Point-a-rific Toddler Shopping List

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I do more than my fair share of online shopping for Little C. We try to make sure she has, within reason, whatever she needs and maybe then some…… Yeah, she’s an only child. 🙂

Anyway, there are a few things that I have found online that are now toddler shopping staples at our house. Being Mommy Points, I have also found a way to maximize points for these purchases. So, for those of you point addicts with little ones in the house, here are a few recommendations of some items that we love, and info about how to get the most points for your purchases! As always, I don’t get any sort of payment for talking about these things, I just talk about them ’cause I love them!

See Kai Run Shoes = comfy toddler feet! I found See Kai Run shoes through reading some of my “mommy blogs”. I ordered a pair and fell in love. They are flexible AND sturdy AND fashionable. I know the last part shouldn’t matter, but hey, we all have our downfalls! Anyway, they really are fantastic. It’s so sad to see toddlers who are walking like Godzilla because they are in shoes that are too clunky for them. See Kai Runs are the perfect solution. Admittedly, perfect solutions come with a “price”. Most styles are in the $40 – $44 dollar range…….but I usually pay no more than $20 – $30 and rake in the points. I do this by shopping for them at Diapers.com using my Platinum AMEX via the Membership Rewards Shopping Portal. Diapers.com often runs sales with 30% off shoes with free shipping and no tax. Including now – use code SGSKR to get 30% off See Kai Run shoes! During sales like this we stock up on the next few sizes up! Perhaps most importantly, Diapers.com gives 4x points via the Membership Rewards Shopping Portal. Double win!

As you can see, these See Kai Run sandals are even sand tested!

Mini Boden Clothes = adorable and long lasting. C goes to daycare and daycare is hard on clothes. Who gives toddlers spaghetti, ketchup, sloppy joes, etc… with no bib??!! Daycare does! So, we need clothes that are sturdy (and cute). I have found Mini Boden to fit that bill perfectly. Their clothes make babies and kids look like babies and kids and not like mini-Britney Spears. They are also a bit pricey if bought at full price, but they have great sales a few times a year – including now! When that happens, we buy items for the size we think she will be during that season next year. This has saved us TONS of money!

Here C is checking out her Boden casual look. 🙂

And here she is on Christmas morning all Boden-ed out.

Mini Boden is a store on several of the shopping portals I know of, including Chase Ultimate Rewards (3x points) and AMEX Membership Rewards (4x points). I go with Membership Rewards since I earn more points that way. They also do not charge tax (at least to my state) and you can often find a discount code to waive the shipping fee. While we are on the subject, I also really love their women’s clothes and accessories! Their men’s stuff isn’t near “big and tall enough” for The Man, but they do sell guy’s stuff, too.

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. I have talked about my love affair with Amazon before, but it just keeps getting better. We buy tons from them including: our diapers, birthday presents for others, DVDs for us, and now even our toddler potties. (Try the Fisher Price Frog Potty – it’s been like magic here!)

The best way I have found to maximize Amazon purchases is to use a credit card, such as the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold card, that gives 2x points at grocery stores at a grocery store that sells Amazon gift cards. Just pick up the amount of Amazon gift cards you want and use them as needed. That way, you can earn 2x points as it is a “grocery purchase” when you buy the gift cards, and then use them to score great tax free and usually shipping free purchases on Amazon! My grocery store also gives up to $1.00 off each gallon of gas if you spend a certain amount at the store each month, so buying gift cards can really help towards that. I guess that make this a triple win!

These points obviously don’t add up as quickly as the 50,000 and 75,000 bonus miles you get from some of the huge credit card sign-up bonuses, but they are points that are important to our point totals. In fact, I truly find the points we earn through daily spend to be the work horse of our point collection. I do take advantage of several large credit card sign-up bonuses each year, but I do not “churn” through credit cards quite as heavily as other point collectors do….or at least I don’t yet. The points we earn by shopping this way add up pretty substantially over the course of a year, and they are points for high quality toddler items that we were going to buy anyway.

Very soon I am going to do a post that discusses how to adjust paying your bills in a way that also maximizes point earnings. Sneak preview: we earn points when paying for daycare!

Let me know what your tricks are to maximize points for your everyday household purchases!!

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  1. Can you earn 2 miles/ $1 sent on the Hawaiian Air portal if you pay with the gift cards you bought in the grocery store?

    • Love the way you think! I can’t think of a good reason why that wouldn’t work. Here are the restrictions listed on the Hawaiian Airlines shopping portal: Visit Amazon.com by clicking Shop Now. Add Items to and empty shopping cart. Checkout within 24 hours of visiting Amazon.com to receive points on your purchase
      When you check out at Amazon, you can select whatever method of payment you like, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I will be trying it soon to report back for sure. If you get a chance to do it first, please share your results!

  2. Will definitely report back. Need to go pick up some gift cards first. Good to know it has to be an empty shopping cart. thanks!

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