250 Hyatt Gold Passport Points Tip + Hyatt Regency San Antonio Trip Review

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The Man and I snuck away for the weekend to San Antonio to celebrate our anniversary.  Hallelujah for grandparents watching Baby C!  We spent the first night of our getaway at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio.  We had stayed there once before, and love the location as the hotel is literally right on the Riverwalk.  In fact, you can see some of the Riverwalk in the hotel lobby (see photo below taken from the hotel lobby)!  The hotel is also just a couple short blocks from the Alamo and other popular San Antonio destinations.  Though honestly, what I was most looking forward to on this trip was a chance to rest and get sleep.  I am still catching up on my sleep debt from all the excitement from SMD3!

This stay was in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, or known of by Hyatt.  All of the opinions in this review are 100% mine. 

The Room:

I was pretty excited to enjoy my first Hyatt hotel stay with my newly-minted Hyatt Diamond status.  I was able to use one of my four confirmed Diamond suite upgrades per year in order to secure their Atrium suite for the night.  When we checked into the room, it was a pretty spacious two room suite.  I like when suites actually have two separate rooms.  While Little C wasn’t with us this time, I am always evaluating rooms and hotels with her in mind.  Having two real rooms with a little one is fabulous, as you can hang out in one room while she is sleeping in the other.  As this is an atrium-style hotel, the living room portion of the suite does have some noise that comes in from the atrium.  This is probably in large part due to the glass sliding door to the balcony.  The bedroom did not have the same noise issue, and it was a very dark and comfortable for good sleeping!

Here is the living room portion of the Atrium Suite.

The source of the atrium noise in the living room portion of the suite…..the sliding glass door.

The balcony is great for kicking up your boots (literally in Texas) and watching people go up and down the elevator.  Not advised for those who are afraid of heights as it is a bit of a long way down.  I would also be pretty nervous if Little C was with us as she would be very interested in looking over the edge.

The bedroom was nice, quiet, and comfortable.  We were able to get some much-needed sleep here.  We had hoped to get a 4PM check-out as a Diamond benefit, but were told the latest they could accommodate that day was 1PM.  Oh well, we still got to lounge around for much later than we normally get to on a weekend day!

The bathroom had a separate vanity area when you first walk in that I liked very much.  Having just a little more space to get ready is a big plus in my book, this is especially true if you are traveling with a family that needs to take turns in the bathroom.  The bathroom was functional with a regular bathtub/shower, but wasn’t anything special to write home about.

The room service breakfast we ordered was very good and came pretty quickly.  I had a bagel and lox and The Man had some sort of shredded bbq/hash/egg concoction that he really enjoyed.  We were too hungry to remember to take a picture before we devoured the meal.  I think I might have made my first Hyatt Diamond Newbie mistake with breakfast.  They didn’t mention anything about the included Diamond breakfast at check-in, so I perhaps stupidly assumed we could just order complimentary room service, since the hotel didn’t have a Regency Club to eat breakfast in.   At check-out there was no room service charge for breakfast on our bill, so I thought we were good to go, but now several days later a separate charge for breakfast has appeared on my credit card.  I plan to call them tomorrow to see if I indeed committed this newbie mistake in assuming that room service breakfast was an option for Diamonds (perhaps it was just supposed to be in the restaurant), or if perhaps they made an error in adding the charge. I’ll update this section when I know for sure.  Either way, it was yummy and came to $58 for two entries, two orange juices, and all the taxes/tips/fees.  Though I would have never intentionally paid $58 for breakfast if I thought it wasn’t included!

The hotel also delivered some cheese, crackers, water, and fruit to our room the night we were there.  We didn’t order it, and we chose the 1,000 point bonus as the Diamond amenity (instead of the food/beverage option), so I am not sure why we received it, but it was a yummy snack.  Thanks, Hyatt!

The Amenities:

While we didn’t take advantage of the roof-top pool or gym, we did briefly check each of them out.  The roof-top pool was extremely small.  I would have been very disappointed if I had planned on taking Little C swimming, as it would have virtually been impossible with the number of people who were already in the tiny pool.  There was what looked to be a bar and bartender next to the pool, so that was a plus.  Otherwise, the pool was pretty much a thumbs-down from a family point-of-view.

In contrast to the pool, the gym looked very nice and was completely empty.  It was actually so nice that it made me almost wish I had packed some sneakers.

The Riverwalk:

Since this hotel is located right on the Riverwalk, we were able to walk just a short distance and have many restaurant and bar options available to us.  I have been too exhausted recently to really research good restaurants on the Riverwalk, so we just went to the first place we came across that looked like it served margaritas.  Appropriately, it was a restaurant that was named Ritas! The food here was so-so, nothing exciting (though the tortillas were good), but the margaritas were pretty decent.  We sat outside and were able to see a little parade of cheerleaders and bands float down the river.  It was an impromptu pep-rally for the upcoming UTSA vs. Tulsa football game.  It was really fun to see!

