Family-Style Trip Review Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa: Part 2

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Update: The contest has now ended.  Thanks so much for all your entries!  Check back on Monday 10/3 to see if you won!

I started my review of the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort in this post.  In the first post I described the lobby, the room, the Regency Club, and other amenities inside the hotel.  In this review I am going to get to the really good part, the outside activities and amenities.  Don’t get me wrong, the inside of the hotel was great, but the outside is what makes it spectacular.  Get ready for a photo overload – I want you to have a chance to see how awesome this resort is with your own eyes!

As I mentioned in my first post, this stay was in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, or otherwise known of by Hyatt (at least until after they found the first half of this two-part review).  The opinions are 100% my own.  The great news is that after finding my first review, I have emailed back and forth with the social media contact at this Hyatt, and they are sponsoring a great contest so that one Mommy Points reader can experience a night at this resort for free!  More details at the end of this post.

The Pool:

I’ll get straight to the good stuff and talk about their piece-de-resistance…the pool complex.  When we visited the resort last month, it was 108 degrees on an August summer afternoon.  Logically speaking, the only truly acceptable thing to do for any length of time outside on a day like that between the hours of about 10AM-6PM is go to the pool.    And so we did.  And did.  And did again.

When we were there the pool was definitely active, but it wasn’t over-crowded.  It probably helped that our visit was the weekend after school started for the area.  I have read that it can be busier earlier in the summer.  We had no trouble getting a seat for our stuff and finding some room to ourselves in the pool area.

They have a decent sized splash pad and very shallow pool for the toddler crowd.  The splash pad was made of a squishy bouncy material that would not hurt much if you fell on it.  Perfect toddler material.  It took C no time at all to conquer the shooting water!

After a few minutes at the splash pad, we went to the lazy river.  The water temperature was perfect – it was not too cold, but was a nice refreshing change from the crazy oppressive air temperature.  I loved that you didn’t have to pay extra to rent a tube.  You just waited until an empty one floated by and grabbed it.  It didn’t take more than 30 seconds for us to get two tubes.  C floated in my lap and we all had a great time.  Sorry, no pictures of the river as we were all too busy floating to take pictures.

After the lazy river, we went to The Slide.  Ooooohaaaaaah.  This was one of the highlights for C.  It was her first water slide.  They let parents go down holding their kiddos who aren’t tall/old enough to go on their own.  Some resorts don’t do this, so I was happy that this resort does.  We all had a fantastic time doing this repeatedly.  The wait was never more than about 5 minutes and it was so much fun.

After a few rounds on the slide we went to the beach portion of the pool.  Some families had some serious sand castle building going on here.  C was more interested in trying to fill the pool with sand than build a sand castle.  Maybe we’ll try the castles next time.

Next to the beach area is a zero entry pool section that is again perfect for the 3 feet tall crowd….or anyone for that matter.

Overall the pool complex was amazing.  There was an adults-only pool that we didn’t get to check out on this visit.  Even though it wasn’t for us this go-round, I am still happy when resorts have this option.  On trips where C isn’t with us, we like to have a little child-free refuge!  There is also a walk-up bar next to the pool that we also didn’t get to utilize on this trip.  The fruity drinks that I saw people enjoying looked magnificent.  Pool, I miss you already!

The Animals:

I can’t tell you how many times a day we sing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” or otherwise talk about animals in this house.  C is very well versed in her animals and what sounds they make, so she is thrilled when we get to see animals in person.  This resort is great about having scheduled activities every hour or so, and animals are a large part of many of those activities.  We took part in a mini-petting zoo with miniatures donkeys and baby alpacas.  In truth, it was really too hot to be out for this activity.  I think it was about 3PM and we were melting after about five minutes, but those were five happy minutes full of lots of animal petting (and chasing).

On the Sunday morning that we were there they also had a time where you could go meet a huge longhorn and horse.  What I loved about this was that it was held early enough in the morning that it was still under 100 degrees and it was located right outside the main lobby just mere steps from the air conditioning.  The kiddos got to take turns sitting on these truly massive creatures while parents acted crazy trying to get them to look at the camera and smile.  Yes, I was one of the crazy parents trying to get my toddler to look at me and smile while she was sitting on a 2200 pound animal.  She loved it!

Additional Outdoor Amenities:

There really are too many for me to list.  There are things we didn’t do like golf, tennis, basketball, disc golf, and bike riding.  The bike riding especially looked fantastic.  Just borrow a bike and go for a ride around the property.  That is absolutely on my list for a future trip.  We did get a chance to walk down to the Colorado River just before sunset.  It was pretty and peaceful.  And hot.  Especially for The Man, who played the role of donkey for Little C.  It was way too far for her to walk without some Daddy assistance.



We also spent some fun time at a playground that was right outside from our room.  I just love that this resort gives your family so many options of things to do, without making you feel like you are forced to do anything at all.  It’s just like it is all one big backyard for you to explore at your own pace.



Outdoor movie and s’mores:

At 8PM the resort sets up an outdoor movie screen and shows a kid’s movie.  The day we were there it was Monsters, Inc.  I really wanted C to see part of it, but she was just too tired to stay up any longer.  They provided blankets, and families played and gathered on the lawn while waiting for the movie to start.  I know this sounds insanely corny, but it felt like a magical way to end the day.  I look forward to when C can stay up a little later and we can watch a movie on the lawn.

They also had s’mores that were available right next to where the movie is shown from 7PM-9PM, so we did take full advantage of those before we headed inside for bath and bed.  Again, I love that there is no additional “nickel and diming” for things like s’mores.  Just take what you want and enjoy!  It was so cute watching kids debate the best way to properly cook a marshmellow.  You got to see kids just being kids without the distractions of video games, computers, or tv.

It was clearly bath-time after s’mores!

Traveling with a toddler or young child will never be easy, but this resort is so well done that it makes family travel almost feel easy.

So when are you and your family making a trip to Central Texas to check out this resort for yourselves??!!  I hope that my family is able to make a return visit next fall when it is still warm enough to take advantage of the pool, but not quite as hot as it is in late August!

Win a Free Night Away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa:

Once the Hyatt Lost Pines found the first half of my review, they were very excited to help a lucky Mommy Points’ reader experience the magic of this resort for themselves, for free!  You can tell from my reviews how much my family enjoyed this resort, so I am more than thrilled that one of you will get to do the same.  Here’s how it will work:

  • Answer two questions in the comments section of this post: 1.  Why do you need a day away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa? AND 2.  What activity or amenity do you most want to experience at this resort?  Check out their Facebook page for ideas!
  • Entries will be accepted from now until Friday 9/30/11 at 11:59PM CST.
  • The winner will be randomly selected from all eligible entries (real person, real email address, answer the two required questions listed above) by the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines.

