What’s The Point?

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From time to time, I like to remind myself, and others, why all of the time and effort it takes to earn points and miles is worth it.  For us that means a weekend away at a fantastic resort with my little family.  It means that a room that would have cost hundreds of dollars, and thus would have been out of reach of our budget, was now free due to points.  Free room and priceless memories, that’s the point.

I promise to fill you in on all the awesome details of our weekend soon.  For now, we are still enjoying our time together as a family….courtesy of points.  😉

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  1. I second that feeling! My family would never be able to afford to do & see the things we have so far if it weren’t for Mommy’s hobby. The adventures I have planned are going to make incredible memories for our family to savor for years to come. Our hobby is so rewarding in many ways!

  2. Same here! I am now a stay at home home. I remember my husband telling me we would need to cut back on traveling since we went down to one income. The exact opposite has happened! My “hobby” has taken us on great trips…3 to Hawaii, 1 to Colorado and we are getting ready to do 4 days at Disney and 5 on a cruise soon…while points are not paying for it all…we are paying 1/4 of the cruise price and our hotel is paid for at Disney (within the park) due to my Membership Rewards points I earned this year.

  3. Amen! I have colleagues that have no concept. And with just a little tweaking, they all travel enough to hold elite status with hotels and airlines…. My boss called me on the phone one day. “Why am I in first class? I don’t understand.” Had no idea she’d earned elite status with the airline, and didn’t really understand what it was.

  4. I say the site should be renamed “Hot Mommy Points”. But I do agree that we shouldnt lose sight of why we do what we do.

  5. Faith, your family adventures sound awesome. Look forward to hearing all about them – this is a very rewarding hobby. Literally. 😉

    Kelly, good job making one income go even farther than your husband could have imagined. Those sound like great trips.

    MJ, you mean you haven’t converted all of your colleagues yet?? Get with it! That is a really funny story about your boss. Maybe she now understands a little bit more about elite status and why it is a great thing.

    Evie, couldn’t have said it better myself. Doesn’t get any better than seeing your family build great memories.

    KennyG, you crack me up. Thanks and I totally agree about keeping sight of why we do what we do.

  6. Speaking of not losing sight of what’s important, for me, travel is great but I can see it is so easy to get caught up in feeling like we need to go somewhere exotic to really experience a vacation. If our getaways are for the intent of creating family memories, then isn’t it true that it’s not ‘where’ you go that ultimately matters, but it’s just that you spend time – period – with family that really matters. Sure a resort in Barcelona would be nice, but a weekend at Clear Lake a half hour away from home up in the mountains is usually much more successful and efficient for what I want my family together time to be all about. The details and logistics of those more distant and involved travels seem to only add more stress and worries and leave less time for the things that really matter.
    So again, love the info on the blog but just wanted to make a comment about not getting too caught up in the “where” of travel and “keeping sight of why we do what we do.” I don’t need a resort in Hawaii or a nice hotel in Paris for cherished, life-long memories of happy family vacations. I wouldn’t trade my starry summer nights in a sleeping bag beside Clear Lake with mom and dad for all the exotic beaches on Tahiti.
    (Besides, I’ve never really understood why parents waste such exotic locations on children who aren’t even old enough to really appreciate them and really could care less. They just want to have fun with mom and dad. But each to his own. 🙂

    • Chris, I very much agree with what you are saying. While every family’s situation is unique, we are saving our “exotic” trips with C until she is a bit older. The logistics, expense, and effort of taking her somewhere like a “resort in Barcelona” makes it something that we want to hold off on for a while. There is clearly no way a one-year-old will appreciate that trip the same way that she will several years down the road. This resort we went to was within driving distance to our home and was perfect for us. No flights, built for families, and it didn’t require taking any days off of work. I think as long as whatever you are doing, you are doing with the intention of building great family memories, you are on the right track. For some that will mean exotic getaways to far away places, for others it will mean spending time at a place right up the road. For us, this time it meant going right up the road. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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