US Airways Grand Slam Score – Day 6

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The hits are temporarily slowing down a little bit for me right now, but I have now positioned myself to get at least 28 hits if everything posts as I hope it will.  I’ll talk more in a minute about how 28 hits suddenly came within reach.  Naturally, I am now eyeing 32 as there is a 20,000 mile jump between 28 and 32 hits.  Not sure how practical it will be for me to push for 32, but it is always good to look ahead and start strategizing.  Here’s where I stand today…….

Read all of my hits here

Hit 14. – Swap other points into Dividend Miles

There are three different hits listed in the rules that can potentially involve (buying, sharing, and swapping), so pay attention to each one so that you earn all possible hits.  For this one, I swapped other points into Dividend Miles.  Once you join, you need to enter your frequent flyer account information from various programs, so that you can swap miles into US Airways miles.  Each program has its own minimum mileage requirements.  I will share what worked for me, but the easiest way to see what options you have is to click on “exchange” in the US Airways section.

Then select US Airways as your program and enter “1” next to the how many box.  Select search now, and your options will be revealed.  The options presented will be directly related to the frequent flyer programs that you entered.  Hotel and other rewards programs (like Best Buy) can also present good exchange options.

I transferred 4 American Airlines miles into 1 US Airways Dividend mile to score my hit.  Your American Airlines account has to be at a minimum of 25,000 miles, or you have to have Executive or Executive Platinum status in order to transfer miles out of that account.  Just for fun, I also turned 5 US Airways miles into 1 Frontier Airlines Early Return mile in order to take my Frontier balance to 1001 (the minimum to transfer from that account).  I had obtained 1000 Frontier miles by taking advantage of this now expired promotion.  I then transferred 1001 Frontier miles to my US Airways account at the converted rate of 184 miles + a 27 mile bonus.  So, this is another viable option if you have some Frontier miles that are collecting dust.

If you don’t have Frontier or American Airlines miles, you can join Asia miles for free, transfer 10 US Airways Dividend Miles to Asia Miles on, and then transfer 4 Asia miles back to US Airways.  Due to losing miles on each conversion, your 4 Asia Miles will ultimately result in 1 US Airways Dividend mile being credited to your account.  One mile is good enough for this hit.  🙂  Thanks SC Flier on Milepoint for the tip!

A note about – these transfers often take a couple days to post.  You need to have some patience with this hit.  Mine took about 72 painstaking hours, but they worked just fine in the end. 

Hit Positioning: While I haven’t actually achieved many hits in the last couple days, I have been working on positioning for my next several hits.  Here is some info on a couple of those “hits in process”.

e-Miles and e-Rewards hits: If you haven’t already, go ahead and get started on both of these hits as they can take a while to accumulate.  Anyone can sign-up for e-Miles, but you have to be solicited by e-Rewards.  Amazingly, I was solicited by Country Inn & Suites  (who I have only stayed with once just under a year ago) just a couple of days ago.  Search your email accounts for “By Invitation Only” as that seems to be the subject line of the invitation emails.  US Airways was a partner of Country Inns & Suites, but not all hotels/airlines are partners.  You have to check closely before you spend time completing surveys.

I am now up to 400 of the required 500 points with e-miles, but only at $5.10 of the required $25.00 with e-Rewards.  I have noticed that surveys on e-miles are typically available for a much longer period than surveys on e-Rewards which tend to disappear quite quickly.  So, jump on an e-Rewards survey as soon as you see it.  e-Miles also gives you the option to make donations or magazine purchases to quickly rack up the miles.  One magazine purchase and I could obtain that hit today, but I am going to wait and try to go the free route on this one.  I’m just crossing my fingers that e-Rewards will let me complete enough surveys to get that hit.

This $9.00 survey has been tormenting me by throwing error messages every time I try to complete it.  I have emailed e-Rewards about the problem, but so far have not received a response.  So, for me e-Miles = easy hit.  e-Rewards = not so easy.

Hotel stays: I am using a free resort night at a Starwood resort in the coming days, but realized today that even though it is a free stay, it can count as a hit.  The Man and I plan to have a nice dinner and room service breakfast at the resort.  Those two meals will come to  at least $100.  We will charge those meals to the room, and $100 is the minimum amount in order to qualify as a hit with SPG.  Today I changed my earning preference with SPG to US Airways Dividend Miles, so I should be good to go with this hit.  Don’t forget that once this promotion ends, you may want to give yourself a reminder to change this preference back by contacting SPG customer service (unless, of course, you want to leave this change permanent).