The free night will be sent to the winner by the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa and will be valid for one year from receipt on a Monday – Thursday stay, subject to availability.  I was told that if you book with some decent advance notice, there isn’t usually a problem utilizing these types of certificates.  The only exception would be on a day that had extraordinarily high demand.  This is a great opportunity, but please only enter if you plan to actually use the night.  If you aren’t familiar with the area, Lost Pines is located very close to Austin, Texas, so it would be easy to add a night away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa if you are going to be in the Austin area.  It is also located within about 2.5 hours from Houston, and within an hour from San Antonio.

If you have been following the news about the Central Texas wildfires, this resort was very, very close to where some of the worst fires were.  While the resort was thankfully untouched, several of the employees lost their homes.  You can check out their Facebook page for information about ways to help.  Thousands have lost their homes in Texas, and we can use all the assistance, good vibes, rain, and prayers that we can get.   

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I’m sure posting all those pictures was extremely time consuming so thanks for taking the trouble. Your readers appreciate it 🙂

  2. We have visited this resort a couple of times with my whole family. It is amazing.

    1) one reason my family NEEDS a getaway to Lost Pines Resort and Spa is that we seemed to have gotten sucked into the daily hustle and bussle and need to take some time as a family and spend it with each other away from all the daily errands, chores, routines and work so we can spend some quality time together without the daily stressers that seem to suck the life out of us.

    2). Although we have enjoyed this resort and many of it’s aminities before we have not been able to share these fun activities with our sweet little boy. What a great experience watching movies on the lawn, making s’mores and getting to pet animals would be for him and us, as his happiness and life’s experiences are so fun to watch and share.

  3. 1. I need a day away for the family – my sister and her 2 kids. This looks like a great family resort.
    2. The activity I’m looking forward to most is movie and smores with my 3 year old nephew, Ben!

  4. I would need a a day there, actually more than a day, relax after any week of living with my 4 teenagers. It looks like my 3 year would enjoy the animals and pools. A nice massage would be the service I would use.

  5. Great review, MommyPoints!

    This will be my entry:

    1. My family never had the opportunity to have a vacation together since there was always something going on. It would be memorable to be with the family for the first time before I graduate college and go into the real world.

    2. I would look forward to biking around the property since there’s no other better way to explore an area than being on a bike. It’s something that everyone in the family will enjoy too since we all enjoy exploring areas.

  6. 1. Our family can use a trip to the area as me and my son took a memorable trip to the San Antonio years ago to visit the Schlitterbahn(sp?) water park and this time I want to bring the whole family to experience it. We will unwind at the resort for our final night (or two).

    2. Definitely the movies on the lawn as we all are movie snobs1

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. 1. I have never visited that area of Texas before, and now is the time.
    2. Can’t wait to try out the pool and water slide.

  8. 1. I need a night here because it is a place we have not been and I am determined to take my family to as many new places as possible.

    2. After all the pics and descriptions of the pool area, I would have to say we would most like to experience that. My kids are like two little fish.

  9. My husband and I are heading to Austin on vacation soon and this Hyatt sounds fantastic. I’m a nut for pools, love the idea of exploring the area on bikes, plus how great would it be to come back to the resort after a day site-seeing (& eating bbq) and head to the spa? We don’t have kids, but Lost Pines sounds right up our alley. Thanks for the write-up.

  10. 1) Our family needs a day at the wonderful Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort to get away from our regular lives filled with work and stress.
    2) I’m most looking forward to the waterslide! 🙂

  11. 1. Why do you need a day away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa? –> I want to be a kid again to enhance my childhood memory + release work presure!

    2. What activity or amenity do you most want to experience at this resort? –> pool with beach sand + zoo!

  12. 1. Would love to take my little sister as she is very active and would love the resort with its multitude of activities.
    2. I am sure we would enjoy the waterslide and bikeriding.

  13. 1. I need a day away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa with my 2 awesome kids. They deserve a nice vacation away where we can just have fun.
    2. We would most enjoy all of the water activities. The kids absolutely love any chance to swim and there were so many options. We would have a blast.

  14. 1. We often visit family in Houston, and sometimes want to get away from that family 🙂 What a great way to get away!
    2. The animals and outdoor movies would be great fun for our kids.

  15. Another great blog article from one of my fav blogs! I need a getaway because since the month of May I have experienced severe pain. My doctors tried various solutions until the reason was recently discovered…I have 5 bad discs in my neck. A surgeon will fuse together my neck to eliminate the pain on October 17 and after that I will be able to function again. Since May I have been operating on less than 1 hour of sleep at night so I need a getaway. As for the activities, I would enjoy the pool and the spa. Meanwhile, keep on writing your blog and I will keep on reading.

  16. I need a day away, because I’ve never been to the austin area, and, being a new yorker, I am drawn to the open air and expanse of this resort. Plus, if I won, I’d love to meet up with my friend, Mommy Points, and meet her adorable daughter there. what activity? pool, spa, running on the grounds, and sipping a few pina coladas at sunset.

  17. 1. Lost Pines has been on my check it out list for some time now and I’d love to see the Austin area as well
    2. Me – golf; the bride – the spa!

  18. 1. We live in San Antonio so this would be a wonderful short getaway for us. I had major foot surgery and have been on crutches for weeks! So come October 5th I should be able to walk!
    2. The activity I want to try is the swimming/slide! My son has been wanting to go swimming for weeks and I haven’t been able to take him. This would be awesome for our family!

  19. 1) My husband is in residency and could use some time away from the hospital…plus the money is tight while in training :-).
    2) We have a little girl about the age of little C and she would just love all the animals as well!

  20. 1. The facilities at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa seem to fit my needs and would help me escape from crazy busy nyc.
    2. I especially like to spend time with animals in the resort.

  21. 1. Austin has been on our destination list for a long while, and our daughter usually gets a bit cheated on our vacations. It would be nice to treat her for a change.
    2. Disk Golf for me, waterslides and petting zoo’s for the wife and daughter.

  22. 1. I would love to visit the resort later this year, as I am soon going to be recovering for several months from a major jaw and face surgery. It looks like just the place to get my energy level back! 🙂
    2. The pool would be my second home at the resort.

