Too good to be true? ANOTHER Amex Authorized User Code = 75K Points!!

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Update: This promo deal appears to be intended for a new account sign-up bonus, however there are multiple reports of people successfully having it applied to existing accounts that have already received a sign-up bonus.  So, who knows?!

Mommy Points reader, Shari, writes:

 I called about this promo (The 10K points per authorized user post from yesterday) and was told that code 6664 was targeted just to residents in Argentina. However I got a really nice agent and she was kind enough to look for other codes that might apply to my Amex Gold Card.

She found code 6661 and applied it to my account. Code 6661 allows me to add an additional user to my card and if that user spends $1000 within 92 days of getting the card, I will get 75,000 Membership Rewards (which is in addition to the 75,000 that I got upon enrollment/meeting minimum spend). The agent also said that when the card is received, I can call in and have this card linked to my Membership Rewards account.

Holy Toledo, Batman!  That is amazing.  75,000K points just for adding a user and having that user spend $1000 on the card is great.  There are some reports that this code number is just attached with an initial sign-up bonus bump, but others are having success using it to get bonus points for adding authorized users.  Your success may vary.  🙂

This is another deal that is great for families where both partners can help toward meeting the user/spend requirement.

  • Call 1-800-AXP-EARN
  • See if they can apply code 6661 to your account
  • If it works, it gives you 75,000 bonus Membership Rewards if you add an authorized user and that user spends $1000 on the card within the first 92 days
  • Sit back and enjoy your points!!

Let me know if anyone else is able to get this applied to their account.  This has been a crazy, crazy week for Amex promos!

Update: I tried to get this one applied to my mom’s Premier Rewards Gold account and was shot down saying that it was only for new cards and only for targeted persons.  I have had super bad luck with reps recently!  In fact, the rep went back and read notes from earlier in the week, and then said that they made an error in issuing the 5721 bonus from the other day (10,000 points per authorized user).  I’m not sure if that meant that they were taking the other bonus away… that point I was just trying to politely end the conversation.  I will pursue making sure we get the points credited on that  one once I get the cards and make sure a purchase is made on all of them.  I haven’t known Amex to be a “taker-backer”, so I’m not too concerned, but the rep did say that they were “cracking down” on promo codes.  I am still super happy for everyone this is working for, but looks like I will have to cheer for you all from the sidelines on this one!  One tip, if you got in on the earlier bonus this week with the authorized user, be careful that you don’t have them start trying to take that one away from you as it appears it was targeted for Argentina customers!

Update #2: I also tried to get this promo tied to both my mom’s and my account via secure message, and I was given the “this is a targeted promotion response” and no love on my Platinum Amex account.  My mom (who had been shot down over the phone) was told that promo 6661 started on August 1 and thus didn’t apply to her account that had been opened a few months.  However, she was told that they would issue the points under a “similar” promotion!!  Our messages were submitted within minutes of each other (though answered by different reps) with very different outcomes.  This truly is just the luck of the draw!  Crazy.  I totally understand and empathize with the confusion surrounding this promo, as it truly has just been a crap shoot.  Excited for my mom and all those it is working out for!

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  1. Wow! I went to bed last night thinking I really need to apply for this card and now I wake up this morning and read your post. I got to be nuts not to apply and try for this.
    Wish me luck!
    Thanks a million!

    • That is awesome! I have a message in about my Plat Amex, but I am not holding my breath as it has been open for a little while. Can’t hurt to try, though! Thanks for letting us know. 🙂

  2. I called. Perhaps I am just having bad luck but the rep looked it up and said it was for a new signup for the Amex Premier Rewards Gold.

  3. Same here, bluto.

    I called about my Plat AmEx and was told that it’s for the Premier Rewards Gold card only. I might consider calling back or going through a Secure Message.

  4. Is there a limit to how many AMEX’s a person can have? I already have ones with Hilton, AA, and SPG (personal and business).

  5. UNREAL. Just called and added it. I did the 5 cards for 10x each and the rep said any of the 5 can do the $1000 spend and I will get the 75k bonus. TXS it is just POURING points!

  6. Person mentioned “American Express Canada” but then went on to say it’s for a new card applicant not already an Amex member. Similar to the response Bluto got.

  7. Okay….so I was approved!! YEAH! Called in to add promo call right away…..have to wait. Not showing as fully processed yet and Membership Rewards can’t apply code. Maybe I’ll call tomorrow. SO anxious to get that bump code applied and then go for the others. Have to be patient!!!

