Fill ‘er Up For Free – Enter to Win $100 Gas Card From National Car Rental!

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My friends over at National Car Rental want to spread the word about their new “1, 2, Free” car rental promotion by having one Mommy Points’ reader win a $100 gas card.  With gas prices the way they are, there is no way I could say no to their gracious offer!  Plus, their promotion can be a pretty good deal if you need to rent some cars between now and January 31st.

I do not personally receive anything for participating in this giveaway……other than the satisfaction of knowing one of you will get a free gas card, and all of you will learn about a new rental car promo! 🙂

1, 2, Free National Car Promo Details:

Emerald Club members (their frequent renter program) earn one free rental day for every two qualifying rentals between August 22 and January 31, 2012.  Qualifying rentals must be in the United States, last at least two days, and be in a mid-size car or larger.

You have to register for this promotion before making your reservation in order for it to count towards this promo.  You must be an Emerald Club member to register, but registering for the Emerald Club automatically registers you for this promo.  It is free and just takes a minute.  You can join Emerald Club here.

The Terms and Conditions for this promo say that this offer can’t be combined with any other discounts, so make sure to choose the best deal for your family.  If you have previous reservations, you can always cancel them and make a new reservation (after registering for this promo) in order for it to count towards the promo.  Of course, make sure you aren’t going to end up paying more than you were originally scheduled to pay if you go this route.  You can then use your free days until June 25, 2012 on a compact through full-size car.  No more than three free days can be used on one reservation.  Rewards are non-transferable.  Awards earned will be sent out every 1-2 weeks starting September 2nd.  You will be able to redeem your earned rewards by going to

You can also earn free days by referring your friends to the Emerald Club program.  If they make a qualifying rental by January 31st you will earn a free rental day.  A maximum of ten free days can be earned this way.

If you have elite status with Avis or Hertz, National will match your status for free.  See chart below for details.

Mommy Points Contest Info:

In which city (or cities) does it make the most sense to rent a car while traveling with your family (or friends)?  Make an eligible comment (real email address, no spam)  in this post naming the city and why it’s advantageous to rent a car there, in order to earn one entry to win the $100 gift card.

I know for us, we need rental cars now that we have Little C WAY more than we did when it was just the two of us vacationing.  We just have too much gear to hop in and out of cabs like we used to.  For example, it was very helpful to have a rental car while we vacationing at Disney in Orlando earlier this year!  We’re even getting one when we head to Vegas next year.

You receive a total of two entries if you tell me in your comment on this post that you also “like” Mommy Points on Facebook.  This is true for those who have already liked Mommy Points on Facebook as well as those who “like” as a result of this contest.  Just remember to let me know in your comment.  If you pretend you liked the Facebook page, Santa Claus will find out and you will immediately and permanently be placed on the “naughty list”. 

If you are related to me, you have to sit this one out.  But, you can still register to take advantage of the National Car promotion!  A winner will be selected at random from all the comments on Monday September 5th, so make sure to get entered ASAP!  The contest ends Sunday, September 4th, at 11:59PM CST, so comment away!

If you have any questions, you can shoot me an email at – please reserve the comments in this post for contest entries.  Thanks to National Car for providing the $100 gift card and good luck to all of you!

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  1. Orlando, FL. You’ll be visiting all those theme parks (probably with the little ones) so you’ll need the car as they are not close and I’m sure you’ll have to lug plenty of gear around!

    Thanks for hte opportunity, MP!

  2. Vegas!! So much stuff to see in that city that isn’t just on the strip. By renting a cat it makes it much more family friendly.

    And of course, I like you on fb!

  3. During my visit to LA it will absolutely make sense to rent a car upon my arrival in LAX. While the traffic in LA is horrible, there are no options other than driving. Also, I “liked” your facebook profile. Love the promo 🙂

  4. Seattle. We rented there a couple of years ago – and it worked great for being able to explore outlying areas – like Mount Rainier!!

    And…I liked your Facebook page (lovin’ all the travel info!!).

  5. Anywhere in Florida. Terrible public transportation and a mess to get around on a family vacation taking taxis or the bus 🙂

  6. San Francisco. Forget about using it in “The City”, park it at the hotel, and use it to get to Yosemite and all the other amazing places to see in Northern California!

  7. I Love being connected to Mommy Points on Facebook! I also LOVE having a car in Orlando so you can take the all-important trip to the hotel in the afternoon to recharge your batteries for the night time activities.

  8. Las Vegas is the place to rent a car because public transport is not so easy and I like to travel on my own terms.
    I liked you on Facebook, too!
    Ohh I like your new graphic at the top since you moved here.

  9. It makes the most sense to rent at MDT since the cars are insanely cheap there, like $12/day + tax = ~$15 a day. Plus I go there a lot. Unfortunately, I always rent with Hertz since they have a USAA CDP that rents to under 25’ers for no additional charge. If National had a program like that for responsible young adults such as myself, I would be all over this promo.

    I Liked you on Facebook.

  10. San Diego. Lots of places to go beyond range of the trolley, plus we travel with booster seats and feel better when the kids are strapped in them.

  11. When visiting LA we always have to rent a car. Everything is so far away and not easy to access via public transportation or by walking.