    Thank you!

  23. 1. We’re planning on visiting a friend that lives in Austin in the near future and this would be a nice side-trip for a couple nights
    2. The waterpark. Our ,now 13mth old daughter, absolutely loves to swim (with help of course) so I imagine by next Spring/Summer she would have a blast at a waterpark.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. We have heard from several people that this resort is amazing! We would love to try it for ourselves and find out!
    1. We would love to visit the Lost Pines resort for several reasons…my husband is in school and we don’t get to see him very much so it would be a great way for us to spend time together with our two young boys! Also, we have not ventured out too many times with our young kiddos and this sounds like a great first vacation for all 4 of us!
    2. I think my boys would love to visit the animals. Both of them love animals and really enjoy petting them. I know they would squeal with delight if they got to ride a horse!

  25. 1. Since its opening, this resort has become our favorite weekend getaway spot as a family, as a couple, and for a mother-daughter getaway. Next year, we will have an empty nest, so I would like to enjoy a family stay for perhaps our last time.
    2. We never have had an opportunity to use the spa, so that would be my activity of choice, along with the lazy river, of course!

  26. 1. Lost Pines is our favorite destination. Our kids loves Loves Pines. They are crazy about the firepit and smores. They always ask to spend the weekend in Lost Pines.

    2. SPA-River Experience

  27. 1. Like everyone else, we have had a stressful year. We could really use a getaway.
    2. I am a total sucker for a lazy river. You won’t be able to get me out of that thing!

  28. 1. My husband and I both own our own business and we love to get away anytime we can to recharge our batteries.
    2. The pool sounds amazing and I am sure will bring out the kids in us, and we would definitely take advantage of the spa to help recharge!

  29. We would love a free night to bring our kids to enjoy the fun at the resort. We spent our 13th anniversary weekend there in May and loved it. The kids (10 and 5) wanted to know every detail if the hotel and particularly the pool/lazy river. Our girls love to swim. But when I told my oldest they had horses, she has been bugging me to take them. She LOVES horses. So we would definitely spend time at the pool and would take them to go ride. We loved the resort because they understand hospitality!!!! Hope to win. 🙂

  30. 1. We need some good quality family time away from the everyday.
    2. The pool, animals pretty much everything they have to offer

  31. Would love to visit the Hyatt lost pines. Because I was do busy with work this summer I did not get a vacation with my daughter. We look forward to checking out the lazy river.

  32. 1. I need a day away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa to reconnect with my family and a beautiful natural setting with a great lazy river and smore pit for the whole family

    2. The activity I most want to experience is the floating down the lazy river with the family, sitting around the smore pit and looking at the stars, and walking on the hiking trails in the nature preserve.

  33. 1) My family needs a vacation. I haven’t had a day off in 6 months and this looks like the perfect getaway to breathe in some fresh Texas hill country air and just spend time with loved ones.

    2) I would love to try out the golf course at Lost Pines. Maybe try the links of the gorgeous 7,205 yard Wolfdancer course.

  34. 1.) The second I had our son I made a promise to give him the best life possible, and winning a free stay at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines would be a great start!
    2.) The amenity we would be the most excited about would be the petting zoo, our son loves animals.

  35. Our family would love to vacation at Hyatt Lost Pines! I’m a full-time student and a mom of three great kids, so we always need a relaxing getaway! I know that as much as my kids will love the lazy river, beach, and water slide, they will love the smores the most! There is nothing like a great campfire (contained nicely in a firepit!!!)!

  36. 1. My family needs a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The older I get, it seems the less time I have to be outdoors in general.
    2. I’m most looking forward to the lazy river. They are so relaxing!

  37. 1) My wife and I recently got married, but we have not had the time or the money for a honeymoon since we are both pursuing post-secondary education. I would love to spoil her with a stay at a beautiful resort and spa.
    2) As my wife and I met while doing crew in college, we love water sports. We would have a great time exploring the Colorado River by kayak!

  38. I NEED a trip to lost pines because it is so hot I need to cool down in the pool with a frosty adult beverage! I also want an excuse to put some money in the Bastrop economy after the fires. Other than the pool, the amenity I most look forward to us the s’mores. Yum!

  39. Haven’t been on vacation in 4 years really need a getaway. The pool looks awesome and spa sounds great! We will be celebrating our 28th anniversary in November,
    would love to surprise my hubby.

  40. 1. We haven’t taken a vacation as a family for some time now. It would be great for three generations to be able to spend some quality and relaxing time together.

    2. I know that the lazy river and waterslide will get the most attention during the stay.

  41. 1. We need a day away at the Hyatt because my 7 month old son was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Costello Syndrome. We have spent most of the past 7 months in and out of Dell Children’s Hospitals and at countless doctors appointments. My wife and I, both traveling over 100,000 air miles last year, have found our vacation travels come to a stop.

    2. Take Westin swimming in the pool, assuming it’s an overcast day because he cannot handle sunlight.

    PS: our son’s name is Westin but we are also hard core Hyatt fans. Hyatt just didn’t make a good boys name.

  42. 1. We need a great place for a vacation for our family of four, and it’s so hard to find a place that really caters to smaller children (that isn’t Disney). We travel to the San Antonio area about once a year, so we would absolutely make use of the stay!
    2. I can just see myself floating down the lazy river with my 2yo son or DH sliding down the waterslide with my 4yo daughter.

  43. I would like to treat my husband to a day at the Hyatt because he works so hard keeping our highways safe. He worked many additional hours during the Bastrop wildfire and I would find it a blessing to win a day to break away from the monotony and enjoy a nice relaxing massage. Thank you for the opportunity to share this request.

  44. We need a stay at the lost pines so we can enjoy being a family for a night away that will feel like a week. My husband travels as head of security for a family in Dallas and as great as that may sound it takes him away from myself and our two young daughters 70% percent of the year. We treasure any and all time we get together as a family and make they most of it. We appreciate eachother that much more knowing their dad isn’t around every weekend and works that hard so they can have a better
    life. So a night at the Lost pines would be a night in our own world somewhere really special
    I dont deserve it but my kids do 😉
    The activity we look most forward to would be movies under the stars, blankets , pillows, popcorn and the warmth of the four of us laying there together.

  45. Will be in Austin for the Fire Benefit Concert, and this would be a great place to stay – – – with as hot as it’s been this summer in Texas, anywhere with a pool would be reason enough to go. I’d probably hit the golf course and then the pool, and whomever winds up going with me would be at the spa . . .

