring that deal for people who have recently signed up under the 50,000 point offer. I sent them a secure message via their online messaging center this morning politely asking for them to honor the 100,000 point offer for my account and within a couple hours a fresh 50,000 points appeared in my account. That is fantastic customer service and I now have 100,000 miles for my family to travel with! This equates to 4 domestic round-trips on Continental, $1250 for travel through Ultimate Rewards, or many nights at great Hyatt hotels around the world. They offer other redemption options too, but those are my favorites.

In case you missed it, I am getting all of that FOR FREE! I can’t guarantee how long they are going to approve an increase to people’s bonuses from 50k to 100k, but I can guarantee that it really is a great deal either way, so what are you waiting for?! Come jump in the points game with a bang! I’ll break it down for you now in baby steps.

1. Apply for Chase Sapphire ASAP

2. If you already have a Chase card log into you online account and you will see your new account and account number very soon after you are approved. If you don’t already have a Chase credit card, you should receive it a few days after approval in your mailbox.

3. As soon as you can access your account online (almost immediate with a previous Chase, upon receiving your card if you don’t already have a Chase) send them a secure message online. Select “send new message” from the Secure Message Center on the left-hand side of your account screen.

4. Then select “Rewards Inquiry” from the Personal Credit Card drop-down box.

You will then select which credit card you are inquiring about and be able to write your message.

5. Write a very nice request to increase your bonus to the better 100,000 offer that is available. Reference offer #S6V. Here is exactly what I sent in:

Hi, I received my new Chase Sapphire card a little over a month ago and signed up under an offer that provided 50,000 points after spending $3,000. While I appreciate that offer, I have become aware of a much better offer, S6V, that provides 100,000 bonus sign-up points. Since my account is still very new, would it please be possible to honor this sign-up offer for my account? I would be greatly appreciative and look forward to building a long history with this card.

Thank you very much.

6. Wait patiently and excitedly for the response.

It really is that simple to get over a thousand dollars towards free travel! Now get on it!

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  1. Bummer, I tried this, and they won’t give me any points. I have a current Chase British Air card and they told me that I have to include an offer number and invitation number or else they won’t give me any points at all. I was not happy, given how much money we give to Chase each month.

    Love your site!

    • There is still a current link for a Chase Sapphire that does give you 50,000 points after you spend 3,000 in 3 months. That is a great deal and is the deal I originally applied for myself. For about 3-4 days Chase was allowing anyone who applied for the 50,000 point offer to “bump” their offer to the better 100,000 point offer that was targeted to a few individuals. I will do a post in the next week on how to “bump your bonus” up to a better offer. That Chase generosity to give out the extra 50,000 points seems to have dried up, but you can still get on the original 50,000 point offer. Click here to get to that deal! Thanks for reading the site!

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