US Airways Grand Slam Score – Day 3

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Day 3 of the US Airways Grand Slam, and I’m starting to get to the end of the free, cheap, and/or easy hits.  This really is fun, and I am so happy to hear how many of you have decided to play with me!  Let’s keep it up.  24 hits is still my goal, but I am now starting to eye 28…..I just had another work trip pop up in October, so 28 is looking more within my reach.  We’ll see what happens!

Read about my first nine cheap and easy hits here.  All were completed on the first day of the promotion.  Basically my first nine hits cost me $44.46 (most of which I would have spent anyway) and netted me 10,000 US Airways miles!  Here are the hits I accumulated on days 2 and 3 of the promo.

Hit 10.  Track it Back – $24.94

I would not have actually ordered Track it Back were it not for this promo, but I am kind of excited to use the product now that I will soon have it.  Basically you get Track it Back stickers that you put on things, like cell phones, and if someone finds the phone they can call that number and Track it Back will get the phone back to you.  They claim to have a 85% success rate – not bad.  In addition to a hit, this purchase gives you 500 US Airways miles.

Your Dividend Miles number is requested right after you hit “checkout”.  The only weird thing about this hit was in order to use my Amex card, I had to pay in Canadian Dollars.  I really want to keep all of my hits on my Platinum Amex for simplicity’s sake, so I went with the Canadian dollars.  Since the Platinum card has no foreign transaction fee, I was good to go.

Hit 11.  US Airways Dining Program – $2.17

I registered a card that is not registered with any other dining program with US Airways Dining and went to buy a $1.99 Vitamin Water from a participating sandwich shop.  I enjoyed a nice cold beverage, and a cheap hit.  If you are a new member with the US Airways Dining program, you can also get 1,000 US Airways miles for making two $25 dines within your first 45 days of joining.  I will be taking advantage of that nice little bonus as well.  😉

Hit 12.  Download Dividend Miles Shopping Toolbar and complete three searches – free

This was was pretty simple.  Just download the Dividend miles toolbar and complete three searches.  I think I searched for Gap, Pottery Barn, and diapers.  The toolbar keeps track of your searches, so you know when you have completed three valid searches as it will list the number and display the number of miles you earned by using the toolbar.  See where I have circled below.  You must complete your searches in the actual toolbar that will be at the top of your screen.

Hit 13.  Super Shuttle – $11.50

I racked my brain trying to come up with a real use for Super Shuttle, but I could not foresee needing Super Shuttle within the next two months, so I went ahead and booked a reservation that I knew I was probably not going to make as it was in a different city from mine and I had no flight to that city scheduled.  😉  I booked a trip from the DFW airport to the Hyatt DFW.  I used coupon code UYR59 to take $3 off a one-way reservation.  It came to $10.00 and I added $1.50 tip – hey, it’s not the driver’s fault I’m not showing up.  This same trip had a good track record of posting for “no shows” as a hit last year, so I am hoping it will again this year.  Obviously, if you have a real need for Super Shuttle, that would be a way better use of this hit.  There are also no guarantees this will work; if you are a bit on the cautious side, hold off on this one for a few weeks until hits start posting.

Super Shuttle asks for you to select your airline program (US Airways Dividend Miles) and enter your Dividend Miles number on the same screen where you enter your credit card information.

My 13 hits got me to the 15,000 mile level and come in a total cost of $83.07.  If you take off the most expensive hit (Track it Back at $24.94), I am still at the 15K mileage level for only $58.13.  If you really want to get fancy, you could take out the next couple most expensive hits I have had, and add in some of the free hits I have yet to complete, such as,, and to come up with a cost even less than that.  With the sole exception of the Super Shuttle reservation, all of my purchases either would have happened anyways, or I will at least make use the products that I ordered.

Hits in process: As I mentioned, I am working on my e-rewards and e-miles hits right now.  I think I have a good shot at getting enough e-miles points to count as a hit, but I am a little more iffy on e-rewards.  Both require that you complete surveys for points.  I have a long way to go in getting solicited to complete  surveys with e-rewards.  I have also applied for a US Airways debit card from Bank of America.  That will cost $30, give me a hit when I first use it, and will award me 3,000 bonus miles.  I don’t want to have a hard credit pull, so I am only doing the debit card at this point.  I also have a transaction pending that should get me that hit.  Once those hits process, I will be at the 16 hit level for 25,000 miles.  My out of pocket cost at that point should only be $113.07, and I will have earned enough miles for a domestic round-trip ticket (plus all of the other miles I have earned from purchases).  I will post more about each of those hits in an upcoming post.

Hits still sitting on the bench: Office Max still does not have a place to enter your Dividend Miles number, so I am waiting to see how that one works out.  Many great Flyertalk members are contacting Office Max to try and sort out that issue.  Before the end of the promo I will also be looking into the following hits: buying miles from US Airways ($27), Sharing miles ($30), US Airways club membership (if it goes on sale for a discount), crediting four planned hotel stays for hits, and crediting one planned rental car for a hit.  Those will get me at least to 24 hits, and potentially help me make a run for 28 hits.  More on all of those as they happen!

I am adding a temporary “US Airways Grand Slam Hit Tally” to the Mommy Points home page near the “About Me” button.  That way, you can see the running list of my hits as I update them.  The only caveat is that this game changes fast, so a hit that worked for me on Day 1, may not work for you on day 9.  To keep up with the most up to date info, keep an eye on this very helpful Flyertalk section maintained by Beltway and this great Milepoint Wiki that I think is updated by SC Flier.  Also feel free to ask me questions in the comments section and I will do my best to try to get you an answer.