  46. 1. Why do you need a day away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa?
    If I win this, my Mother would be the one most deserving to go. I had to cancel my reservation last week for a stay at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad, San Diego due to an unforeseen interruption. The intended stay was a surprise to celebrate my Mother’s birthday and all that she has done for me during my ailment and also for what I had put her through both emotionally and physically this past 12 months; at worst, I was reduced to 84 pounds. She loves the outdoor so I know this would be a far nicer trip compared to all those hospital visits. Currently I’m in between surgeries recuperating, but I wouldn’t mind spending time in the outdoors accompanying her as well.

    2. What activity or amenity do you most want to experience at this resort?
    This Hyatt offers plenty of outdoors activities; it’s not easy to choose what to do during a one day stay. Off the top of my head, I would want to enjoy kayaking on the Colorado River, but since it’s near winter season, horseback riding at their Renegade Trailhead is a plan as well. I know she would also reserve time for the steam room or Jacuzzi. When I was living in Colorado, we would often head to the underground steam cave in Glennwood Springs; she loved every minute of that. Whatever our fancies turn out to be at Lost Pines will be unforgettable…. that’s for sure.

  47. 1. I need a day away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa for my wife and twins.
    2. We would love to experience the movie and smores.

  48. 1. Me and my fiance need a small weekend getaway we are both going through residency working long hours at the hospital and attempting to plan our wedding at the same time. A weekend getaway is definitely needed!
    2. Kayak the Colorado sounds like a nice relaxing activity both of us would enjoy.

  49. I have family who stayed here and loved it! I have always wanted to go experience it for myself.
    1.) I would love to win a getaway at this resort to spend some family time with my husband and my daughter. I was absolutely love to travel but it is harder to do with a little one. I have been trying to find fun places in Texas to visit and this resort was actually on the top of my list. I hope that my daughter enjoys traveling as much as I do and I would love to share this experience with her.

    2. I would love to experience all the water activities. My family loves the water and my daughter developed a love for water at a very early age.

    Thanks for all of the great travel info and tips/advice!

  50. After nineteen years of marriage and being blessed with six children, my husband and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a 24-hour getaway!
    The activity we would most enjoy is something very simple…time alone. Time to finish sentences, time to go potty alone, time to sleep without interruption and time to sit by the river, holding hands and just being with one another.
    After all these years, we are still deeply in love. It would be a time of renewal and refreshment before
    returning to our first priority, our children.
    Thank you for offering us all a chance to stay at your resort. It is a very generous gift!

  51. 1. We will be in Austin for a wedding next sprig – perfect time to check it out!

    2. I would be pretty excited to go horseback riding or biking. Husband would be excited about the club…. 🙂

  52. 1. My lovely wife works so hard at home while I travel for work. SHE needs this trip.
    2. My wife calls my children “pool rats”, what else would they want to do?

  53. 1. The pursuit of PhD has made me really exhausted, my body and mind needs a rest to fuel me up.
    2. It would be great if the hotel can provide free kindle for guest to use during the stay

  54. 1. I and my fiancee would love to have a day away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa.

    2. My fiancee is really excited about the spa django.

  55. 1. We need a family weekend getaway, because we need a weekend to slow way down from our hectic daily pace and to spend time with just the four of us.
    2. I’d love to do the movies and s’mores and watch my little girl try s’mores for the first time.

  56. 1. I’m ready to get my wife and I out of the house/state. Our last vacation was a disaster due to car problems.
    2. I think I could talk my wife into the pool, although she might prefer the movie and s’mores bit.

  57. I need a day at this resort because I have been working 12 hours a day for the last 2 weeks, with a couple more weeks to go! I would love to use the spa for a nice, relaxing couples massage.

    Keep up the great work on your blog!

  58. I would love a chance to Hyatt Regency Lost Pines R & S, as like the other entries, I would love to experience the property and could really use a break from my reality of “Mom, Mommy, Ma”. I am a mommy of two, and work in an elementary nurse’s office in NYC. Whomever wins, enjoy it ! You surely deserve a break, even if just for a day 🙂 If I win, it’s off to the spa ! 🙂

  59. 1. I can’t stand my in-laws, so when we visit, I’d rather not have to stay with any of them.
    2. My 2 y.o. would love the petting zoo and water park features, and I would love to see her enjoy them.

  60. 1. My mom and dad will visit the States sometime next year, I really want to take them there to have a sweet stay.
    2. Mom and dad would love to have international channels and magazines.

  61. It would be a great escape from DFW after just having our second kid. Our oldest would spend the entire day at the splash pad and waterslide!

  62. 1.My wife just gave birth to our third child. With the newborn, a 15 month old and a 4 year old boy we need to get away as a family and enjoy some quality time together.
    2. My kids love swimming but we dont have a pool, and all they get is the bath tub:)
    I could take all the kids swimming and let my wife get a few good hours of R&R

  63. 1. I am a minister in the area of East Texas also affected by the recent fires….many church members evacuated and sustained property loss. No days off since early August, a night away would be a Godsend. 2. I’d enjoy time to just sit and visit with my beautiful wife of 37 years.

  64. 1. We need a family getaway because our beloved chihuahua just passed away and the kids are a bit of a wreck.
    2. Definitely would enjoy the smores. My son and daughter are both smore fanatis…and I am too.

  65. 1. We are expecting our first child soon so a weekend away before the new one would be great!
    2. Kayak or horse back riding sounds great, but soon to be mommy may need to ride side saddle!

  66. This is an awesome review, Mommy Points 🙂

    1.) I have been promising my really close friend for the past three years that I will come visit him in Austin, well since then he has been married and now even has a baby and I still haven’t been able to go to Austin and seen my close friend. Life will never stay still and I don’t want it to pass by and winning this free night will be a perfect excuse to make this meeting happen.

    2.) Will look forward to having him over and chillin’ in the awesome pool and reminiscing good ol’ times over a few drinks and maybe going on a bike ride as we used to when we were kids.

    Thanks for this opportunity to share and participate.

  67. 1. I need a day away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort because there’s no better place to relax at after hitting up Stubbs BBQ.

    2. I would love to experience animals with my kids

  68. For my submission:
    1. My wife and I are celebrating our first year anniversary in October and we first began collecting points to try to travel and see the world while we are young. Although we both went to school in Austin we have never been to Lost Pines and a night here for our anniversary would be amazing!
    2. Hands down, the activity we would need to do is horse back riding. As a native Texan, my wife has never been and that’s just blasphemous!

