Last Day to Enter Contest and Recent Amex Promos “Clarification”

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First, this is the last day to enter the inaugural Mommy Points contest.  The contest ends at 11:59 CST tonight.  In case you aren’t familiar with the contest details, you can get the details here.  (Tip….Like Mommy Points on Facebook for an extra entry!)  I love how active the Mommy Points community has been this week.  You all have done a fantastic job sharing information with each other about the various points and miles deals!  I love being a part of such a positive and sharing community.

As most of you all know, this week has been insane for Amex promos!  Here is a quick recap of the Amex promos discussed here this week:

  1. First, there was deal 5721 that granted 10,000 American Express Membership Rewards points per added authorized user.  This dead is now pretty much dead as it has come out that the code was targeted to card holders in Argentina.  Read more here.
  2. Next, a deal was discovered (Code 6664) that awarded 10,000 American Express Membership Rewards points if you made 15 transactions on your Amex in a calendar month through November 2011.  You can read more about this here.
  3. Finally, there was a deal today (Code 6661) that grants 75,000 Membership Rewards points.  This deal was originally reported to be related to having an authorized user spend $1000 on the card within three months.  Several readers and others were able to call in and have it added to their account.  After a few failed attempts, it was applied to my mom’s Gold Amex account.  She received her sign-up bonus already, and has had her accounts for several months (though they did say she was not eligible for this promo, but they would apply a similar one).  There are also many reports that this is a sign-up bonus for new accounts that is completely unrelated to authorized users.  This may be 100% the case.  However, this deal has worked for multiple people who have already received a sign-up bonus.  If you want to call in about this one, I would just ask if 6661 can be applied to your account and see what happens.  You can read more about this deal here.  8/13 update, this deal appears to have pretty much dried up according to most reports today.  Let me know if you are still having any luck with it.  Congrats on all who got in on it!

There has been some discussion on this blog today, especially about the 3rd Amex deal, stating that the information posted here was wrong and causing confusion.  Just to clarify, I am in no way associated with Amex, and have no greater access to info about specific deals or codes than anyone else does.  I simply share the information that I find on different message boards, and that my readers share with me.  If at all possible, I share this information verbatim.  Sometimes the deals work, sometimes they don’t.  Some reps give very clear explicit information about the deal to one caller, and yet when another caller talks to a different rep, he or she is told something very different.  I greatly appreciate everyone who shares info they learn about the various deals and codes, as all the info leads to a clearer picture for all of us.

Thanks again for such a fun and active week on Mommy Points!  Check back tomorrow for a video revealing the winner of the contest.  We are so excited to have Little C draw the winner!  Good luck to everyone and have a great Friday.  We are spending ours eating good food and gearing up for the upcoming football season.  Go Chiefs and Hook ’em Horns!



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  1. All my friends who admire my travel schedule and who work and raise children think that, newly retired, I have all the time in the world to churn credit cards and work scams on airline miles. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I’m totally at the mercy of bloggers like you. I’m happy to learn today that that there’s a real life mommy out there who will dispel the impression that one can’t have a real life while scarfing down a few miles and points along the way. BTW, thanks for those 30,000 Amex rewards I’ll be collecting after reading your blog today that no blogger besides you bothered to tell me about!

  2. Keep the good info coming! I tried for all the AMEX bonuses, but was denied for all of them. BUT, I was given 3,000 “courtesy points.” So, Score!

    I’m collecting as many points as I can, so I can take my nephew on a great trip with me! Every little bit helps!

  3. It has indeed been an interesting week for amex MR points. Its even better since i applied for it at the start of the week before all these options came up. I hope to call and see if i can atleast get the intial bump to 75k ( all CSR’s must be crazy tired by now :))

  4. This has been a fun week! Love all the great deals you’ve put on the blog this week. Great job! Thanks a million!
    Fun to see how a $$$$ contest can really generate people attention. The real test is to see who your REAL READERS are……when there’s no more $$$ offers. Who’s still here!

    I know I will be!!! Why! Because you are a great blogger and give real detailed content.

    If there is anyway I could ever do to help you I’d do it! And if you ever come to the Central Coast of California I definitely want to meet you and show you around. I’m in San Luis Obispo. Have you ever been??

  5. @WorldTraveller2, you are more than welcome!
    @Patrick, I am definitely a “real life” mommy who makes it a priority to search for miles and points deals. Without them, we couldn’t show Little C the world. Thanks for reading!
    @Andrea, no problem – it was fun!
    @The Nomad, you are very welcome.
    @deltaGOLDflyer, thanks for all the comments. I promise they were all counted. 🙂
    @Glen, getting 3000 “consolation” points isn’t too bad!! Good job!
    @Dguy, it has been interesting, but awesome! I bet they are tired. 🙂
    @Faith, thanks for the nice comment! I hope that the community will continue to be active after the contest is over. I guess we’ll see! Thanks for being a part of it. I have never been to San Luis Obispo, but it sounds awesome! If or when I make it to that area I will absolutely let you know.

  6. I sent a secure message in re the 6661 promotion and got shot down with this message:

    Thank you for being a valued Cardmember and for choosing the American Express Card.

    Unfortunately the promotion code you have listed in your email is not an eligible promotion code to add an authorized user. Also we are not currently offering bonus points for adding an additional Cardholder on the Premier Rewards Gold Card products.

    We value your membership with American Express and sincerely regret any inconvenience this matter may have caused you.


    and nobody gave me “courtesy points”! lol
    Thanks for the blog.

    • Man, that was a double strike-down! The part about not offering any bonus points for adding additional Cardholders on the PRGC has to be the reaction to the code for 10,000 points per authorized user from earlier in the week. Looks like Membership Rewards well may have dried up for a little while. Sorry it didn’t work out for you, but thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for your time and tips! As another mom, I appreciate tips that let me stretch every dollar and get free travel for shopping.

    I’m confused about one thing: you list the bonus offer for extra 10,000 points per month of 15 transactions is 6444. However, the points guy quotes you on his website post, but he states it is 6664. Can you confirm that you used 6444 for your mom?

    • Jamie, thanks for the nice comment! Sorry about the code confusion (I guess its been hard for me to keep them straight this week!). The Points Guy and my original post had it right….6664. I had mixed it up here, but now have it fixed. Thank you! 6664 is correct. Though who knows, maybe 6444 comes with 81 billion points for spending 250 within 6 months. Ha ha. Thanks for catching that and thanks for reading!

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