I also had a few new work related Hyatt stays pop up.  With Hyatt, you can tell them your earning preference at check-in.  I will just make sure to have my US Airways Dividend miles number handy.  Since I will hopefully have Diamond status by the time I have my first Hyatt stay, I should still earn my 1000 Hyatt point Diamond amenity at check-in.  Those points will go directly into my Hyatt Gold Passport account, even though the rest of my points will go to US Airways.  I will also still be taking advantage of the Stay 3, Get 5,000 points promotion.  Hits and Hyatt points sound great to me.

I have completed 14 hits, but now have mapped my way to 28.  I will share my exact path to 28 in the coming days.  Hopefully in the next few days more of my hits “in process” will go through!

Where are you currently with your hits?  What easy hits am I missing?

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  1. your AA to US miles swap only took 72 hours? I did a dummy swap from AA to US on the 9th and it is still “under review.” I did another one on 16th after GS started and it is still, too, “under review.” They have taken the AA miles already in both instances.

  2. Currently at 20 hits for $175.37

    I had to send a note to e-rewards on Monday after I’d spent 45 mins on a survey, and got an error on the completion (confirmation) page.

    I sent an e-mail from the error page, and after some back & forth with e-rewards, they credited my account $9 which put me over the $25.

    Today, on e-miles, I purchased an Economist subscription for $12 and donated $20 to Food for Poor which put me just over the transfer threshold. So, it was an unplanned spend, but I got a decent mag I will read during upcoming trips and gave $20 to charity. I had no intention of spending hours to accumulate the additional 415 miles I needed to hit 500 for the transfer. I was all done in 15 mins, points posted immediately, and I then completed the transfer to US Airways.

    Many folks are attempting to complete hits for the lowest possible financial impact, and I applaud that approach. $32 for a hit, as was e-rewards, will be an outlier for me, so I didn’t mind.

  3. I should have also mentioned I’m predicting to reach 36 hits with an outlay of $427. That could change if US Airways lounge membership comes down in price (unlikely), and I decide to bite the bullet regardless and renew my membership (I’m Star Silver).

    The added dilemma I’m pondering is whether I should let my US Airways membership expire, and try to survive with the AMEX Plat + Priority Pass.

  4. erewards is a pain – I find it more efficient to trade with someone else for that hit.

    Also, with Hyatt, you can call in to Gold Passport and have your points converted to miles even after the stay. I usually complete all my stays and then call in and have stays changed to miles – that way I dont need to remember to do it (and give my DM number each time) at check in. Once you select miles at check in, you cannot go back to points, but you can always go the other way around!

  5. what do you mean that with there are 3 different hits with this one? I went back to read thepointsguy’s master summary and I only see 1 hit for

    • @Worldtraveller2, here are the three options that can involve from the official rules:
      Earn 1 hit when you buy miles at or
      Earn 1 hit when you share miles at or
      Earn 1 hit when you swap other points into Dividend Miles at

  6. I was going to ask the same question about I think your post says that there is 3 ways to get a hit not a way to get 3 hits through
    Can you clarify?

    I was also wondering how you got a hit through Biscoff? I am just starting to try to get some hits & not too familiar with the promo.

    • @Michael W, here are the three hits that can involve
      Earn 1 hit when you buy miles at or
      Earn 1 hit when you share miles at or
      Earn 1 hit when you swap other points into Dividend Miles at

      Link the Biscoff website from here and then click on “Anna’s” and select the trial size pack for $8.47 (if you want the cheapest item). Glad you are giving this promo a shot!

  7. I was easily sitting at 36 for me and 35 for the wife. Then I was re-reading my Hertz vouchers and they don’t count for points so there goes a dozen free 1 day rentals. 🙁 We’re down to 30 & 29 and I hae to put the thinking cap back on…

    Currently at 13 apiece for an incremental cost of $60 each.

    Here’s a technique to max out hotel & car rental hits since multiple consecutive days count as one stay regardless of check in-out activity.

    Personal example: I’m on a trip for the week. Rather than me having a 5 day stay. I asked the hotel manager, explaining the Grand Slam rules, if we could do this: reservation for me for Sunday, reservation for my wife on Monday, reservation for me on T, for her on W, for me on R. This way, we get 5 hits for the week – since all our 1 day stays are non-consecutive.