  69. with all the stress and worries of working with the Stock Market and Wall Street, I sure could use a massage at the Lost Pines spa

  70. We need it because we had our son 11 months ago (first child) and have not done anything other than dote on him since. We would simply enjoy the pools with our boy!

  71. 1. an additional night after the annual ACL music festival to recuperate before heading back onto the road for work (300+day/yr)
    2. full-service spa

  72. 1. For a babymoon–we’re expecting our first child!
    2. The GPS scavenger hunt sounds fun. Relaxing by the pool also sounds amazing!

  73. 1. With two young kids and living in Aggieland, this resort would be the perfect weekend getaway!

    2. My children will love “mini-petting zoo.”


  74. 1. My family consist of a preschooler and a toddler (both girls) who loves to be active. But they don’t like the same things, one loves water the other animals. Going here will brings smiles to them which will result in caring for them easily which means I can spend quality time with hubby.
    2. The pools.

  75. 1) We need a family getaway it would be great to have a family getaway!
    2) My 11 month year old boy and us would love the mini-petting zoo or any other activities with animals. He especially loves animals. Too bad mom and I are not pet people…

  76. 1. City life has been getting to me and I need a day to reconnect with nature and relax.

    2. Looking forward to rafting/kayaking down the Colorado River!

  77. Just found your blog on Boarding Area and love the concept!

    I can’t say that I am MORE deserving of a trip away than anyone else, but the reason why I might be slightly deserving is because for the past few months I have been giving a lot of time to help out friends and family and need some time to recharge and get some perspective. I also spend a lot of time with my Little Sister (Big Sister/Little Sister program and would love to bring her along.

    As for activity I am so interested in at the Resort: I just started taking tennis lessons in April and am loving learning it! I have never played a sport before, but tennis is so much fun! And I have never had a chance to play it at a hotel, so would love to be able to bring my racket during a trip. And who doesn’t love movies??

  78. Looks fantastic! (1) We’re coming to Austin for a wedding this winter and would love a reason to see something special. Not just the “fly in, go to wedding, fly out” syndrome. (Especially true when dragging a 2-year-old on a 4-hour plane flight!) and (2) Our girl is crazy about both water and animals … but Mama wants a spa visit!

  79. 1) my 2 and half year old son will be happy for my family of 3 to take our first vacation together
    2) she would love the petting zoo and learning all the different animals

  80. I need a day away at the Hyatt to spend some quality time with my wife, away from our busy schedules.

    And the thing I would most love to do at the resort, is just get some bikes and spend time exploring together with her.

  81. I need a day away to relax from my work schedule.

    I would most look forward to spending some time in the outdoors with the animals. Looks like a unique resort.

  82. I need a night at the Lost Pines because I was there once by myself last year but it was sold out when I was in Austin on Labour Day with my wife and two-year-old. We stayed at the Summerfield Suites instead…

    The thing I’d like to do most is sit by the fire with my family and have some s’mores, with a close second being tucking into a buffet BBQ dinner…

  83. 1. We’d love to go to Lost Pines with our 1 year old for a mini family getaway. It looks so toddler-friendly and we’ve always wanted to go to Austin, so we could combine the two.
    2. I think we’d most look forward to using the splash pad, but the petting zoo looks like a lot of fun too!

  84. Thanks for the review. It is hard to pass up on a chance at a free night but after reading some of the other entries, I think some of them sound more exhausted than me and could use the getaway more!

  85. 1. I went to school in Dallas and ended up living there for years. I went to Austin many times, and love it there. I’m planning on going back to visit friends that live in Austin so this would be a great side-trip.
    2. The pool!

  86. If I’m chosen, I’ll surprise my wife with a “lets act like kids” get-away. This hotel is going to be on my short list, one way or anther. Thanks for the write-up.

  87. 1. Having stayed at the resort for a conference, I am eager to return for some R&R!

    2. I’d definitely do the kayaking again

  88. 1. Why do you need a day away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa?
    I’d be going out to that area to visit family, and well, I need a relaxing place to retreat to afterwards!
    2. What activity or amenity do you most want to experience at this resort?
    Two things, definitely looking forward to a relaxing hike followed by relaxing spa treatments to sooth the muscles afterwards.

  89. I would give the stay to my friend and colleague, TJ, who along with his wife and family lost their home and possessions in the Central Texas Wildfires. I would hope they could all enjoy the resort’s pools to escape the heat and what they are all going through now.

  90. I would take my two sisters for a little relaxation since both of them have recently lost their jobs after being in the banking industry for almost 20yrs. We would definitely enjoy the bike paths, lazy river, pool and ooooh the Spa.

  91. I would love to win this. My husband and I just moved to this area and would love to have a night off from the stress of moving. We’d both love to use the lazy river.

  92. 1. Could use this because I’d love to get back to Austin; been too long.

    2. If the weather is right, I’d most enjoy the swimming.

  93. 1) Work has been crazy lately and I haven’t seen my girlfriend in a couple weeks. This would motivate us to take a vacation and relax.

    2) Smores by the fire on a cool evening.

  94. 1-I am a medical resident and dont have much time off and dont make much money. This would allow me to take a much needed vacation!

    2-The pools look great!

  95. You didn’t make any mention of the spa, but I’m a spa whore, so I’d be all about spending all of my time there. Before or after that, the pool slide looks like a hoot. 🙂

  96. 1. We need a day away to reconnect as a family. With all the kids after school activities we are all coming and going at different times!

    2. The activity we would like to experience is the lazy river!

  97. 1. Life’s busy and that’s normal. We all need a break. But when life exhausts you to the point that you end up with a fever? Well, then you’re in dire need of some R&R. That happened to me and definitely need some time away from work. Additionally, my boyfriend is looking to relocate us to Austin so this trip would act as a dual mission to perform some reconnaissance work and check out the city.
    2. Most experience? I love the outdoors and love the hiking and kayaking activities this place has to offer. Coming from Chicago, chances to kayak are rare. Also, need the spa!

  98. 1. My husband and I have an anniversary coming up, and we have never been to Austin to visit. We could relax (maybe without the kids 🙂 and explore a new place!
    2. We love to swim, and the pool area looks amazing!

  99. 1) Would be great to get away after a long summer not traveling anywhere really great; the family ahs never been to Austin and it would be great to see the resort and city
    2) water and water (LAZY RIVER!); the pool and kayaking would be super fun for the two little ones, and two big adults!