We were also fortunate enough to enjoy the sounds of a mariachi band that was playing in and around the restaurant.  It was a very fun and festive atmosphere.  We noticed many families with children pass by while we were eating at Ritas.  Most of the little ones were in strollers or being carried, as it would be very easy for a kiddo to accidentally fall in the river since there are no ledges.  I am excited to bring C to San Antonio when she is a little bit bigger.  It is a very family friendly city, and C will love riding on the boats down the river.

After dinner we went to a surprisingly awesome Irish Pub.  The owner was our bartender, and he moved here from Ireland to open this bar.  The Irish guitar player in the bar was great, the drinks were yummy, and best of all the bar was on the Rewards Network Dining Program so we earned lots of points for our evening of drinks!  That always makes the bill a little less painful.

You can see that The Man very much enjoyed his Irish beers.  🙂

Overall Impression:

All in all the Hyatt Regency San Antonio is a solid hotel with a fantastic location if you plan to spend time on the Riverwalk.  It is not the newest and flashiest hotel, but it is very comfortable.  Depending on how the breakfast issue shakes out, I was not overly impressed with the included Diamond benefits at this hotel since we didn’t get the 4PM late check-out, had to ask for internet to be removed from our bill, and had that breakfast “issue” – though I do take some responsibility for that (we did enjoy the confirmed Diamond suite upgrade!).  If I didn’t know about the Diamond benefits, I wouldn’t have even known that breakfast or internet should be included, but perhaps the responsibility is on elite members to know to what they are entitled.  It’s just not near as fun asking for your benefits as it is having them offered to you automatically.

I would stay there again if I wanted to be in the heart of the San Antonio action.  I also highly recommend for you to get to San Antonio at some point if you want to enjoy some Texas and Mexican culture and history….. or if you just want to enjoy a cold margarita while watching boats float by on the river.  The second half of our weekend was spent at a beautiful Westin resort that is located near Six Flags and Sea World, so stay tuned for that review coming soon.

The 250 Super Secret Bonus Points:

While we were killing some time in our suite, I was playing around on FourSquare on my phone and saw a check-in bonus for the Hyatt Regency San Antonio.  To my surprise, the check-in bonus was for 250 Hyatt Gold Passport Points!

I had never seen that for a Hyatt, so I “explored other nearby places” and found the same check-in bonus at the Grand Hyatt that is right down the street.  I showed it to the front desk, and both the agent working at the desk and her manager had never seen it before either.  I’m not sure if it is a new promo or not, but I was very excited to see it!  The front desk said they are going to have to email Gold Passport to find out how to award the points.  I suspect it may require some follow-up on my part to ensure the points post, but I will be sure to pay more attention to possible FourSquare bonuses when I check in to other hotels in the future!  I searched some other cities randomly and didn’t see that particular bonus at other Hyatts I searched, but I did find other pretty cool bonuses at different hotels including 1,500 Priority Club points at the Intercontinental Los Angeles hotel. 

What do you think about San Antonio as a vacation destination?  Have you seen a similar Hyatt FourSquare check-in bonus?  Does this look like a hotel you would consider staying at while in San Antonio?

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  1. I haven’t seen a specific checkin special like that before but I’ve been checking in with topquest for 50points for checkins. Topguest participates with priority, best western, hilton and others.

  2. You look great in that picture with your boots up! 🙂 Question.. What is FourSquare? How does it work and does it give bonuses for all hotels you check into? Thanks!

  3. @mike, good reminder about Topguest, thanks!

    @Jenny, thanks for the nice comment. 🙂 Foursquare is an app you can download to most smartphones (like iPhone and Droid) and it lets you click to virtually “check-in” to restaurants, hotels, stores, etc…. Sometimes there are specials for checking in online. Here is a better definition if you want more details.

  4. The 4pm late checkout is a guarantee for diamonds, so you might want to use that as a talking point when discussing the breakfast. They should not have told you it wasn’t possible. (Unless this hotel is classified as a resort, which I don’t think it is.)

  5. Thanks! I just downloaded the FourSquare app onto my phone. Does the check-in need to be shared on Facebook in order for the bonus points to post? Or just a check-in will work?

  6. That looks like a nice hotel. My sister-in-law used to live in SA, so I’ve been twice. We just stayed at her house, but it would be fun to stay on the Riverwalk. It’s such a neat area. I’d love to go back again, but want to visit Houston more (I’ve never been). My parents-in-law live in Fort Worth, so we do get to Texas from time to time.

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