Super Duper All American Deal!

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This deal really is an American winner! I’ll get to the “how to’s” in a minute, but in summary if you apply for the American Advantage Citibank Visa and AMEX at the same time you can end up with 150,000 American Airlines frequent flier miles FOR FREE!!! Yes, that is 6 digits of free miles. That’s enough for 6 domestic economy round-trip tickets, or 3 domestic first class tickets, or two first class tickets to Hawaii, or two economy tickets to Europe. Go to their award chart for even more ideas. Raise your hand if you are excited and I have your attention!

Now, American is not my favorite and it is really NOT The Man’s favorite airline due to some fiasco a couple years ago that had him stuck at O’hare for half of forever. The planes are a bit dated, the service isn’t the best, but for free I can be brave. Especially because we plan to use 120,000 of these American Beauties for two first class tickets to the Caribbean. Curacao, Antigua, St. Lucia, and others are all top American destination contenders for us! This is one of those sounds too good to be true situations, but it really is true. I learned about this deal on Flyertalk on this thread. If you have some time on your hands, start at the beginning and see how successful this deal has been for many people for many months!

Here’s the how to. You need to read and follow the instructions very carefully as there are some specific details.

1. Get an American Airline’s frequent flier number here. You will need it on both of your applications.
2. Fill out an Application for a Citibank American Airlines Visa using this link, but don’t submit it.
3. Use a different browser (ex. Firefox for one and Internet Explorer for another) or different computer (The Man did one on one computer in his office, I did the other on a separate computer, but different browsers should work as well) and fill out an application for a Citibank American Airlines AMEX using this link, but don’t submit it.
4. Once you are sure that both are complete (and are on different browsers or computers), press submit on both at the approximate same time.
5. You’re done!! Hopefully both screens will say APPROVED!

On mine the Visa gave an instant approval and the AMEX gave a screen that said they needed to do further processing. I got an email the next morning saying that one was approved as well. The reason you have to submit both at the same time is because the offer is for first time cardholders only, so if you already had one of the cards you couldn’t get approved for the bonus on the other. So, you have to do both at the same time so you show as a new cardholder on both. There is also a business card that will give you 75,000 miles. They seem to have pretty liberal rules about what constitutes a “business”. You can read more about that on the flyertalk thread if you are interested. That was a little more work than I wanted, so I just went with the two personal cards that give 75,000 miles a piece. The annual fee on both is waived the first year.

A few more details……….in order to get the bonus miles you must spend $1,500 in the first six months on the Visa and $4,000 in the first six months on the AMEX. The six month clock apparently starts from the day you are approved, so plan accordingly. The miles should post very soon after the billing cycle in which you meet the minimum spend requirements.

When you click on the application you are not going to see details about the deal you are applying for. It takes a bit of a leap of faith. That’s why I encourage you to read the Flyertalk thread about the deal to see how many people it has worked for and continues to work for even though the original expiration date for the offer has passed. People have confirmed the offer is valid by calling customer service right after they are approved. I just got applied yesterday and will probably confirm the offer when my cards arrive and I call in to activate. There are never any guarantees with this sort of thing, but I am pretty confident that everything will go as it should (at least I hope so!).

So for following some instructions about timing the applications and then doing some spending we would have done anyways, we will have two first class tickets to the Caribbean and plenty of miles to spare that can go toward future trips! That’s an All American Deal in my books! Happy 4th of July to everyone!

7/8/11 Update: I received the first of the two cards today (the Visa) and called in to activate. The CSR confirmed the 75K with $1500 spend requirement. Woo hoo!

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