Hide and Seek with Points and 100 Free Onepass Miles

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I love playing hide and go seek.  Little C doesn’t play the full-on version yet, but she does play her own version where you hide her toys (in an obvious place) and she “seeks” them.  Endless hours of entertainment!  However, I am not quite as entertained when my points go playing hide and seek.  We’ve all been there.  You register for a promotion or shop via a portal only to have the points never appear in your account.  You wait, and wait, and wait, and still no points.  You then have a decision to make.  Just let it go and hope it works better the next time, or go seeking your points.

I’m a seeker.  Rarely do I let the points vanish into the night… at least not without a fight!  How you seek them depends on what type of points are missing.  If you are missing points or miles for an actual flight or hotel stay, those are usually the easiest to get credited back.  Provide your confirmation number to the respective airline or hotel and that will usually start you in the right direction, provided you haven’t waited months and months without notifying anyone of the missing points.  The points that like to “hide” the most often from me, seem to be the ones via some online shopping portals.  Some portals are better than others in terms of points actually posting, but I have notoriously had problems with the Continental Onepass Shopping portal.  I love Continental, so I haven’t given up on this portal entirely, but it seems like about 50% of the time my points don’t automatically post as they should.  Of my last four purchases, two have posted correctly and two have not.  While it is a small sample, my Flowers.com and J. Crew purchases showed up on their own, but my Home Depot and Netflix bonuses are still hiding.  It has been almost three months since each of those missing purchases.  Well past the stated 6-8 weeks.

In case you have yet to play hide and go seek with points, here is one example of how it’s done.

1.  Keep track of the points you should be credited and the date by which they should be credited.  In my case, the Netflix membership date was early May.  That means that the points should be credited by at least early July (8 weeks).

2.  When they don’t show up by the stated date, start pursuing them.  In this case, I contacted Continental Onepass Service center via email.  Their email can be found on the Continental website and is onepass@coair.com

3.  I sent a message into them on 7/6/11.  I received a response on 7/15.  They aren’t exactly speedy with their responses.  Here is a copy of that response.  It basically reiterated the terms of qualifying for a Netflix bonus and goes on to say that if I still feel that I qualify for the bonus to let them know and they will :be happy to check with Netflix.”

4.  I responded to them on the same day saying that I did meet the requirements, and that I would appreciate them following up to get the points credited.  It is 2,000 miles that I am after, so I am not going to give up easily!

5.  On 7/20 they respond saying that they have sent the request to Netflix for “verification”.  They also say that I need to allow 90 additional days for my miles to post.  Assuming that the miles actually do post 90 days from when that was sent, it will be over 5 months from when I made the initial purchase.  That is a bit crazy in my book!

Perhaps “hide and seek” should be renamed “seek and wait……and wait”.  Mommies don’t have time for the non-sense!  In all fairness, overall 80-90% of the points and miles that my family earns post to their respective accounts without incident.  If I didn’t want to spend the time or energy to chase that 10-20% that don’t always post as they should, the world would still keep turning.  Don’t let that turn you off to point hunting.  Just know that sometimes you will have to put out a little extra effort if you want all 100% of your earned points to be correctly credited.

Here is one quick example of some point hunting that I did today for 10,000 missing American Express Membership Rewards points from downloading their Insite tool.  Check out their entertaining math!

I just about emptied out my Amex account recently to transfer miles tax-free to Continental.  So I was interested to see how just about 0 points + 10,000 points = 6,728 points.  I have never advanced myself points, so I have no point deficit that this was making up.  I have emailed them again (nicely) for clarification on their mysterious math.  Always double check!  If my point total was higher than a couple hundred points, I might not have noticed the bad math if I wasn’t double checking.

Now for the fun part, if you have a Continental Credit Card, go here for your free monthly 100  Onepass miles.  These miles actually do post pretty reliably about 4-6 weeks after you register for the promotion, so hopefully you won’t have to go seeking them!

Tell me about your experience with points that don’t post as they should and what you do to go after them!

This was the perfect playground toy for playing “hide and seek”.  Here C has popped through and found Mommy!  Hurray!

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  1. Great write-up on how to pursue points that are rightfully yours! It’s a pain sometimes but a necessary evil.

    And thanks for the OnePass free points reminder!

    • Thanks! I’ll likely have some similar posts of hunting down different types of missing points coming up in the future as I seem to have a herd of missing points right now!

  2. Thanks for OnePass reminder. I had (still have) problem collecting AA miles when I signed up for Netflix. The term was 2500 AA miles, but I only got 1500 miles. I contacted AA, and they asked me to contact Netflix. After calling and writing several times, the Netflix CSR mentioned that he would check to ensure that I got the miles. It has been several months, and after several emails with AA, I am about to give up 🙁

  3. I think the link you want to the free 100 Continental miles is http://www.continental.com/web/en-US/apps/onepass/promotions/registrationDetails.aspx?promoCode=TB3M37. Use promotion code TB3M37. Expires September 30, 2011.

    Another similar 100 point offer is still active: http://www.continental.com/web/en-US/apps/onepass/promotions/registrationDetails.aspx?promoCode=TB3M36. Use promotion codeTB3M36. Expires August 30, 2011.

    Both promotions discuss the use of a Continental credit card, but neither requires that you actually have one to get the 100 miles.

    Continental regularly posts these offers on the first day of the month on its One Pass News & Offers page at https://www.continental.com/web/en-US/apps/onepass/promotions/default.aspx. Click on the All tab.

    • Thanks for the correct link and information, Gary! I keep trying to get the free miles for my daughter and husband (neither of which has the credit card), but the only miles that ever post are mine (I have the card). I know some people have gotten lucky and had the miles post without the card, so worth a shot! Thanks again!

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