250 United Bonus Miles for Back to School Shopping!

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When I first had a baby I didn’t realize that they essentially were in “school” from almost the time they were born.  Little C is only 19 months old and she already is about to start a new “school year” complete with “tuition” increase!  As a kid, the one fun thing about back-to-school time was back-to-school shopping!  Maybe I was a freak, but getting new school supplies, and especially new clothes, was tons of fun!  As the one on the buying end, it’s now not quite as fun, but here is a deal to at least get your family a few extra points from purchases you were going to have to make anyway!

The United Mileage Plus shopping portal is awarding you 250 extra miles if you spend $100 doing back to school shopping at select retailers.  Of course, you can spend the $100 on things other than school shopping!  I have had great success in getting most of  my miles from purchases made through this portal to post relatively quickly and without incident.  What it seems to lack in huge point awards, it makes up with variety of retailers and reliability of points posting.

This is not a “blockbuster” deal, but it is something to keep in mind if you need to do some shopping before August 31st at some of their selected retailers.

Go here to get additional details and to start earning United MileagePlus miles for your online purchases!  Now it’s time to get out and go enjoy the weekend!

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  1. […] I posted about a “Months of Miles” offer that many United flyers were targeted for in this post.  There are about four different versions of the offer.  You earn bonus points for every 2, 3, or 4 qualifying transactions in your United account.  The quickest ways to increase your transaction totals is through the use of the United MileagePlus Shopping or the United MileagePlus Dining Program.  One of the beautiful things about this promo is that it is actually a “triple dip”.  You earn points/miles for making the purchases on a rewards credit card, while earning points through the shopping portal or dining program, while earning points through the Months of Miles promotion.  Woo hoo!!  You can actually even have a quadruple dip if you take advantage of the 250 mile back-to-school shopping promo that runs until August 31st.  Read more about that here. […]


  1. Nice find but I am not sure about the validity of United Shopping Portal. They do not seem to be properly crediting miles with any consistency. It’s August now and my wife still has not received the 250 sign up bonus from downloading the toolbar in late March.

    • Ugh, I hate when stuff like that happens! I am still waiting for a 1000 point bonus from shopping in late June, but they said 8-10 weeks on that one so I’m not worried yet. The rest of the miles from my regular purchases have always posted just fine. Hope that she is able to get her miles soon!

  2. Thanks so much for this post! Your blog has been a great reminder for me to use the shopping portals – it’s something I’ve overlooked in the past. You’ve mentioned in a couple of your posts that some programs post points more reliably than others – which programs have you found to be the most reliable, and which least?

    • Good! When they work as they are supposed to, they really are an easy way to earn points! I have found Continental to be one of the crummier ones, which stinks because I like Continental miles. I have had better luck with United and Ultimate Rewards by Chase. Amex is also okay, but I have such a hard time telling if I ever even get my bonus points from that portal due to the way they report it. So, United and Chase Ultimate Rewards seem to work the best for my family.

  3. ·
    Nice catch. I got an item I needed at BESTBUY and with this and using my United credit card got for $375 spend:

    888 MILES

    ☺ 🙂

  4. Which browser do you use for the United shopping portal? I have used firefox in the past with no luck in the posting of miles. Thanks.

    • That stinks you had no luck with them! I have used both browsers successfully, but I most frequently use FireFox. I have read before that you need to have cookies enabled to have the shopping portals work as they are supposed to, so I don’t know if there is any chance that could be the issue you are having?

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