    It’s important to have the manager on your side because he/she can make the process so much easier – don’t need make the reserves yourself, don’t lose status on the “off-days”, rekey each day, no confusion as to if you’re really checking out, etc…

    The same can be done with rental cars but depending on the pick-up/drop-off location, it can be a bit of a pain. My local airport is tiny, with the cars parked yards from the door so it should be a cinch.

    While you do have 2 months to do the stays/rentals, you never know what the future will bring and I’d rather get the hits out of the way in 2 weeks rather than 2 months and then get back to earning Marriott points instead of US miles for my stays.

  8. Sharing points: Hi Mommy Points. I have a two part question regarding sharing US Airways points:

    1. is there a way to get this hit much cheaper than the $40 it costs at US Airways website?

    2. my girlfriend and I are both playing the Grand Slam. Is it true that if I share 1,000 US Airways miles with her that she will ALSO get the hit or do i only get the hit?


  9. Swap miles
    (max 1 hit)
    Earn 1 hit when you swap points or miles into Dividend Miles at – swapping Dividend Miles out to a different currency does not count (max 1 hit per member).

  10. @Simon, sounds like you are doing well! Always great to both earn miles and give to charity. 🙂

    @MJ, you sound like you are at about the same pace as me. Hurray for finding orphaned Frontier miles!

    @JettyBoy, I agree e-Rewards is a pain. Good idea about a possible trade for that hit and good tip about Hyatt. Thanks!

    @Richard, sounds like a good strategy. I agree that it is important to have the manager on your side in order to make the process so much easier. 🙂

    @John M, I haven’t yet seen a cheaper way to share miles than around $40. The good news is that you do both get a hit when you share. This is copied directly from US Airways.

    “If I share miles with another Dividend Miles member, will we both get a hit?

    Yes. When you share miles, they are moved from one account and into another. However, you can only earn a hit once, regardless of whether you give or receive miles. ”

    @Maury, I took the three hits via directly from the US Airways rules. They involve buying, sharing, and swapping for three distinct hits. The first two also list as an option to complete the hits (and I suspect that most people will go directly to US Airways for that hit). Sorry for any confusion!

  11. Thanks for all your work. Any info on how to get cheap hit on Wine Insiders and Vinesse without subscriptions? Nobody really seems to know.

    • @JM, since I think both of those stipulate you need to get a subscription, I’m not sure if there will be cheap hits. I bet that some people are trying with smaller purchases, so hopefully we will find out in a couple weeks if the system will count a smaller purchase instead of a subscription. If/when I find out, I will be sure to post about it. Thanks for reading!

  12. @Maury, in my example in the post I pointed out that “there are three different hits listed in the rules that can potentially involve (buying, sharing, and swapping), so pay attention to each one so that you earn all possible hits. For this one, I swapped other points into Dividend Miles.”

    The only one of those three options I have done thus far is swap other points into Divided miles. That earns a max of one hit – hit #14 in my case. I have not yet bought or shared miles. I am waiting on both in case there is some type of bonus/discounted fee that comes out later in the promotion. I was just listing the three possible options listed in the rules that involve – sorry for any confusion.

  13. I’m concerned about e-miles posting the miles earned. On 9/15 I bought the Food and Wine Mag, The Economist Mag and donated to the Alzheimers Assco. and should have received 475 e-miles but the miles didn’t post in my account or were they listed in my activity on the site; I did receive confirmation from the 3 organizations.

  14. You stated that you exchanged 4 AA miles for 1 US DM and then you went on about exchanging Asia miles. I don’t follow why you bothered with Asia miles since you already earned the hit with the AA exchange.

    • @JA, I didn’t actually do the Asia miles exchange myself. I just listed it as an option in case a reader doesn’t have AA miles.

  15. Thanks for the clarification regarding & the Biscoff link. Do you know if a minimum spend is needed for Sky Mall? The cheapest item I am finding with a quick search is around $3…

  16. An easy and cheap hit:

    Network Solutions

    Register a new domain name, decline extra services like privacy 
    and hosting, select 3 year registration, enter code SAVE70DAF in the shopping cart, and the price changes to $26.09 ($8.69/yr).

  17. I think there a software glich which affects SkyMall but benefits all of us. On September 21 I placed an order for 9v batteries, just like many of us did. On September 23 SkyMall sent me an e-mail notofying me that my order was canceled because they ran out of stock. As a result my credit card was not charged. On September 26 the mileage posted to my account. Thank you SkyMall programmers for the cheapest hit!!!!

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