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Dear Airplane Gods,

Please let no one select seat 3B.  You really don’t want to sit there.  Really.  They should have an icon that warns you on the seat selector page that there is a baby in a certain seat.  In this case, 3C.

Seriously, it’s a win/win situation for everyone.  There are lots of other much more comfortable seats on the plane to select from, I promise.   I’m now wondering why I thought going on a “lap child” adventure was a good idea.  Oh well, too late to turn back now.  The countdown is on.  Adventure, here we come!


Mommy Points and Little C


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  1. …..don’t hate on me but I am one of these who want 1st class to be adults only! I never ever pay but if I ever did pay for 1st little ones would be and are upsetting on a 8-12hr flight in 1st!

  2. Kris, thanks!

    oliver2002, that’s great that it went so well with your lap kiddos! I think it is one of those things that has the potential to be easy and the potential to be a royal mess…..mostly depending on the baby’s mood that day. We pretty much lucked out on our trip today, too.

    deltaGOLDflyer, no hating from here! We have never been in 1st with C. I’m sure as she gets older we will do it some, but I totally understand where you are coming from.

  3. It isn’t the children who annoy me, it is the parents who don’t plan ahead and then refuse to deal with the problems.

    I was in 2F today with a youngster in 3F who kept kicking the back of my seat. I mentioned it politely (at first) to the mother who simply said to the kid, stop doing that. The effect was to increase, not decrease the kicks. I spoke to mom again and she just shrugged. I asked the FA to speak to her and she did, but got a response that said I was constantly bothering her and her kid with my complaints.

    Believe me, I would much rather have been in 3C on your flight with a responsible mom trying to minimize impact on fellow pax.

  4. Steve, I couldn’t agree more about the need to plan ahead when flying with little ones. It really is one of those hope for the best, prepare for the worst type situations. The kicking of the seat is a MAJOR issue. I must admit, we have had problems with that on a flight or two. My one-year-old was not exactly heeding our instructions to not kick as I had hoped. When we would make her stop kicking, she would start screaming. It was no fun for anyone. Thankfully, she eventually fell asleep. That is exactly why we payed for the extra leg room seat on this flight… way to kick the seat in front.

    Hopefully your next flight is a little more restful and kick-free!

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