How to Redeem a Free Hertz Weekend Rental Day

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A little while back I talked about Hertz giving away enough points for a free weekend day rental just for signing-up for their free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program here.  It took a couple weeks, but the points did appear in both mine and my husband’s account.  Today I went to book my free weekend rental day and the points were gone.  I called Hertz and told them what happened and they added the miles back instantly.  They did not seem surprised at all that the points were gone and did not give me any hassle in reinstating them.  My husband’s points are still in his account, so not sure what went wrong with mine.  Weird.

Anyway, I then went back to booking my free day.  I expected it to be way more difficult than it was, but it was actually super simple!  Here are the super-simple steps:

If you haven’t already joined Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program and registered for the 500 free points promotion, do that here first. 

1.    Log-on to your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account.  Your account balance will be on the upper right-hand side of the screen in teeny-tiny numbers.

2.  Click on “Use my points” on the upper right-hand side of the screen.  Again, this is in teeny-tiny letters.  This will take you into your account.

3.  Scroll down and select either “Rewards in the US”, “Rewards in Europe”, or “Exchange for Frequent Traveler Miles or Hertz Rental Rewards Mail Certificate”.  I selected “Rewards in the US”.

4.  I then selected “Daily Rental” as I only need the car for one day  (and I only have enough points for a one day rental).  Once you select the type of rental you want, it will take you back to the homepage to search for your location/dates/car type/etc…

5.  For the purposes of this demo, I selected a one day weekend rental out of JFK airport in New York on Saturday August 18th.  After you type your rental information in, it will display the available choices.

6.  Select your vehicle from the available choices.  You can see that the full-size car is going for about $58, but then look on the lower right-hand side of the screen and see that your sub-total is $0.00!!

7.  You will then be taken to a screen listing some options such as: car seats, satellite radio, GPS, etc… These will be charges added on to your free rental.  For my actual rental, the price of renting the car seat was the most expensive charge – $11!

8.  After you select or decline the additional options, you will be taken to a screen to finalize your reservation.  As you can see, the only charge for this one-day rental is the taxes of about $13.00.  Not bad at all for a rental in New York City!

This truly is a “no strings attached deal”!  I was massively impressed all the way around.  Seriously, if you still have not signed up for your free rental day, you should get on that ASAP.

I’ll talk more soon about where Little C and I are going to use our free rental – I’m super excited! (It’s sadly not NYC this time, this was just to give you an example of what your awesome Hertz free weekend day can get you)!



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  1. Thanks for the walkthrough! This is great since I was wondering how to do this myself.

    I dummy booked a Premium car for $13 in taxes in Hawaii. Looks good!

  2. Thanks for the walk-through. I’m planning on getting a car in New York myself with the Hertz points. Funny thing is, when I did my dummy booking, I got $27 in taxes. Any idea what could account for the difference?

    • You’re welcome! Hmmmm, how much was your rental (pre-free day)? Where was the rental being picked up at? I’m betting it is related to one of those two factors.

    • Bob, here is the info off the Hertz website: “Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points earned are valid for two years from the end of the calendar year within which they were earned, provided the Program is still in existence.” Hope that helps!

    • How long ago did you sign-up? If it has been more than a couple of weeks I would call Hertz and let them know. I just called their main number to get my points manually credited, and they had no problem doing it. The number I called was: 1-800-654-3131 – they then transferred me to the Rewards department. Good luck!

  3. @Mommy points – Thanks!

    @Fernando – My points didn’t immediately post either. When I called, they added the points to my account and they showed up immediately. You’ll need to talk to the Hertz Gold Reward desk. Good Luck!

  4. BTW, it’s “halfway” common knowledge on FT (at least the Hertz Forum) that the percentage-based taxes are NOT IN FACT CHARGED on free day rentals, even though they are included when you book the rate. The only fees that are charged are the fixed surcharges. Since NYC doesn’t have any fixed surcharges, an NYC free day rental will be exactly that, FREE!!! Most other locations you will have to pay like $5-10 in fixed fee surcharges though.

  5. Question for gregorygrady: is this for all NYC locations? when i booked online for a location in NYC it showed taxs of $105 for a weekly rental. i called the gold rewards desk and they insisted that all FREE rentals will still be charged taxes and fees. Please advise. Thanks!

  6. Used points to get 4 “FREE” rental days in Las Vegas and they charged me $55 in taxes. The bill was $19 for the airport fees.

    I emailed customer support to tell me what the taxes were for (e.g. NV state taxes, city taxes, tourist taxes, whatever…) because this was almost 22% in taxes on what I would have paid without using points. Of course, they didn’t respond.

    When I used points to get 4 free days with National Car, they only charged taxes on the fees. My taxes on the National bill with 4 free days was 70 cents.

    Just tells me that either Hertz is pocketing their so-called ‘Taxes’ or the state of Nevada requires taxing the non-discounted amount (my National free days were not in Nevada).

    • I just payed a couple hundred dollars in fees and taxes for my “free” rentals. I do plan to follow-up with Hertz, though I am not sure how much good that will do. I totally feel your pain.

  7. I have 500 points that are about to expire. What do you think might be the best way to keep the account active so they don’t expire? Thanks.

  8. @mommypoints
    how can i get a points price (& cash for taxes?) quote for a specific car class without having any points in my account please?

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