  8. I just got approved as well! Can’t wait to apply the code. Do I have to wait until I’ve received the card to ask for the code to be added?

  9. Just called AMEX MR and the rep said 6661 is NOT for adding additional authorized users. It is a sign up bonus for new cardmembers (old news, various codes to bump the signup bonus to 75K have been available for some time).

  10. @Drew and WahWah, sorry it didn’t work for you both, but thanks for sharing the feedback!
    @Christine, there are reports of people having 4-5 Amex cards (and up!). Some Amex cards, like the Citi AA for example, aren’t really “real Amex” cards. For example, you won’t ever see them actually link to your online Amex account like the SPG Amex will. Kinda confusing, I know.
    @deltaGOLDflyer, that is awesome! So excited for you!
    @Matt & Arizonaguy, thanks for sharing the feedback
    @Faith, congrats! Fingers crossed for you on the bonuses!
    @Jenny, you probably at least need the credit card number before you can have promos applied. Soon though!
    @HikerT and Bluto, who knows how Amex is doing these codes. So strange that if it was just for new cardmembers that anyone would be having luck getting it applied to an existing account. Just luck of the draw, I guess (as usual)! Thanks for the feedback!

  11. I can’t get over my hesitation to apply for this card and call for the 75k bonus. It just seems everytime I get the customer service rep that says that this is only targeted and have to validate my address. I just don’t want to waste an application on only 15k points and having to spend $1k in the process (with all the other spends I am currently trying to meet). Should I be so hesitant?

    • I was you about 8 hrs ago. Now I’ve applied, got approved & about 5 hours after approval called and had the code 5894 for the 75,000 bump added to my account. This is the best one because you only have to spend $500 to get the bonus. I can just do 1 transaction on Amazon Payments when the card arrives and I’m done with that! Go for it! I was hesitant too but there is so many successful stories. You might have to call several times but you’ll get it if you are persistant. Or you might be lucky and get it on the first try like me. The lady did indicate that the points would post 8 weeks from the time I meet the min spend though…..hmmm! She said to call if they didn’t and they will manually post them. The time frame is okay as long as I get them which I’m sure I will. AMEX is good to their customers. They always have been a higher level card issuer.
      SO GO FOR IT!!!

  12. I called up and the man said 6661 was for additional authorized user -receive 75000 for 1,000 spent and he added code to my account. Reading through the posts though people saying 6661 is for new accounts only so now I am confused!!!

  13. bingo! I got 6661 noted on my account. Also, this morning I was able to apply 6664 on my account as well. Together with my sign up bonus & bump, I should have 200k MR points just from this one PR Gold card alone!

  14. Thanks for this great info! I don’t have a AmEx Membership Rewards card. Is there any promo going on right now where I could apply for one and then add this on? I would like to get in on the 75K sign up bonus if possible.

    • Hi Kim, largest advertized promo is 15K, but people are still having great success bumping the bonus to 75K. You can then also try to have this 6661 promo applied. Fingers crossed for you!

    • Kim you don’t need the card in your hot little hands. Once approved you have an account #. Just give them you social security # and they can pull it up. Just like if you were traveling and lost your card. I do this alot. When the Chase Sapphire 50k bump hit the blogs I did not have the card and I jumped on the offer, got approved & applied the bump on the same day. Call today! Don’t wait! You never know when a deal with go away! Call now girlfriend!

      • @Faith, Thanks for the encouragement and expertise. I took your advice and called, but may have jumped the gun a little. I only got approved an hour ago and the representative said that she couldn’t access my information in the system yet. She said to give them 24 hours, but I may try again before going to bed just to be proactive. With all the hype on this offer, I would think it would get pulled sooner rather than later. I really want those points!

        • Go girl!!! If you have any other AMEX accounts you could try secure messages. I have just sent two off this afternooon. One to confirm the phone call of the 75K bump and the other to ask for the 75K additional user bonus (6661) See what info I get tonight.

  15. So if I apply, then call in and ask for offer 6661, adding my wife then I get 75,000 + 75,000?

    Is the first 75,000 after I call in and bump that bonus or is it standard again?

    Can my spouse apply, then call in and put me on hers so she can get the 75,000 + 75,000 as well??

    Sorry, just want to be sure I know what I am getting into.

    • No guarantees, but it might work! The largest advertized bonus right now is 15K. You still have to bump it to 75K. You can also try to add this 6661 code to get to 150K. I see no reason why you couldn’t try it for both you and your wife. Let us know how it works out!