  100. 1. I frequently travel to Austin with my family of 4 to visit my in-laws. It would be great to experience a resort such as this while in the area.
    2. The lazy river and slide – kids would love it!

  101. 1. I will be visiting Austin soon to help start a local co-operative and would love to bring my family along for a little R&R.

    2. Coming from the great white north, an outdoor movie on the lawn would be great!

  102. Thank you mommy points!

    1) Everyone needs a little time off from work. My company will be asking employees to take mandatory vacation without pay again this year, so the free day will come in handy to relax and not worry about paying for a hotel night.
    2) I would like to take my little cousin that is 2. He loves animals and would enjoy it very much!

  103. 1. To give to a young professor at UT Austin who has just moved to Austin with his pregnant wife and young son and who are much in need of a big, Texas welcome!

    2. I think they would love the animals!

  104. 1. I would like to visit the resort with my family to verify all the stuff you wrote about.
    2. I would like to float on the their lazy river to just simply relax!

  105. 1) I am a newly hired road warrior. It’s been quite a change for my family. We’ve been living on a serious budget while I was looking for a job so, we didn’t get to do anything as a family for the summer. I would love to bless them with a night away, not only to make up for the summer, but to have some quality family time before flying out again on Monday. They have been very supportive of my new job, and it would be great to reward them.
    2) We love hanging out together a floating down the lazy river with arms or legs interlinked would be fun!

  106. 1. Why do you need a day away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa? — We have 3 little boys, ages 4 and under. Need I say more? 🙂

    2. What activity or amenity do you most want to experience at this resort? — The spa. Sounds perfect!

  107. 1. I’m planning to visit Austin in the next year and would love to check out the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines
    2. A long hike and a dip in the pool!

  108. 1. Being from Houston this would be a great escape from the life of the city. The only time I have been to Austin was for a football game and would love to experience something other than sports in that area.

    2. Would love to see the animals and hike outdoors!

  109. Hiya,
    Just clicked over from the Boarding Area.
    1. I’ve never been to Texas, neither have my two young daughters (7 and 10). Austin sounds like a nice college town, so a luxe hotel stay for Mom&Dad and a safe place to explore for the kids sounds like a vacation winner.
    2.Oh the pool definitely. I can hear them shrieking as I type:)
    Thanks for reading.

  110. 1- My wife and I were married in Austin last year (her parents live in the area), and we’ve been wanting to take a trip back for a long weekend to enjoy the Austin area.
    2- Relaxing by the fire pit at night next to the gorgeous trees and under the bright stars.

  111. 1)Family time is precious! A weekend with them in Austin at a Hyatt Resort would be a golden memory for a lifetime.
    2)Four of us on a blanket like bugs in a rug watching films under the stars.

  112. It’s because we live in Austin that a night at the Lost Pines resort & spa would be so nice – the ability to get away for a night without the hassle of travel up front or coming home. Pure relaxation.

    To that end, we’d use the spa facilities – enjoy a good massage and steam, followed by a day in the pool. Again, pure relaxation!

  113. 1. I don’t need time away, but my family does. It would be awesome to share this experience with them.

    2. The pool looks awesome. I hope it’s still warm.

  114. I come to Texas twice yearly to see relatives so I would love to 1) stay here instead! Looks like a super fun place to hang out for a few days and 2) I’d love to ride horses IF it was not a gaziillion degrees out – if so then I am just going to float 🙂

  115. 1. I love to visit Austin area. Free hotel night would provide me the fantastic opportunity to enjoy my 5 year anniversary in lost pine
    2. definitely spa for my wife and water slide for my son

    Thank you.

  116. 1. I started a new job a few months and due to the uncertain economic times, I decided not to risk taking any days off yet. Winning this free stay would give me the excuse to go to Austin, a city that I always wanted to go to.

    2. I want to try the spa. Definitely need a little pampering.

  117. 1. This has been a very hot September in Austin. My Austin friends have been complaining non-stop about the temps. The Hyatt Regency water options will be a welcome respite at the end of a day of exploring the city. 2. The Slide, of course!

  118. 1. My family lives in Austin and I only get to go through and visit once or twice a year, so a night at the Lost Pines would be a great excuse to get everyone out of town for a night to hang out somewhere cool.

    2. Knowing my little sister… swimming pool and slide all the way. She might be distracted briefly by all the animals, but then it will be a run straight back to the water.

  119. 1. My aunt live in Austin and this is a great place for me to stay and visit her family.
    2. I would like to stay in the animal and pool area.

  120. 1. Working 60-70 hours weeks is absolutely killer and short getaways are essential to survival.
    2. Laying by the pool and a massage would be perfect.

  121. This hotel does indeed look fantastic for families! Would love to visit.
    1. Because being a mommy of 2 babies is exhausting but the best. A hotel like this is a great adventure but also provides rest for the family. Quite a treat.
    2. That pool looks like where I want to be. Forever! But I bet my toddler would love the slide and animals the most. How fun!

  122. A complimentary stay at the Lost Pines ! U Gotta be in it to win it ! My family and I would love to go, as it would be a first (Texas trip) for us… Good luck to you all !

  123. Would love to have time with the four Kids playing in the pools and slides. They would love it. When they have fun we are able to relax.
    It would he great for all of us to relax and play. And
    Seeing the animals would be funfor all of us to. So that is the reasons why need it is to play as a family.

  124. 1) My wife and I moved about 1000 miles to a new city around a month and a half ago. It has been non-stop crazy ever since then and would love a beautiful getaway.
    2) As for what we would like to do, a couples massage in their spa would be awesome.

  125. 1. I want to take my mom on a well-deserved respite from work and this resort would give her the perfect chance to simply get away from the stress!

    2. I’d love to check out the pool!

  126. 1) my wife is in the middle of a very stressful projects so the break would do wonders for her. Any time she’s able to step back for a few days it makes a great difference in her ability to stay focused on meeting the objectives of the project.

    2) likely the bicycling though anything outside which involves being active such as going hiking always jump to the top of the list.

  127. 1) I have three little kids, ages 5, 3, and 2. I’m with them all the time, and with this free night, my husband would agree to take over and let me go on a quick getaway!
    2) Spa, spa, and more spa. I need a massage every day I’m there!

    Thanks for the contest.

  128. 1) After living in Austin and working outside all summer with almost every day over 100 a spa day with my wife would be great!
    2)the Pool!

  129. Hey, we heading that way this Fall. Would be nice to be able to enjoy some quality time with my wife in a nice place like that after a tough year.

