I’m Going to Frequent Flyer Summer Camp!!

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Seriously, I am so excited I have been barely able to function with the rest of humanity for the last 24 hours. I am going to two different frequent flyer related events in the next 3 months. While I am very excited about both, the first one (in September) just gets me embarrassingly-over-the-top-can’t-function excited! I’ve had the same expression that my daughter did in this picture since I found out I was going.

Okay, here’s what it is……….Its technical name is Star Mega DO3. I have no clue what the name means – reminds me of Star Wars and R2D2 (whom I love), but it’s what is included in this Mega DO that has me so jazzed. In a nutshell you go on a chartered United flight with approx 150 of your new travel junky BFF’s from Chicago, to Montreal, to Denver in a period of 48 hours. You stay at very nice Hyatt hotels in each of the three cities and get to go to amazing events such as: behind the scenes tours of O’Hare airport, Bombardier tour in Montreal (they build planes and trains), meet with airline executives, party on the charter flights, tour Lockheed Martin (build more airplanes), tour United airlines training facility in Denver, go to programs at various Hyatt hotels, experience possible F16 rides with the National Guard in Denver, and you are granted Hyatt Diamond status until Feb 2013!

That may sound insanely boring to most people, but I could not be more excited. I am excited for the experience itself, but I am equally excited to meet other people as crazy about miles, points, and travel as I am. I hope to learn a lot from them and from this trip, and be able to share even better information with you all! As of today there are still a few seats available if anyone is crazy enough to want to join in on this journey! I seriously still can’t believe I am going.

I must say, the Hyatt Diamond status will be super helpful for this Mommy Traveler as well. Hyatt Diamond gets you, among other things, free breakfast at their hotels, four confirmed suite upgrades per year, best available room at check-in, bonus points, and more. While suites are nice any time, the extra space is so appreciated when you are trying to find a place for the crib and play area for your little traveling munchkins. Having access to free breakfast and hotel lounges to get free snacks is also invaluable as a traveling family. It is a privilege I will not take for granted! It normally takes 50 nights or 25 stays in a year at a Hyatt hotel to get this status, so earning it just for going on this trip is amazing.

I am also registered to go to a Frequent Flyer Conference in Chicago in late October. This will be more like a real conference with sessions on different frequent flyer topics. This will for sure allow me to become a more educated and savvy frequent flier! There are still spaces available at this event as well. As it is Halloween weekend I hear there is also a costume party, so there should be some fun built into this one too! No worries, I will still be home in time for the REAL Halloween with Little C. We are leaning towards Jessie from Toy Story this year.

I am sad to know I will be away from The Man and Little C for several days on these trips, but I am so grateful to have the opportunity to go and bring back the experiences here! Thanks to The Man for believing enough in me and this blog enough to push me to decide to go. Can’t wait to go and learn, and can’t wait to come back and share!

Funny side note: Going to Montreal on this trip required me to finally stop procrastinating and update my passport to my married name (ugh, $110!). Since you have to mail off your wedding certificate and old passport in order to update your name, I stopped to make copies of those things before heading to the post office. I happened to go into a copy store where a girl with whom I went to high school was working. She recognized me and as I was checking out commented that I was paying for the $0.53 copy with change instead of a credit card and asked why I didn’t want my point for the transaction! She has read my blog some from being my Facebook friend. I almost died. Hilarious…..and true! I kinda did want that point!

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  1. […] About this time last year I flippantly mentioned the Star MegaDo 3 to my husband, and described to him how incredibly awesome it would be to do something like that one day.  I wasn’t even entering into a negotiation to go (as is often required when you are married and want to do something that involves a large amount of money and the other party staying home alone with a toddler), as I didn’t even dream it to be a possibility.  However, as luck would have had it, he agreed it was a great “once in a lifetime” opportunity and encouraged me to go.  We finagled some finances and signed me up.  I was beyond ecstatic and wrote about my crazy excitement here. […]


    • Thanks for the welcome! Conference does sound so official – we can just stick with “frequent flyer summer camp!”

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