  16. @Eric T, I totally understand. I often get that unlucky CSR, too! The success rate on the bump seems to be very high, but of course no guarantees. Let us know if you decide to give it a try!
    @Bill, thanks for following up
    @Sara, it is a little confusing. Seems to be working for some and not for others for reasons that we will probably never understand. Congrats on getting it applied to your account!
    @Simon, that is truly amazing. What a fabulous trip you likely have in your future on all those points! ….and, you are most welcome!
    @Kim, the largest advertised sign-up bonus for the Gold Amex is currently 15K, but people are having great success bumping it to 75K. Deals We Like did a recent thorough write-up on this. Check it out here.
    @Kevin F, So true, I can’t imagine it getting any better than this, but you never know! How about 100K points for calling and knowing your alphabet?!

    • Here is a link to a site that appears to have pretty good info on that. The quick summary is that perhaps the minimum range for those cards is anywhere from low 700’s to 750. I have no personal info that, but seems like a good guess. 🙂

  17. @Kim – currently there is no direct link to apply for the 75K offer. However, many have reported being able to apply for the 15K offer and then call American Express and have them apply the 75K offer code. You can apply to the 15K offer here:

    The following codes have been reported as a success:
    6661: 75,000 bonus points; $2000 spend in three months
    5894: 75,000 bonus points; $500 spend in three months
    5985: 75,000 bonus points; $1,000 spend in three months
    5970: 50,000 bonus points; $500 spend in three months

    My suggestion would be to call until you speak to an agent that will add the code onto your account 🙂

  18. I just want to be clear, I cannot be a current Amex card holder or if I just do not have either the Gold or Platinum card in order to take advantage of this offer?

    • @Pete, I wish I could tell you that there has been a clear and consistent answer on that issue, but the reports of success have been so varied that I am not really sure.

  19. I am not too sure about this 6661 code as everywhere other blog or even website like SD and FW list the offer as 75K points after 2k in spend so I am curious how did it get transformed into an AU offer unless AMEX changes the T&C for the promo recently

    • Zander, your guess is as good as mine about how this has happened! It is strange, but seems to be working for some.

  20. @mommypoints and @dealswelike Thanks so much for the information. I have just successfully applied and will attempt to get these codes applied to my account when the card arrives. Hope I’m not too late by then.

  21. Hi,
    I applied recently for the Amex PRG card.
    Does the code 6661 for the primary card holder(for the initial bump)require a $1000 spend or $2000 spend in the first 90 days?
    There seems to be conflicting reports about the spend requirement…

    • Pete, I just called about 1 hour after approval and they told me that they couldn’t access my info in their system yet. They said to wait 24 hours, but I will probably call back later tonight just to double check. Good Luck!

  22. @Kim, congrats on the approval!!
    @Ike, thanks for sharing the info!
    @SC, yeah!!
    @DGuy, most I have heard from today are saying $1000 for the authorized user, but I know that it is also posted in some places that it is $2000 and is used as an initial bump code. So, if you decide to call in I would just verify over the phone that it is for $1000 so that you can be 100% sure.
    @Pete, I know that Faith posted earlier (see several comments above) that she just applied and was approved today and was able to call back in and have the original bump to 75K code applied with no problem. So, you can give it a shot to have the initial bump code applied now! Congrats on the approval. 🙂

  23. Please revise your blog post. Bonus 6661 has NOTHING to do with adding an authorized user. The sooner you revise your blog post the better as this misinformation is perpetuated elsewhere only adding to the confusion.

  24. HikerT, certainly don’t want to be perpetuating confusion! This code may very well be intended for new sign-ups (if only I had access to the super-secret Amex decoder ring!), but the reality is that it has worked for several related to adding authorized users. It has also failed for several (including me), but that seems to be the way these things go. It has not been solely limited to new account sign-ups for many who have had success.

  25. Also, please revise your blog post to say 5721 (NOT 6664) was targeted to residents in Argentina. Bonus code 6664 is the one providing a 10K bonus / month for 15 transactions (up to 50K).

  26. As far as 6661, you may want to call MR to verify the terms of the offer. Enough of us have gotten a different story that it would behoove you to confirm it is actually for adding an AU (and not just a minimum spend new account offer). My guess is the rep just told you that to make you happy.

  27. @HikerT, wowzer you seem quite perturbed at the post here today! If you look back to the original post, the beginning part is a quote from a reader. I am not going to mess with her quote and her code info, as it is exactly as she reported. The post does go on to reference the 5721 Argentina code in the update section. Also in the update section, it does note my own experience calling in about this code. It did not work for me, however, as I mentioned earlier it is clearly working for some others. Even if I was given terms and conditions directly from Amex, it is likely that someone else would be given different info. This has just been one of those types of deals. Works for some, not for others. Not really anything to be overly concerned about one way or another. Have a good weekend!

