Family-Style Trip Review: Hyatt Lost Pines Resort, Part 1

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As you may or may not know, my little family just finished a weekend away courtesy of points at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort.  This resort is about 30-40 minutes Southeast of Austin.  We have driven by the entrance drive for the hotel umpteenmillion times, but this was our first time to see what the resort was all about.  Being that Little C is still so young, using points on these easy close-to-home type excursions is perfect for us.

If you want the short story of what I thought of the resort, to sum it all up in a word, “wow”.  If you want the longer version, keep reading.  I’m going to talk about the different offerings inside the hotel in this post, and will talk about the recreational activities and outdoor amenities in a second post.  A lady who works at the resort told me that they were trying really hard to receive the #1 ranking based on customer satisfaction of all Hyatts in the US.  She told me they were currently #2 behind a Hyatt in Hawaii.  Well, Hawaii probably has this resort beat based on location, but I am not sure how the service could be better anywhere.  It was really that good.  And no, this stay was not sponsored by Hyatt, endorsed by Hyatt, known of by Hyatt, or is in any other way different from a stay that any other family would have at this resort.


Once we drove down the very long and winding drive-way, we arrived at the front of the resort.  They have parking spaces up front so you can load/unload before you head to self-parking.  They do have valet available, but we elected to just park ourselves.  There were seriously about 3-4 people there just to help us get out of our car and into the hotel.

Upon arrival, we checked in at the Hyatt elite check-in line and were met with immediate service.  We arrived around 1:45PM and had no problem checking into our room early.  We had reserved a Regency Club Level room for 22,000 Hyatt points.  The regular room goes for 18,000 points, but we really wanted to take advantage of the Regency Club for snacks, drinks, breakfast, etc… so we opted to spend a few more points for that privilege.  At check-in we were given glasses of a delicious fruit and champagne cocktail, a schedule of that weekend’s activities, a map, and a schedule/menu for the Regency Club.  They even gave us a second complimentary round when we asked if we could purchase the champagne somewhere because it was so yummy.  The lobby had a lodge feel to it and was definitely a gathering spot for many families.

The Room

While I normally feel a little cramped in hotel rooms once our family of three “moves in”, that was not the case in this room.  Partly this was due to the room size being pretty decent, but partly it was due to the balcony and spacious/airy windows looking out on the lawn.  It felt like home, a really nice home.  🙂  Little C did not waste any time getting her toys situated in her “toy drawer”.  We do this at every hotel we stay at and it really helps keep things organized and functional.  She also thought that the curtains were great entertainment.

Here is the view from our balcony.  There were often groups of kids and families playing impromptu soccer games, throwing the football, and playing “tag” in this area.  It was idyllic, almost like it was out of a movie set.

The Crib

I had requested a crib ahead of time and had it confirmed via the online Hyatt concierge.  Not sure that really accomplished anything, as I had to request it again once we got up to our room.  We were then asked if we wanted a Pack-n-Play or a crib and we confirmed we indeed wanted a real crib.  It was sent up within minutes and came with some baby powder and lotion.  Baby soap would have been better as we somehow left ours behind at home.  Oops.  The crib is smaller than a standard crib, but seemed relatively sturdy.  Having it in the room all afternoon helped C get used to it.  We also added her own sheets from home and a nighttime noise maker that she insisted we pack.  It was really funny how she added it to her bag, and I think it did help in making the crib feel more like home.  While she fussed at first at bedtime, and did toss and turn more than normal all night, she did pretty well staying and sleeping in her crib.  Much better than she would have done in a Pack-N-Play. 

The Bathroom

The bathroom was a good size and was very functional for a family.  It had ample counter space, a shower, and a separate bathtub.  Bathtubs are just about essential for us when traveling with Little C.  She gets dirty and needs a real bath.  She is way too big for a sink and a shower would just not be the same as a bath for her.  Having both the shower and a bath tub was a real plus.  While the bathroom was quite comfortable, it was not the most “exotic” bathroom I had ever been in.  Not that anyone really needs an exotic bathroom.  The commode did have some sort of problem that made it just run water the whole time.  We should have called down and had maintenance fix it, but we didn’t notice how annoying it was until around midnight when we were trying to sleep.  The Man just cut the water off to it for the rest of the night so that we could sleep.  We never did tell anyone it was broken, so sorry for whoever gets that room next.  I swear it was like that when we came in!

Regency Club

The Regency Club at this resort is named the Monarch Room – C loved the butterfly pictures all over the walls.  This turned out to be a great value for us.  We got numerous snacks, drinks, heavy appetizers, real drinks (honor bar after 5PM with very fair prices, and you pour your own), and a decent breakfast from the club.  The only downside was that we had to go up a floor to access the club.  No problem by ourselves, but with a toddler who insists on walking marching down the hall, it takes a little while to get where you are going sometimes.  I would say we at least got our 4,000 point value for this, but whether or not it is “worth it” to your family just depends on how much use you think you would get out of it.

While the Club was pretty full at breakfast time, the rest of the time it was very sparsely populated, or empty.  When there were other people in the lounge, a high percentage of those were families with children.  I know this is not always the case with Regency Clubs, but children were very much included and accepted in this lounge.  The staff in there was also very nice and even drew a picture of C for us.  They also offered her whole milk, without us even asking.  I look forward to getting Hyatt Diamond status very soon from attending the Star Mega Do 3 – then we will have access to the Club without having to spend additional dollars/points.  Very nice Hyatt Diamond benefit!

