The United Months of Miles Disaster Continues

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What a hot mess this has turned out to be! The terms and conditions for the United Months of Miles has changed, yet again. Here is a quick recap and current status.

Original Terms: Valid through 11-15, unlimited miles could be earned, $10 retail minimum purchase, no dining specific minimum mentioned. Email responses from United that there was no dining minimum.

Offer Change #1: 25K mileage earning limit, no honoring of previous offer’s promise of unlimited miles, new wording that includes dining purchases in with the $10 minimum. Justified outrage and chaos ensued.

Offer Change #2: Unlimited earning potential reappears in terms and conditions. As was poignantly pointed out on Flyertalk, the Bipolar feelings on this promo have reached a Code Red status.

Offer Change #3: Emails went out earlier today proclaiming the “good news” with the kingdom that the promo has been extended through Dec 15. The 25k earning cap is back, but miles earned through Sept 9 will be honored regardless of the total. (and some are in the hundreds of thousands) $10 minimum dining purchase language is in full effect.

Since the SMD3 has kept me away from this insanity for the better part of the last 48 hours, I am just now taking this all in. At least they are honoring miles previously earned, but I do not feel they are doing the right thing in terms of not honoring dining purchases under $10 that were also previously made. This truly is a hot mess that has angered and frustrated many loyal United flyers.

As I was sending emails and messages to family and friends tonight from the SMD3 in Denver, I decided to write an open letter to United as well…….

Dear United,

My daughter gets in trouble for lying and we are teaching her to do what you say, and say what you do. Good first step in honoring miles previously earned over 25k. Next step, don’t pretend that retail and dining meant the same thing. Honor the original terms with dining purchases through 9/9 as well. That won’t solve all of the problems this promo has caused, but it is at least a step in the right direction in cleaning up this spilt milk!

We all make mistakes, but mistakes only get worse when an attempt is made to pretend the mistake never occurred. Please save us all a little hassle and clean this mess up the right way. I know from experience that if you just try to hide spilled milk with a rug, that it only turns sour and gets worse.

Love, Mommy Points

What do you think of all of these changes in the terms? I just can’t get over what a cluster this is. Yikes!

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  1. Since I only had the 4/500 offer I have not been going crazy with this. I only had 3 dines under $10. Ice cream, chocolate and a fast food place. I wasn’t gaming the system, they are true purchases and I am disappointed they will not count. All fell slightly under the $10 minimum. I am not sure what truly will happen with the other people who ordered 800 gift certificates from the same merchant on the same day. All in $10 increments. Something tells me that United will not honor those. I see a major fight for them but that will now have to wait till after Feb 15th!!!

  2. MommyPoints,

    Thanks for the letter to United.

    Your disaster recap does not even include all the ways United bungled this. There is the received-postcard-but-told-not-targeted problem, and the splitting of qualified transactions (ie, spent $12 at on 3 items, but it shows up on MP Shopping as THREE sub-$10 transactions instead of one qualifying transaction).

    I doubt I’m going to get very many of the miles I qualified for through this promotion.


  3. And let’s not forget how the T&C on their website keep changing (
    (and i have all the screenshots to prove it).

    1. Prior to Sept 7: Original unlimited wordings ($10 retail min.)
    2. Sept 7: Added 25k limit cap, still $10 retail transactions (adding tips exclusion).
    3. Sept 8: Back to unlimited(no more 25k cap), still $10 retail transactions (adding tips exclusion)
    4. Early morning Sept 9: still same as Sept 8.
    5. Later Sept 9: The final incarnation. Restored 25k limit, and changing to $10 ALL transactions min.

    Not sure about the legality, but ethically, it’s despicable.

    Thanks for writing the open letter, MommyPoints.

  4. Kelly, I share your disappointment. Most of my lunches out (by myself) come in under $10 as well.

    Susie, I am glad you like the letter. It is sad to see adults who have trouble distinguishing between right and wrong in any situation.

    Anita, you are right there are almost an infinite number of ways in which this promo has been bungled.

    test, I couldn’t agree more. I tried to capture some of those changes in this post, but I greatly appreciate your recounting as well. Kind of hard to trust them when the terms keep changing mid-promo.

  5. You have been complimentary of MPDining in the past for prompt posting of award miles. My experience has been very different. I had two dines fail to post — one of them a major, $400+ dinner.

    When I sought the credit, I was asked to jump through various hoops, including sending a copy of the credit card receipt, to a Florida address. I promptly complied. Then — radio silence. After six weeks, I emailed again. Three weeks later, I got back the exact same “send us the credit card receipts” email that I received earlier!

    The dines were in June. My last email to them was sent in mid-August — and still no response. If I don’t hear soon, I’m going to escalate to UA — though good luck to me getting through the outrage clutter surrounding this latest promotion fiasco!

  6. Outback, that is too bad they are giving you such a hassle about the $400 dinner! The one time I was missing a transaction, all I had to was fill out the online form and within a week or so they emailed and the award appeared. Good for you for sticking with getting your points. I hope that you get a positive response soon.

    • Test, I have never heard a peep from United. I didn’t really expect to hear back, but you never know…. I haven’t given up total hope about dining transactions from the old rules, but I truthfully don’t have the time to fight that fight too intensely. There thankfully are others who are still pursuing and I am keeping an eye out for an official word from UA. I will probably be able to hit the max # of miles allowed with or without those under $10 dining transactions, but I still think it was completely scummy how they changed the terms out from under everyone. I plan to do a follow-up post to all of the new occurrences on that promo some time next week.

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