  28. I talked to a rep about this code. It IS the bump up to the 75K… not for adding an additional user. A rep named Jennifer pulled all the terms and conditions for this promotion and read them to me. It is for anyone who applies for the Gold Card from July 1st till October 1st. When you reach $1000 you will receive 75K in membership rewards points.

    She was very sure that the promo has nothing to do with additional users. I had her read it to me word for word. So anyone adding an additional card, then spending an additional $1000 who already got 75K isn’t going to get any more than that.

    I agree that some deals are approved for some and not others. I got in on the 10K addl per user on my acct, but not my hubby’s. I am also supposedly approved for the 10K after 15 transactions and that promo code has been added…

    As @hikerT said…this is just plain old misinformation. I have no doubt that if people say this code was added, then great. They will at least get 75K when they meet their $1000 spend requirement. BUT they won’t get an additional 75K for another user when that person spends $1000!

  29. It does seem like it’s just a matter of time before Amex cracks down hard on these promo codes. They’ve been the most generous company when it comes to matching. People were originally matching legitimate offers but lately because of some confusion and their customer friendly agents, they’ve been applying incorrect codes. I’m glad that we’ve all gotten the bonanza lately but I cant see how this is profitable for them, even if we all stay platinum and PRG card members for beyond the renewal date. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

    Thanks for the blog post. It is exciting to break a new story in the miles world.

  30. Help! I just spoke with representative and she said that she was going to put notes for marketing team to investigate about the promo code i have her 5894 in order to get the 75k pts. I “accidently” hung up on her. I am going to call back. What should I say to representative to make process more smoothly?

  31. @Faith, it is great to have such active sharing going on around here! Thanks for being such a big part of it. 🙂
    @Kelly, that’s great you were able to get in on some of this week’s Amex deals! It is so random sometimes who gets in and who gets left out. I was told that this most recent deal started August 1, and others have been told it is $2000 spend, and others (including now my mom) have had it applied to their account even though it isn’t new and they have already had an initial sign-up bonus. It really has been strange how many different “official” versions have been given. Almost makes me wonder if there are two 6661 codes. Either way, the post now reflects that the code may be primarily intended for new account bonuses, but seems to be applied in a variety of situations. Thanks for reading and for sharing!
    @Bluto, I agree it must just be a matter of time. It has been insane how many points have been flying around this week! I’m certainly going to try to send as much love Amex’s way as I can to help “repay” their generosity!
    @Pete, it’s pretty much luck of the draw with reps applying most of these “bump” promo codes. Sometimes it is best to just get off the call as quickly as you can (like you did) if it is heading south. I would just try back again and cross your fingers for a nice rep. Sometimes secure messaging works better, too. It is a true crap shoot. It usually has less to do with what you say (assuming you are nice), and more to do with just who answers the phone/message. Just stick with it.

  32. @Faith or mommypoints, What is the best number to use when calling Amex about these promo cards. I have tried 4 times and struck out all four times.

    • Pete, I have called both the Membership Rewards desk at 1-800-AXP-EARN and just the regular customer service number on the back of the card. I’m so sorry you are having trouble. I seem to often have bad luck myself. From everything I have done and read it really just seems random about when it works. I have been told no and no and no, and then all the sudden someone says yes and makes it so simple. I have luck every now and then with secure messaging. I’m crossing my fingers for you!

  33. @ mommypoints, I finally got 75k notated on my account this afternoon. I will try again to see if I can use 6664 when I get the card. Thank you so much.

  34. Just wanted to report back that I was able to add 5894 onto my account this morning. My husband will hopefully be able to add it to his tonight. I tried 6661, but the rep said it was a code for a new account, not an authorized user.

    DH and I also applied for the Business Gold Card (as per dealswelike) and we are hoping to apply the 75K bonus to both of those cards too.

    If successful, we will be able to score 300K bonus points which we will turn into 12 roundtrip tickets. Not bad for a days work, huh?

    Thanks so much!

  35. Kim, that is great news! You are right that 6661 seems to be intended for new cards. Some (including my mom!) just seem to have gotten very fortunate during a period of time to have it applied otherwise. Congrats on all of your new points!

  36. Hi,

    I’ve read some posts about an Aug 16th expiration date on these promos. Do you think it’s worth the risk applying today and then hoping these promo codes have not expired?


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