10,000 Bonus Amex Membership Rewards per Added User!

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8/11 Edit: Looks like late today Amex started telling people that this promo was targeted to Platinum card holders in Argentina (read more here).  So far looks like they will honor for all who were told it would apply to their account, but may be tougher for any additional non-targeted cardholders to get in on this promo.  These things always go quickly!

Thanks to the Flyertalk thread and Dan’s Deals this morning for sharing some GREAT news about an Amex promo that will give you 10,000 Membership Rewards points per added authorized user.  There are some reports that the max bonus points from this promo is 50K, but I was told 100K by Membership Rewards.  Even conservatively, 50K points is worth between $500 – $1000.

Here are the details:

Holders of Platinum & Premier Gold personal and business cards can get 10K for each additional cardholder.  On gold cards up to 5 authorized users  is free.  Additional users after that are $35.  Platinum card holders can add up to three users for a fee of $175.  Each user must make a purchase on each card in order for your account to be credited the bonus (though some are also seeing the points post immediately).

Names and birth dates are required.  They may require a Social Security number as well to verify identity of the authorized user (though it was optional when I called in).

The offer is  supposed to be good through 12/31/11, but may be targeted, so you might have to phone a couple times to get an agreeable representative.  If they have a huge response, they may crack down on this one, so don’t wait!

Call 1-800-AXP-EARN  and press 0 to get to a “real person”.  Mention offer code 5721.  Don’t forget to mention the offer code to get it attached to your account.  My mom forgot and had to call back in and get it notated!

I just called in regarding my Platinum account and the Membership Rewards desk said that my account is “absolutely eligible” and she informed that I could add up to 10 people for 100,000 points.  They actually get great benefits like airline lounge access, so I had been considering doing it anyway.  I was then transferred to a customer service rep who was a little more wishy-washy about my account being eligible.  She said if I got something in the mail or my email to hold onto it.  She did say that the Membership Rewards desk notated my account regarding the promo, so that made me feel better.  They did not require social security numbers in my case.  They said that the points should post within 6-8 weeks and to just get back in touch with Membership Rewards if they points don’t post for some reason.

My mom just added four family members to her Amex Gold card and was told that the offer would apply to her account as well.  She was told that the users each need to make one purchase on their respective cards within the first 4 months to have the points apply.  The points should then post 6-8 weeks later.  It was free for her to add up to five people on her account.  The Membership Rewards desk handled her entire transaction and she was not transferred to an additional representative like I was.

Overall though, it really isn’t a bad idea to have trust-worthy family members on your account anyway, so this is really a great deal for families!  Get on it now before they change their minds!

Fingers crossed that the points posts post in closer to six than eight weeks, so that they can be transferred to Continental. 😉

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    • Some have had luck getting retroactive credit for people you already have added, so if one of you is an “authorized user”, call or message them and give it a shot!

  1. Great. Txs ever so much for 100k MR points for me! 2 accounts 5 cards each no fee as all were GREEN cards. You rock mommy!

    PS will you be at the Chicago DO Rick is putting on?

    • Glad it worked out so well for you!! Good job. 😉 I am attending the Frequent Flyer “Seminar” (not sure its official title!) in Chicago in late October. Are you going as well? I am looking forward to it!

      • Yes I will help RICK on Friday to check people in so look for me there. You also may want to change the post name to 50,000 MR points as that is the max.

        • Great, see you then! Also, when I called on my Plat card they told me 100K was the limit, so there seem to be different answers to that one floating out there. Who knows what the real limit is!

  2. PPS I had 2 card on my BIZ account but they made a note in the acct and said I will get credit for those as well!

  3. Do you need a social security number to add a family member to your account? I have a Gold Premier card. I can add my husband, am not sure I want to add anyone else.

    • No, I added 5 family members yesterday. Had the SSN’s in front of me but the CSR did not ask for them. He only took names and birthdates. Today the 5 additional cards are already showing under Account Management.

    • Fingers crossed for you. Reports on Flyertalk and other sites are starting to show some rejections saying this was a targeted offer to Argentina. These things never seem to last long!

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