  130. 1. Would love to treat my husband. For the last 3 months he has been caring for his elderly mother who is recovering from back surgery and numerous complications associated with it.
    2.Relaxing by the pool and using the spa.

  131. 1.Why do you need a day away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa?
    I’m glad you asked, b/c I will tell YOU why I NEED a day at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort. 1st reason is b/c my 4 & 5 year old, by the way(call this heaven of a place-“The place where we go eat”-b/c they LOVE the kids buffet @ the Firewheel Cafe & appreciate that the cooks give them raspberries (2 or more bowls)to put on thier little 10 fingers & eat them.-SORRY-that was background-Reason #1-b/c they ask me all day every day-“Can we go the place where we go eat?””Mommy, when are we going to the place where we go eat?”
    I want this -b/c I want to take the kids to the place where we go eat-for goodness sakes!!!! 🙂
    Reason #2- My husband & I have a birthday in Oct. His the 7th & mine the 8th-what a special b-day this would be to unwind and spend a day at the place we absolutely LOVE!!!!! It would be a great suprise present!!!
    Reason #3-I need to relax!!!!!! 🙂
    2.What activity or amenity do you most want to experience at this resort? Check out their Facebook page for ideas!
    If I win this, I want to KAYAK & HORSEBACK RIDE.
    Kayak-b/c every time I come-it’s rained or cancelled -so, I have never done this-and I want to soooooo bad!
    Horseback-b/c I have never been-I always-always let the children do first!!!

  132. 1) I neeed a rest from caring for my elderly mother who just had her second knee replacement surgery.
    2) Would love to check out the pool and spa!

  133. I have an autoimmune disorder than effects my joint which cause periods of great pain. A couple of things that really help are massage and water.
    I work at a middle school which has experienced many changes this year and we are off to a stressful start which doesn’t help my conditon.
    We will ge heading to Austin over spring break to visit our daughter and I would be most happy simply floating weightlessly in the pool and hot tub as well as the lazy river float.
    My idea of heaven!

  134. 1. The last few times I’ve visited Texas this year, the temperatures were over 105 degrees every day! So I would love to come back with everything wasn’t melting.

    2. The pool and the spa! Now that the pool isn’t boiling.



  135. 1) My husband and I really need a day away at the lost pines resort! We have been looking into it for awhile, since we live in Austin and it’s not a far drive, but we have not been able to save up enough money to go yet. We both could use a break from our hectic work schedules.
    2) We most look forward to relaxing at the pool, and going to the spa, so we can rejuvenate!

  136. 1. My wife and I are both inner city school teachers
    who are in desperate need of rest and relaxation.
    It is only the start of the school year.

    2. We would both hit the spa and get his and hers

  137. 1. This would actually be for my gf who is a single mom with 2 kids (7, 11). She works full-time and definitely needs some R&R! I, of course, would “tag along” and make it more than just a day-trip!
    2. I would probably like most the outdoor movie and the smores!

  138. My wife and I hvae never been to the hill country of TX but have always wanted to go. Thanks for putting on this contest.
    1) I don’t need the time away but my wife does as she is going through the brain damage of starting up a new business
    2) I’d love for my wife to have a “spa day” at the resort

  139. 1) I need to get away from work for a vacation!
    2) I would love a day at the spa as I’m way too practical to ever treat myself to that sort of thing!

  140. 1)My hubby and I would love to get away. We have not gone out of town or been alone in a LONG time. It would be amazing to not have to travel to far to have a great time.
    2)Um, adults drinks in said pool area would be heavenly!

  141. We need a day away there because my three year old daughter asks several mornings every week if we can go back to Lost Pines today. She loves it there as does the rest of the family. Our favorite part is going to s’mores at the fire pit and then going for an evening walk and listening to all the night sounds and watching for owls, bats, and other wildlife.

  142. We would love to get away. My husband has been battling a
    physical problem since May and hopefully it will be corrected in October so we can travel again. For the last 5 months he has been limited to short driving trips only. We would love the spa, the trails, and the pool. Thanks!

  143. I need a day away because on Wednesday, I thought it was Saturday! We would love to try the slide and lazy river! Although we have visited the resort before, it was in winter and too cold to swim, so we never got a chance to enjoy this.

  144. 1. Why do I deserve it? Honestly, we are all in the same boat! I am willing to bet we are all hardworking, loving moms who give all we got no matter each individual situation…married, single, stay at home, working moms…etc. I love taking lil get aways to this Hyatt when time and money allows and would extremely value a complimentary night!
    2. To pick one amenity is rough! From the animals, nature, amazing pool and most importantly the nicest, most caring staff…all bring the biggest smile to my little girls face…and mine and husband’s for that matter! But to pick one…the pool/lazy river.

  145. (1) I’m surprised I never found this when we lived there… used to go to one of the places in San Antonio for short vacations (but of course that gave us Seaworld also!) We’d use this during a family visit back to Austin… looks like the prefect place to decompress after visiting with family. 🙂

    (2) Lazy river, lazy river, lazy river, lazy river !!!!
    Also, the zero-depth pool area since our toddlers are just learning to love the water and that makes it much easier to give them pool time.

  146. (1) I work with kids at a community center all day. I could use the rest and relaxation to recharge my batteries.
    (2) When we take the kids to the water park, I am never able to relax in the lazy river. I would spend a good portion of the weekend actually relaxing in the beautiful lazy river!

  147. 1. I’ve worked hard the last few months and could really use a night at Lost Pines with the family!
    2. The lawn area with the firepits and beautiful pecan trees.

  148. 1) After taking care of my young son who has recently beat cancer, we would LOVE to have a night away to enjoy all of the wonderful amenities you have to offer. We need a break and we’re never dissapointed when we go there. It’s like our 2nd home!

    2) Can’t just pick one thing! But…if I HAD to it would be the Lazy River. Who doesn’t have fun floating down with a fruity drink in hand?

  149. There are a ton of reasons, but mostly my daughter and I have not seen my parents in a while. I would love to get away for a night and have them join us as a treat. We would most enjoy the lazy river, and the spa of course!

  150. 1) Visiting my sister(she’s 15 years younger than me) in Texas for a fun sibling weekend.

    2) Definitely will check out the pool/lazy river.

  151. My husband and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary next June. We never had time for a real honeymoon when we married–finishing college came first.

    We have stayed at Lost Pines with our families before and have loved it! A trip there on our 50th would make it complete.

