Your Credit Cards Do More Than Just Earn Points!

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While the main benefit that my credit cards provide is the ability to earn miles and points for travel, they do other things for my family as well! As I mentioned here, any Visa Signature card gets you “buy one, get one free” movie tickets on Fridays via Fandango. There is only one week left for this promotion, so make a date for this coming Friday! We decided take take Little C to see Winnie the Pooh! Since she is under 2 years old she got into the movie free and The Man and I were able to take advantage of the buy one get one deal. This meant we had money left over for the insanely priced tub of popcorn that we dove into!

It was the first time we had taken Little C to a movie theater, so we were pretty nervous before we got in to the theater and got settled. We should have known that anywhere there were cartoons and a seemingly endless tub of buttery popcorn would be a place she never would want to leave. She did great!

Here are a few tips that worked for us that I wanted to share if you are worried about taking your little one to the movies:

1. Get popcorn. (Or a healthier more age-appropriate snack if you are so inclined!) I’m pretty sure we could have remained seated and happy in a dark theater without a movie for an hour as long as she had popcorn. I always knew there was crack in that butter sauce! We also brought her a drink in a sippy cup. Not exactly the same kind of drink I used to sneak into the movie theater, but it’ll do. Kidding……….:)

2. See a cartoon. Don’t try to go see some long boring drama, go see a colorful cartoon-y kids movie. Not only will the movie be more likely to hold the kiddo’s attention, but the theater will probably resemble a daycare more than anything. Meaning, you will be in good sympathetic company.

3. Bring a favorite toy or two. We brought stuffed Tigger along to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie. It was a good distraction for the few moments that the popcorn and the movie were less interesting.

4. Don’t go during nap time. This is probably obvious, but we strongly considered going to the first show of the day, but it would have gone over into nap time and that just increases the likelihood of chaos breaking loose.

5. More popcorn.

Our thoughts about taking her to see a movie were a lot like our thoughts before we flew with her for the first time. We were pretty worried about how it would work, thought there was a real chance it would be an epic disaster, yet in the end, it was a great success! I’m glad we didn’t take her much earlier than now, but I am excited to have one more activity to add to the list for my family! Especially when it is 2 for 1!

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