Additional Inside Amenities

This resort has a Toy Box program, where you can select some toys for your kiddo to check-out and play with while they are at the hotel.  Fantastic!  We brought some of our own, but C got a kick out of this garbage truck.  It was delivered to our room while we were out playing.  They had 2-3 toys for each age group from toddler to teenagers.  Highly recommend checking this out if you stay here.  The concierge wasn’t sure if this benefit is offered at other Hyatt resorts or not.

I made the mistake of telling my husband I would meet him and C in the gift shop.  I swear she was only in there 60 seconds before I got there and she had already fallen in love with a million different stuffed animals.  Oh dear Lord, more stuffed animals. This is the scene I walked into in the gift shop.  The horror.

We were able to talk her into narrowing her herd down to two without any tears.  I considered that a major Mommy Point’s victory.  It certainly required my top toddler negotiating skills. I also must admit that she has already more than gotten her/my $23 of entertainment out of the puppy and longhorn that were selected to join our family.  That being said, we may skip the gift shop on the next visit!

This resort partners with the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) and offers may partnered events, such as fly fishing.  They also offer horse-back riding and pony rides, which can be reserved at a desk within the hotel.  Unfortunately, we arrived to the hotel too late to do the pony rides.  I think C was just as happy sitting on the statue of a horse that is located next to where you can make horse riding reservations.

The offerings inside this hotel really made it easy to relax and focus on having fun as a family.  It was just an enjoyable and easy place to be, if that makes sense.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of this review where I will talk about the fantastic outside things to do – if it’s even possible, those are even better than what the inside of the hotel had to offer.  That is saying a lot considering it was a high of 108 degrees outside while we were there!

Have you ever stayed at this resort before?  How does this resort stack up so far with others you have visited?  Does it look like a place your family would enjoy?  Also, let me know if  you have any questions about the Hyatt Lost Pines and I will be happy to try and answer.

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  1. I’m thinking that Little C may be thinking that the Gift Shop is where you “check out” toys. She may be on to something! Great concept of checking out toys, even if the selection is not on the level of the Gift Shop!

  2. It’s very useful to know that the resort worked so well for a family with a toddler. We might have to check it out.

    We will skip the gift shop, though.

  3. The Hawaiian Hyatt you refer too is without a doubt the Grand Hyatt in Poipu, Kauai. The service there IS that good. They have mastered social media interaction. The resort (and island) are perfect for little ones.
    Funnily enough, the only thing wrong our last stay? No crib when we arrived in the room, despite multiple requests.

  4. Thanks for the detailed review of Hyatt Lost Pines. It has always sounded like a nice resort.

    What was the temperature and AC like? Wasn’t it really hot this past weekend all over Texas with record temps?

    Sounds like place I want to visit if I can actually make it to SXSW one of these days.

  5. This looks a great trip! I had seen this property a while back as at some point I was considering a job in Austin. I may well try to plan a weekend there with the family in September and catch some of the City Limits festival. Look forward to the rest of the review!

  6. @Swan, checking out toys is such a great concept. Though, even if we had “checked out” puppy and cow, there is no chance they would have ever been returned. I think we have a new obsession here at our house with those two creatures.

    @Bluto, it was great with a toddler. I think it would be great for a family with any age kiddos. Good thinking on skipping the gift shop!

    @Hobo13, I think I may die an old woman before I ever really understand what SMD3 actually stands for! I updated it from Super to Star – thanks!

    @Tim, I bet the Grand Hyatt in Poipu, Kauai is fantastic! I’ll have to pencil that onto our “eventually” list! That’s funny about the crib.

    @Ric, the high the day we were there was 108. It crazy hot outside. Luckily, the resort does have many shaded areas that helped (I guess it lives up to its Lost Pines name). The inside temp was just fine as the AC worked great. It was worth adding this resort to your list whenever you get a chance to check out SXSW. It would actually be a good change of pace from the SXSW environment!

    @Jenny, thanks! It was a fantastic place.

    @Phil, if you are in town for ACL, it would be worth the little detour to check out this resort. You will probably be ready for it after all the ACL “excitement”! 😉

  7. On behalf of Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa, I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts about our resort. I am the Social Media Coordinator here at Lost Pines. We enjoyed reading your blog and we’re so happy you and your family enjoyed your visit. I will have our engineering department take a look at the room you stayed in so we can ensure we fix the commode issues you had. We’re sorry that it kept you awake.

    We’re also glad C liked our toy box program we offer guests. It looks like she had a great time trying out new toys. And we do in fact offer it at our other Hyatt resort properties.
    Thank you again for posting such an honest and thorough review about our resort. We love reading blogs and reviews, and yours was very special. We look forward to having you back again!

    Please feel free to email me with any questions:

    • Laura, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts about the review of the Hyatt Lost Pines. And you found it so quickly! 🙂 It truly was a great experience, and we hope to make it back there soon. As my daughter gets older, it will be neat to watch her experience the resort in a different way. Thanks again for all the great work that everyone there is doing.

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