New Amex Gold Promo: 10,000 points per month for making 15 transactions

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Geez, it’s raining Amex Membership Rewards for some lucky folks!  Here are the details on this one:

  • Make 15 transactions on your card in a calendar month and get 10,000 bonus points
  • Runs July – November 2011 (some reports it may end in October)
  • 50,000 point maximum
  • Some reports that it is for accounts opened July 2011 and later, but there are some folks with accounts opened earlier than that who have been told they qualify
  • Seems to just work so far for Gold cards
  • This is also probably a targeted offer, so may not last long, and may not work for you…..but, can’t hurt to try!

Call 1-800-AXP-EARN and ask if offer 6664 can be applied to your account!  Let me know how/if it works for you.  I may try this tomorrow on my mom’s Gold card, if I am not feeling too glutenous from all the other recent points promos we have received!

If you want more info, read about this deal on Flyertalk!

8/12 Update: I called in this morning for my mom’s Gold account that was opened a few months ago  (I only have a Platinum account) and got a very nice rep, but she said that it is only a sign-up bonus, so if you got any other sign-up bonus that you are SOL on this one.  She went on to say that “it’s not even a very good sign-up bonus”.  I laughed some.  🙂  She said there is no way to apply it to this account since we already had a sign-up bonus.  I’m sure I could keep calling in and trying different reps, but I’ll probably let this one go as I’m not even sure my mom would make 15 transactions in a month anyway.  She is working on hitting the minimum spend on another card. 

There are still tons of people who are having success with this, so definitely give it a shot if you have an Amex Gold card!  Thanks to Amex for all of these great points deals!  Also, thanks to those on sites like Flyertalk, Dan’s Deals, and Milepoint who make all this great sharing of information possible.  🙂


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  1. Thanks gal! I’ve been really on the fence for apply for the 15,000 AMEX Gold offer to get the bump to 75,000 but now with these two promos out I’m think I’ve got to jump in the game and take the chance. I’ve had alot of activity this year with cards and was trying to cool it till the end of year but if I wait it could be too late.
    Thanks for this promo. So awesome….especially since it’s for new customers.

  2. @Faith – there has been a lot of success with people getting the bump to 75,000 points. Let us know if you are able to get in on all the promotions. Goodluck!

  3. Seems worth a shot. I’m still having trouble getting the original 75,000 sign-up bonus, though. Despite MR reps telling me it’s on my account and should have come through last month. Any advice?

  4. Oh goodie more points? can’t wait to get my newly approved card in the mail….Hope to get a nice little trip in by end of this year.. Hawaii? or Bahamas? or Timbuktu…guess it depends on how much I can run through the card. Just 15 transactions? The amount of each transaction does not matter? C

  5. was already in – targeted – there is a first for everything but missed out on last month 10k but will now get the rest of the 40k so txs for the heads up!

  6. Okay, 45 minutes and three dropped calls (and WAY too much time spend on hold) later and I have both my original sign-up bonus credited and the 6664 promo active.

  7. @Andrea, I haven’t read about that one working yet, but let us know

    @Flamingo, I’m not sure but I love it!

    @Faith, it is a great card to have whenever you decide to pull the trigger. The Gold is on my list for probably early next year….I’m also trying to slow it down a bit!

    @SC, that is just simply awesome!

    @Lance, good luck!

    @Dealswelike, great advice!

    @Bradley B, if you have met the minimum spend and have been told it should have posted, have you checked to see if the points are showing as “pending”? If so, hopefully they will actually post soon. If not, I would call back and ask for them to manually post the points. GL!

    @Cindy T, the amount of the transaction doesn’t seem to matter – just hitting 15 in a month! Make sure to have them apply that code 6664 to your new account once you get it to see if you are eligible. GL and can’t wait to hear about all your points and travels!

    @DeltaGOLDflyer, isn’t it a funny feeling when you are actually targeted for something?! Keep us posted!

  8. Called this morning and was told this offer is not available for business gold cards. The rep said it was for Premier Gold card members only. Anyone aware of any sign-up bonuses for business gold cards? Wasn’t able to find one when I signed up.