Where are you so far with your hits and money invested?  Are you still skeptical on the value of this promotion?


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  1. I just want to say thanks for your efforts in clearly setting out how to go about these points.

    I’ve been mirroring some of your purchases, it makes it easier having it explained exactly where to enter DM #’s.

  2. Hi MommyPoints: This may be the stupidest question you get all week, but I just tried the first purchase for the Grand Slam (1800Flowers) — where do you put in your dividend miles number so you are sure to be credited the miles? Don’t want to finalize these sales till I’m sure I’ll get credit. Sorry for the rookie question!

    • CU, not a stupid question. It is after you enter the recipient/delivery information. It is on the same page where you enter your credit card information – look on the right-hand side of the page. It will ask for your promotion code (U44 or U3 – make sure you have at least one of those codes entered without an error message) and your Dividend Miles number. Good luck with your hits!!

  3. New to us-scareways. Do all the places on the toolbar shop online count for hits. So far I am:

    1 – toolbar free
    2 – mag 400 miles – free
    3 – petsmart nailfile free shoprunner ship $ 2.13
    4 – $10 cerst 60% off $ 1.75

    There seems to be tons of smalls in shop bar just don’t want to go nutz and not count. Thanks for help!

  4. I have some business trips coming up as well, but the reservations were made before the game started. Do the trips only count if you make reservations after the Grand Slam began? Not thrilled with the idea of cancelling reservations and re-making them…. I’m hoping it’s legit if you just complete the hotel stays during the Grand Slam period and that will count. Same for rental car. What do you think? Thanks!

  5. I am at 22 hits so far. I should reach 40 without too much issue. I’ve been planning for this promotion since last year, so my miles and points wee just waiting for the start. This is clearly the most fun of any promotion out there. As an EXP, I fly AA all the time, but kudos to US AIR for one of the more creative scavenger hunts out there. I’ll also reward them by taking a few flights on their metal, something I haven’t done in years.

  6. CU the stay @ hotels will count if you have it set up to credit the miles to us airways as long as the stay is within the grand slam period. Good luck! Best way to earn more hits is to do mattress runs to different brands or hotels and get a hit at each location just make sure it’s getting credited to us airways so it will count as a hit!

  7. @CU, you are more than welcome. Thanks for reading. Heidi is right, just credit the hotel stays to US Airways instead of earning hotel points when you stay there. I plan to talk more about this soon as I am doing it next weekend. No need to make new reservations.

    @deltaGOLDflyer, hits start posting on 9/28 in your Dividend Miles account. The crummy part is I’ve been told that they just post as hits and aren’t tied to a specific action. Someone correct me if that is wrong about that as that does make it harder to keep track. As for the toolbar, you can only earn one hit for making a Dividend Mall purchase. I wish you could do multiples there, I could rack up the hits!

    @Jim L, I plan to prepare all year for next year’s as well. That really is a great strategy. 22 hits is great, I am excited you are going to get to 40. Good for you!! If you have any tips to share, please feel free. 😉

    Heidi, thanks for helping out CU and sharing that tip.

    • For those living in or passing through manhattan during the contest. Rent a Hertz manhattan hourly rental. Put hourly in the rate code field. Its $15 per hour. (sometimes only $12) Make sure you get to the airport within 2 hours or the rate skyrockets. You get a car rental for $15 plus tax. No gas cost as it is included as is 200 miles. If you go to LGA, this is about half the cost of a cab. How about that! You get a hit and save money at the same time. This is way too much fun! I’m now at 24 hits. I hope next year they go to 44 hits and have more miles available. Hint Hint Us Airways if you are listening 🙂

  8. I downloaded the toolbar before the GS 2011 began and received 500 miles for same.

    Does that mean that I am precluded from earning the hit OR can I still earn the hit by completing 3 searches through the toolbar?

  9. @Simon, I have read that it sometimes takes a day or two to fully process, but it should work.

    @JA, I can’t speak from personal experience, but I have read that others seem to think that will work as long as you perform three searches. If not, you can always re-install or install on another machine.

  10. @CU, you are doing great!

    @Soloman, possibly, but only if you are also standing on one foot and drinking goat’s pee while doing the aforementioned actions. I take it you aren’t a fan of the Grand Slam? 🙂

  11. Intentionally booking a no-show and wasting the time and resources of Super Shuttle seems a bit tacky. At the very least, certainly worth more than a $1.50 tip for a driver that has to wait for you not to show up. Those resources are better directed towards genuine customers.

    • @Carl, I agree that actually using Super Shuttle would be a better value for everyone. My experience with SS in the past is that I still have to call when I land to have them come pick me up. I have never had them actually sitting there waiting for me, though other’s experiences may vary. I share your sentiment in not wanting to impose on others in order to earn points.

  12. As to the United Airways dining program, I’ve been a member for a while & picked up that nice bonus already from them. Do you know if I can still get a hit for a dine even though I’m not a new member?

  13. I tried to do the Super Shuttle hit, but I didn’t see a place for the discount code. (I did see where to put my dividend #) Which step should it be on? Thanks!

    • @serion, it is on the very first page where you put in your date/time information for your shuttle. It is the last box in that section right across from the “next” button.

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