Mini-trip Review: Austin Style

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The Man and I had a wedding to go to this weekend in Austin (this was part of the reason the Out-of-State Grandparents were in town), so we kissed Little C bye-bye for one night and headed away on a mini-trip. I can’t tell you how freaking excited I was at the prospect of SLEEPING IN! As any mommy can tell you, sleeping in is the biggest luxury ever. You never know how great sleeping in is until you never get to do it again – okay, almost never. Here is a review of the car rental, the hotel, and the Texas Hill Country!


Thumbs down. We rented through a link on United’s website to get 1,000 bonus miles for renting. We also used a coupon that was mailed to us by Hertz that gave $15 off a weekend rental.

The Man went to pick up the rental and was told that their computers were down and they would not honor the rate. They insisted we were using a code for a week-long rental and they would not honor it. After some back and forth The Man left with no rental. When he got home, I double checked the coupon and called the Hertz location back. I got the same story over the phone, but insisted that it was a valid weekend code and that they need to do whatever it is they need to do to honor the reservation and price we made. I was nice, but firm. The lady said she would “force” the discount (um, why didn’t you do that the first time??!!) and that we could come back and she would honor the reservation. Well how gracious of them. The “car” we were given was called a Cube and that was an appropriate name. Needless to say, The Man was less than thrilled with pimping around in The Cube all weekend.

Love the Space Mountain shirt. That’s a good Daddy!

It did drive okay, it only had 5,000 miles on it, and it didn’t break down. So, all in all the actual car was okay, but certainly not impressive. It was the (lack of) service at the time of pick-up that really earned them the thumbs down. Mommies and Daddies (and most everyone else on Earth) don’t have time to go to a car rental location twice just to get the original rental price honored. Blah.


Thumbs up! I have stayed at this hotel many times and always have a good experience. It is located in the Domain in Austin. The Domain is an upscale outdoor shopping and eating area. This is not downtown Austin, so it’s not the best location if the “downtown” experience is what you are after. We love this location though, so it is perfect for us.

Picture of the Domain shopping area.

We stayed on the “Preferred Guest” floor. This basically just means that you get free water bottles. Still, free water is better than $4.00 water. They only have 8 suites at this hotel, so our chances of being upgraded with lowly SPG (their frequent stayer program) Gold status is not good. I’ve always just had a regular King room. I keep trying for upgrades by asking nicely, though! Maybe one day……

Here are several pictures of the hotel and super comfy room.

Exterior shot of building.

Check-in area.

Entry view of room.

The fantabulous bed. Ten hours of beautiful sleep.

Great shower and bathroom.

Horrible view from the room, but I like to keep the black-out curtains drawn anyway.

We ordered room service breakfast, but I was way too hungry to think about taking a picture before we inhaled the food. I had the oatmeal and The Man had sausage, eggs, and hash browns. It was all decent. Not great, but decent. It took 15 minutes longer to get delivered than we were told so they took $10 off the bill without us asking and apologized. That was nice, because the breakfast was pretty pricey for what we got. Pretty good service though. PS, someone please tell The Man that after they charge $2.00 deliver fee + 20% gratuity that you do NOT have to tip another 20% just because there is a blank tip line on the bill. Just saying…….. 🙂

Lobby. Nice and welcoming.

Bar area complete with band. The restaurant is just beyond the bar area.

Snack/gift shop area. Decent selection. This is important when your toddler needs a quick snack!

The pool is small and with a crummy view, but is clean and well utilized.

The business center is free and nice, but the internet was spotty at best.

All in all this hotel meets our needs well and has never let me down. I look forward to future trips there!

Texas Hill Country:

It’s beautiful. It’s hot, but the view is worth it. It was a beautiful wedding and we had a great weekend of being able to relax and not be “Mommy and Daddy” for a few hours.

Thanks to the Grandparents for watching Little C so that we could have a little time away! We earned some super valuable SPG points, too! More about that tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. I always have the well intention of taking pictures of our hotel rooms and amenities for our trip reports; however, by the time I get done lugging all the pack-n-plays, luggage, and 100 other pieces of items needed for the entire family, the room already has been “explored” by my wife and toddler, which inevitably includes jumping on the beds, etc. Guess I can’t win them all. 🙂

  2. I SO understand! It was so much easier this time since the baby was staying behind with grandparents. We do have a trip coming up with the whole family and I am determined to review that one as well – there just may have to be some toddler “junk” in the background! 🙂

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