  9. I tried, but CSR who turned me down said this prom is for newer account (opened after 7/1). My account was opened in late May. So no luck.

  10. Called them this morning but the rep said that this bonus id is only valid for people who got their card in July and since I got it in May I am not eligible.

  11. I called about this promo and was told that code 6664 was targeted just to residents in Argentina. However I got a really nice agent and she was kind enough to look for other codes that might apply to my Amex Gold Card. She found code 6661 and applied it to my account. Code 6661 allows me to add an additional user to my card and if that user spends $1000 within 92 days of getting the card, I will get 75,000 Membership Rewards (which is in addition to the 75,000 that I got upon enrollment/meeting minimum spend). The agent also said that when the card is received, I can call in and have this card linked to my Membership Rewards acct.

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this. I just called and was told that this offer is for non-card members who open an Amex Gold card, i.e. if you have an Amex before the Gold card you don’t qualify. I may give it another shot later to see if i have any better luck. Just like any other Amex promotion it is always a crap shoot 😀


  13. I am still thinking about applying for this card with a potential bump to 75K. How does this card compare to the SPG card? Is it possible applying for both cards on the same day? Thanks.

  14. Confirmed with 3 different reps this is only for new accounts that did not get previous bonuses.

    Ah well, worth a couple of calls to try still.

  15. Dear “Mommy Points”:
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You have been blogging for only 3 months — and you are scooping all of the veteran bloggers!!! Amazing!!! The world-famous blogger Gary Leff (who has blogged for many years) began his post today with a link to your blog. And he recently publicized your scoop on 250 free Starwood points. At the rate you are going, you will be recognized as the preeminent travel blogger by next year! I can’t wait to see Barbara Walters interview you as one of the “Ten Most Interesting People of 2012.” Have a great weekend — and keep up the great work!!!

    • Aw, wow, thank you for that very nice comment! I certainly have nothing but the greatest of respect for Gary and the other travel bloggers, and I certainly have Flyertalk and Milepoint to thank for making me aware of these awesome deals! The world will be a pretty boring place if I am one of the most interesting people of 2012, but my phone line is always open for Barbara. Ha ha! Thanks again for the very nice comment.

  16. I just called for the 3rd time – no luck, HOWEVER the representative did tell me I was eligible for 25k for first purchase on my Platinum card (although I’d already received 75k).

    The promo window for the additional 25k was early Jan-Feb 2011 – promo code 5710. The representative went ahead and manually credited 25k to my MR account – BOOM!

    (Disclaimer: cross-posted on The Points Guy)

  17. I called today, and they applied the offer to my Premium Rewards Gold card, which I have had now for a few years. They said that the offer expires in October, but at least I’ll get 30,000 miles. Plus, this shows that you don’t have to be a new member to participate.

  18. I was able to get bummed up to the 75K bonus deal and sign up for the 10K for 5 months after 15 authorized purchases. I did have to call three times to get a friendly customer service agent. The adding an authorized user was a no go, I got the same response about only being targeted to argentina card holders. No compains by me though I’m pretty happy with what I got.

  19. I called Amex and the rep told me that there is NO expiration date on this, just the 50K max. And it is based on billing cycle, not calendar month. With so much conflicting information, I’m not sure what the correct info is, and whether there IS an expiration date?

    Also, the rep said that online purchases don’t count as part of the 15 transactions. So I’d like to remind everyone to make sure you are physically swiping the card for the transactions.

  20. not to burst everyone’s bubble… but bad news…

    they are now denying ALL codes. they apparently added some new computerized system that tracks if one was ever offered a promo. so now unless you show up as being targeted in their new systems, you get automatic denial…. i know because i was on the phone for 30 minutes arguing with supervisor to no avail.

  21. note of interest on UR Travel: since the end of last month, UR is giving 3X points on phone reservations instead of the previous 2x. And they are waiving the $20 booking fee. In other words, there is now no difference between on-line and phone bookings wrt cost and points earning. Nice!

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