Is The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card the New Gold?

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I must admit that I originally got the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card solely due to the 50,000 point sign-up bonus with no annual fee for the first year. Read more here. The points are transferable to Continental and Hyatt (amongst others) and those are two of the favorite frequent flyer programs for my family. When I got the chance to “bump the bonus” to 100,000 points I was pretty excited to say the least. In fact, I’m pretty sure I did a happy dance all around my house.

Regardless of my rockin’ happy dance, I still intended to meet the $3,000 minimum spend plus a few charges over the course of the first year to stay off Chase’s “naughty list”, and then cancel before my first year was up. As of today though, Sapphire is now good as gold for me!

I learned via some threads on Milepoint and Flyertalk that the Sapphire Preferred card has made some MAJOR improvements to the way the card earns rewards. The card now earns 2x points on all dining, hotel stays, rental cars, and airline transactions made on the card. They also give an additional one point per dollar if you use their portal to book your hotel or airfare. That bring the potential total for those two items to 3x points. That really adds up quickly!

Check out the full details of the program in Chase Sapphire Preferred official Benefit Guide available here. Page 4 highlights the new changes.

Of all the improvements, it is the 2x points for dining that has me the most excited! I don’t know about your family, but mine eats a lot! Little C may be little, but she is an eater. The Man and I have taught her well. We enjoy nice meals out when we can get a babysitter or are feeling extra “brave”, but we are more often picking up to-go orders to eat at home from pretty casual restaurants. This is especially true when one (or both) of us has to be out-of-town for work. Don’t mail me an apron and tell me to get into the kitchen more, but I would estimate that in an average month we probably spend at least $500-$600 eating out. More if it is a month we have a vacation or are hosting a dinner or something like that. At $600 month with 2x points, that would mean that we would now earn 14400 points per year just on eating out. Remember, 25,000 is the magic number for a free domestic round-trip airline ticket. That’s not even including all of the points we earn through the United Airline’s Dining Program – read more here!

It’s one thing to get excited about a one-time bonus, but it is another all together to realize that a card you already have may be a really good regular spend card for you for a while to come. For most families I think that the Chase Sapphire Preferred would compliment very nicely with the American Express Premiere Rewards Gold Card that earns 2x points on gas and groceries and 3x points on airline purchase. Put the two together and you have many of the major household expenses covered at double or triple points! You can read more about my previous thoughts on the Sapphire Preferred card here and can apply for the card here.

What could be better than earning double points at Chick-Fil-A while wearing your kid’s meal sack as a hat? Double points, toddler friendly food, free hat. Sold!

250 SPG point tip coming tomorrow. Promise!

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  1. The Costco Amex card gives 3% cash back at restaurants, though I heard that may be ending, so check it out.

    • Thanks for the info! For many families, getting cash back is probably the simplest and easiest way to go! We are fortunate to usually be able to get more than value out of our points than we would the cash back route, but it is always good to have options! Thanks again for the comment.

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