Some US Airways 2011 Grand Slam Promo Details Revealed!

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The FAQs for this year’s US Airways Grand Slam Promotion are up here!

I didn’t play last year, but according to this Flyertalk thread it seems that there are some things that have been made a bit more restrictive than last year.  This includes higher minimums on hotel points transfers (no transferring 1 SPG point for a hit) and higher minimums on qualifying hotel stays.  This means that some of the super cheapo Super 8 hotel overnights that may have counted as a hit last year won’t this year.

Here is a quick summary of what we know from the FAQs:

  • Bonus miles are cumulative
  • 4 hits = 3,000 bonus miles
  • 8 hits = another 7,000 bonus miles
  • All activity must be completed by November 14th
  • You can only earn one hit per credit card type, regardless of the number of cards you have. There are five card types:  US Airways MasterCard, US Airways Business MasterCard, US Airways Visa, US Airways Visa Business Card, and US Airways Visa Debit Card.
  • if you transfer hotel points to Dividend Miles, you can earn one hit (with a maximum of one hit per hotel family). You have to earn a minimum of 850 Dividend Miles from each transfer in order to qualify as a hit.
  • You earn one hit for every mileage-earning hotel stay with a maximum of 6 hits. Earn your hits from the same partner (6 stays with Hilton = 6 hits) or from different hotel partners.
  • You earn one hit for every mileage-earning car rental with a maximum of 6 hits. Your hits can come from the same partner (for example 6 rentals with Avis = 6 hits) or from different partners.
  • You earn one hit for downloading the Dividend Miles toolbar to your computer and completing 3 mileage earning searches.
  • You get one hit for sharing or receiving miles, but you cannot earn hits for both.
  • If you swap out other program points or miles in to Dividend Miles at, you will be credited with one hit.
  • Earn one hit for shopping via the US Airways Shopping portal.  If you use coupons, gift cards, or purchase gift cards, it will not count as a hit.
  • Skymall shopping counts as its own hit separate from the shopping portal.
  • There are at least 40 possible total hits.
  • You must be Preferred status in order to earn the miles in the 40th bonus tier.  You need to make sure your Preferred status is active when you make your 40th for hit or you will not qualify for the final bonus.

Additional info from Flyertalk member cmckee1961 who called US Airways tech support (smart thinkin’!):

  • Promo period will run 9/14 – 11/14
  • Registration will be available at (not available yet)

What do you think about how this year’s promo is looking so far?  If you played last year, how does this change your strategy?  I’m excited to step up to bat this year!

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    • I didn’t play last year, but from what I have heard, it does sound like this year will be a little harder. I’m sure there will be some “loop-holes” that get sniffed out…….hopefully. 😉

  1. would be nice hopefully people can post their purchases so we can round up a list of the easiest methods to get the most miles…yeah?

  2. Does it make sense to open the U.S. Airways debit card through B of A? It seems 3,000 miles at $30 annual fee is high. But, this spend can count towards the grand slam promo. Thanks.

    • I would wait until you see the exact requirements and then if getting that card and paying the fee looks like it will make sense to get you to another award level, then maybe consider it then. Good to be thinking ahead!

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