  152. Great review!
    1) I work at Silver Pines in Bastrop and evacuating all the residents because of the wildfires made this a very stressful month!! I could really use a night to just relax.
    2) The spa!! A massage and facial sound amazing right now. And horseback riding! And cooking s’mores! And happy hour at Shellers! The list goes on… 🙂

  153. 1. My wife and I run a large farm and we never get to get away. It would be nice to take her to something special.

    2. My wife has never been to a spa and I think she would really like it

  154. My wife is actually the one who deserves the day because she gives so much of herself for our kids.

    I would love to go for a horseback ride with her. That would be first on the list.

    Prayers to everyone in Bastrop who was affected by the fires.

  155. I’d like to stay at the Hyatt to visit my brother and family in Austin. I love checking into a hotel and becoming a slug for two days in a hotel.

  156. I need a stay at Hyatt Lost Pines because I am STRESSED!
    Too much to do at work, and both cars had to be repaired from wrecks, our house flooded, and then my car broke down when I went to the mall to “relax”!

    What I love to do at the Hyatt? I love to eat at Stories restaurant and sit by the window to peer out at the balcony and grounds below. I like sitting by the big fireplace when it’s cold outside. And I like toasting s’mores by the firepit! (also walking underneath the stars!)

    A very relaxing and fun place!

  157. 1. Why do you need a day away at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa?
    I need a romantic getaway with the love of my life 🙂

    2. What activity or amenity do you most want to experience at this resort?
    smores, horseback riding, bike riding, the options are endless!!

  158. I need a day away at the lovely Hyatt Lost Pines because I’ve been working full time as a student, mother, and wife for almost 4 years and finally graduate next week. A trip to Hyatt Lost Pines will be the perfect R&R I need before entering the “real world” workforce. I have been lucky enough to partake in the fabulousness of Hyatt Lost Pines a couple of times, but my mother has not had a vacation in 2 years because she is raising my nieces and nephews. If I win a stay at Hyatt Lost Pines, I’ll take my mother for her 61st birthday in October and a much needed/deserved mini-vacation.

    Relaxing by the pool and some pampering at the spa are a must, but I look forward to the smores and movie on the lawn the most. I know my mother will enjoy it as much as I do.

  159. My wife could really use a night away from town after all the gar work and medical stuff we have been dealing with. She would love to try out the spa treatment to finally get a chance to relax.
    What do doctors know? A great time relaxing can do wonders at healing!

  160. 1. My birthday is coming, I really want a day away from endless housework.
    2. Definitely, sitting on the lawn and enjoying a movie.

  161. 1. I need this trip like the desert needs the rain. car is broken down b/c husband accidentally backed out of the garage with the door open and ripped the door off… have a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 month old and a husband who all need to get away. we need a break from the grind!
    2. i would love to sit by the fire pit and roast smors and watch an outdoor movie.
    hyatt lost pines is amazing and i would LOVE a night there with my family. we live in austin and could just hop right over!

  162. I would love a stay at Lost Pines because with 3 teenagers and so many tasks to do, we don’t take time for actual FUN as a family. We would all like the lazy river and seeing the Longhorn because my daughter never did pay attention much in that TX History class.

  163. We have had the pleasure of staying there once with the family and once for a romantic getaway. Unfortunately, that was a year ago. Since then, my husband and I have been working multiple jobs with few breaks, much less, a vacation. My poor children have threatened MUTINY if we don’t get in some family time soon.
    I personally just enjoy circling the lazy river late in the afternoon until I turn into a prune, but would LOVE to experience Spa Django!

  164. 1. I need a stay at this wonderful place because I want to experience the calming effect of it that so many people have talked about…. and I need it.
    2. I would immediately get one of their bicycles for getting around as much as possible to experience the place.

  165. Why do we fall into the Deserving category? Snow and cold- we were stationed in Texas for two years and miss the mild winters! (We are now in MN)

    Most of all, other than being in the Austin/Hill Country area, I would love to have my kids experience the long horn cattle and horse encounter; cheesy as it may sound, I was raised around dairy herds, but the only time my kids get to see cattle is at the State Fair.

  166. My sister lives alone in San Antonio and I am far away in Washington state. She is a teacher and has to work 2 jobs just to stay afloat financially. It would be amazing to be able to give her this as a surprise!

    I’m sure just relaxing by the pool and taking advantage of the spa would be two of her favorite things!

    Thank you for offering this!

  167. I would love a night/ day at the Hyatt Lost Pines is for the atmosphere there! You feel as though you are in a world of your own that The Lord put out of all the hussel and bussel of the hectic City life ! It let you think in a slow serene way you can not in your town or regular everyday fast pace life!
    I’ve hada life changing experience , you see I am a 12 year Breast Cancer Survivor , and I am only 56 yrs old. I am thankful for everyday I have been given ! I won’t say it doesn’t scare me sometimes, because I lost my Mother , who was my Best Friend at the agog 57 yrs old from Cancer !! And there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of Her! I know she would love a day at your Resort !! She was simple and for her to just sit anywhere there she would be happy , specially if she had her Family 3 Daughters and families , 4 Granchildren ad 2 Greatgrandchildren I can see her sitting outside watching the evening movies w the kids and laughing.

    The Greatgrandchildren are a Boy 7 yrs and a Girl 21 months old. Cody and Kaelynwould be her reason to go on and bring them to your Resort. I did take Cdy last summer and I thought we were going to either sleep on the water slide or on the lazy River!!!

    I would bring them both w me , I had a hand in helping to raise their Mother ! My Sister Eva was a single Mother and a Great one ,her daughter Yvonne is a a great mother, harsher masters in Elementary Education in the Gifted and Talented . They all have been my life, I do have a a wonderful Son , Scott but he is not married. He issomekind of young man!! He is 34 yrs old , but 12 yrs ago when I was going thru my Cancer he took off a Semester of College to care for me , so my Husband Phil ( he had a traveling job) he’s an Aggie Poultry Science major!! I am so blessed from The Lord for having a family beginning myHusband Phil, of 38 yrs ofMarriage,my Son Scott,my Sister Eva,, her daughter Yvonne and her family!!!!
    I would love to use this and book another room for all to just go celebrate our wonderful Life and do a remembrance of our Mother “Vernell” who gave us all this and more !!!!!!
    Thank you so much for being a wonderful place. To make memories and want to go back each year!

    By the way your Staff is so unbelievable ! I just cam home from Lost Pine this past week w 2 of my Best Friends !!

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