The Most Delicious US Airways Grand Slam Hit Ever!

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This beautiful sight arrived in the mail today.

I had no clue that I would get that many cookies for $8.47 (plus shipping).  I also had no idea I would devour them as quickly as I have.  The Chocolate Mint Thins are freaking amazing.  Who knew that a purchase made for a hit could be so ridiculously delicious?  Thanks Grand Slam, now I need to spend 30 more minutes on the elliptical machine.  🙂

To score a Grand Slam hit and get a box of these delicious cookies for yourself:

  • Go here
  • Click on “Biscoff”
  • Enter your US Airways Dividend Miles number on the first page
  • Click on “Anna’s” on the top toolbar
  • Select “Anna’s Trial Size Assortment with Free Tin”
  • Place your order, wait a few days, and then devour the cookies.

Am I the only one who didn’t realize how fantastically delicious these cookies are?

In case you were curious, this post is in no way sponsored by Anna’s Cookies or Biscoff.  I got addicted all on my own………with the help of the Grand Slam!

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  1. I usually get them at IKEA. Can’t wait to get mine.

    Sadly, IKEA is discontinuing all brand name foods, and will start selling their own (??). I hope they just relabel them.

    Yes indeed, a delicious *HIT*

  2. Yes they sure were yummy. They arrived on Friday and were gone by Sunday. Now the Biscoff spread, I am seriously addicted to that stuff.

  3. I have been pondering the USAIR game. I can not tell you when I was last on a USAIR or partner flight. But I love points. All points. I know most are crazy enjoying the home run derby going on. But me thinks a blog post could be done for those like me. I will not be going for 28 or 36 hits. I will go for as many FREE as I can get and do the same thing next year and the year after as they seem to like this thing! Look at it this way, I will get 10k at a cost of 0.0034 cents per mile this way and so what if it takes a while to build them up.

    1 – mag for miles – free (had 1000 points on hand)
    2 – search bar – free
    3 – e-rewards – free
    4 – e-miles – free
    5 – 4aa to 1us – free
    6 – petsmart nail file $2.13 all in
    7 – coupon ($10 off) $1.75
    8 – Biscoffs with chocolate (love these) $ 29.95

    So all in cost $33.83 for 10k miles and I get cookies and a coupon for $10. I can be happy with this for this year. If I can find 4 or 8 more for under .005/mile I will move to next level. If not, I will wait for next year.

    I just think there are many ways to win this game and rookies should think about all the ways to play.

    THANKS! 🙂

  4. @CU, I don’t blame you for being excited. Yummmmmm

    @infamousdx, not a bad move. It’s too late for me, but save yourself!

    @Jorge, I hadn’t heard that about Ikea. Too bad – I loved all the goodies in their store.

    @Toula, thank goodness I didn’t get the spread. I’m sure I would have loved it as well.

    @HikerT, you are so right. I think I may have to bring what is left to work and share this “poison” with all my coworkers. 🙂

    @worldtraveller2, you are in for a treat!

    @Jenny, I agree with you. It is funny to know so many of us are waiting on/or enjoying the exact same orders.

    @deltaGOLDflyer, you read my mind. So far I have only been playing for me, but I am going to help play for my husband starting soon and he will only be doing the free or very inexpensive hits. I will be posting his version of the GS as we do it.

    @Marilyn, truer words were never spoken.

  5. Can you kindly explain how I can get HITS if I’m staying at hotels on points?

    I’m at the Intercontinental in Paris on the 28th, Holiday Inn Opera on the 29th and 30th, the Radisson Arc on 1st and 2nd and Radisson Amsterdam on the 3rd.

    Can I simply order the club lounge for $100 at the intercontinetal and get a hit? Dine and have breakfast at the Holiday Inn for another hit and so on? is there a minimum spend? Thanks so much.

  6. @DKAS, you are more than welcome!

    @Michael, there must be a 200 Dividend Miles earning minimum for each “stay”. How to attain that varies from hotel to hotel. I know that charging $100 to the room at a Starwood brand hotel should work as you earn 2 miles per dollar, but I am not sure about the exact details of how/if that would work at other hotels. At the very least, you would need to determine how many US Airways miles per dollar you are earning at that hotel and charge at least that amount to the room then credit the stay to US Airways. I was going to direct you to the hotel stay thread on Flyertalk, but looks like you already posted there as well! I hope you get some good info there – I’m afraid that trick won’t work anywhere other than a SPG hotel, but I hope I am wrong.

    @ikonos, I think that is just associated with the Shopping Portal hit.

  7. Mine came today too!!! I didn’t realize I was getting so many cookies either. They look yummy but I decide to put this $$ towards Christmas gifts if I can. So I put them aside to save for Christmas baskets. They will be perfect!
    I think I’m going to see if I can order anything on 1800flowers, FTD & Telefora which I could use for my Christmas baskets also. Just thought I’d share the idea for someone else who does baskets at the holidays.

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