    I am a fan on Facebook (as Sue Bradford)

  12. Oahu! Even though you can get by without one, you totally miss the best parts of Oahu! Driving up the windward side of the island is incredible! And they are CHEAP on Oahu. You can also get a convertible for cheap which is even more fun!

  13. Houston….the city is way too big not to have a rental and the taxis are way too expensive. So might as well rent a car and have total freedom…

  14. Los Angeles. It’s so big and spread out, and has such poor public transportation, that the only way to really do it effectively is by car.

  15. Pretty much all of Souther California (LA, San Diego, Irvine, Riverside). these are all great cities to visit but their public transportation is atrocious.

  16. Las Vegas, all the big hotels have free parking and plenty of it. Plus you make quick trips to Red Rocks, Lake Las Vegas or Hoover Dam.

  17. We are heading to New England soon and will be renting so we can meander around all the great little towns. Maybe so a bit of antiquing.

  18. Definitely Buenos Aires, Argentina. The best way to see the city is in a car, whether it’s the multi-lane roads or the back streets!

  19. Denver. With the airport so far away from downtown, you really need a car to get back and forth easily, esp when traveling with a baby.

  20. Thanks for offering this contest. We’ll be heading to Colorado soon and driving up to Beaver Creek. Definitely a must-rent situation, as there are no public transportation options and a cab or car service would be too expensive.

  21. Bozeman Montana- great to have summer or winter to either get to the ski area and then out to the better restaurants. In the summer it is a must have for exploring.

    I liked you on Facebook also by the way. Thanks for the great blog.

  22. I agree with Las Vegas. Too many people think it’s walkable, and it is… to a degree. If you want to get off The Strip (and you should), then you can explore the larger area, including some great station casinos, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Mt. Charleston, and Hoover Dam.

    And yes, I “Like” Mommy Points on FB!

  23. Aloha to Maui! It’s about a 40 minute drive from the airport to the Kannapali beach area, where the Westin, Marriott, and Hyatt are located.

  24. Houston, TX
    There is NO decent mass transit option in this city. For a city this large and sprawled it’s quite amazing. There is also a 20 n- 40 min. wait when getting a cab.
    I like Mommy Points and thank for the positive spin on life.
    I’ve also “liked” the blog on facebook.

  25. I agree with Nguyen. LA is just to big. Taking cabs /shuttles would be ridiculous. In addition to the car, you need a GPS too!

  26. San Diego. With kids, it’s about the zoo, Seaworld and the Safari Park. You’ve just got to have a car to make it from point to point.

    As a side note, we got a 5-day pass while there in the spring. $139 for the zoo, safari park, and SW unlimited entry for 5-days. $260 for 2 adults, and the kids (18MO at the time) were free. Big win as we were able to go back to the hotel for nap and then go to a different park on the same day to beak things up (or see specific SW shows.)

    I have liked you on facebook. I am #84. Who will be #100 ??? 🙂

    • Mikes, I’m not sure, but I can’t wait to find out! Then I can get rid of all those silly letters/numbers after Mommy Points. Woohoo. Thanks for being #84!

  27. I agree with everybody that having a car while vacationing in LA is a must – you can’t get to most of the best tourist spots unless you have a rental car. The LA National Rental Car location usually has a decent selection in its Emerald and Emerald Executive aisles – over 5 or 6 full aisles between the two of them!

  28. Every tiem I visit the L.A. area, it’s a must to travel the surrounding area with a car. I don’t think I’ve ever taken public transit in L.A.

  29. We always rent a car in Orlando, it’s much quicker than taking park transportation, plus you can “get away” from the parks when you need to!

  30. Loving all of the answers! I concur with all of the popular answers: LA, Houston, Orlando, Vegas, etc… sometimes having a rental car is absolutely the way to go!

    Thanks to everyone who has participated so far, and double thanks to those who have also liked MP on Facebook. 🙂

  31. First of all, I just liked you on facebook – I love your blog, so will be happy to get your posts that way, too! As far as a rental – now that I am traveling with a 4-1/2 year old, we even got a rental car in Europe – in Berlin, Germany last year and Florence, Italy the year before. Despite European public transport being great getting our son and his stuff in and out of trains was too much for us. The cars were not cheap, but the peace of mind was priceless.

  32. I don’t usually rent cars, but did so for a tour of Southern Alabama about a year ago. It was great to be able to meander through all the little towns at my own pace!

    +just liked MP on FB

  33. Sorry if everyone has already said this, but definitely Los Angeles – when we’ve brought our son to my brother-in-law’s house in Manhattan Beach – even getting in and out of the airport is easier with a rental car given all the stuff you need when you travel with young children.

  34. I also “like” you on facebook. Follow your direction of “make sure to include in your comment that you are a MP Facebook friend for an additional entry…” Thanks.

  35. It generally makes sense to rent a car in LA. Picking out a convertible from the Emerald Island really gives the good vibrations.

  36. I really enjoy your blog. I provide free marriage counseling for families in my community and your blog is one that I have listed on my handout during the financial management sessions. By the way, I have ‘liked’ your facebook page.

  37. Sedona AZ. We were there this summer and without a car there is no way to get there from the airport or to any of the other beautiful places to visit in AZ

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