US Airways Grand Slam Hits, Foul Balls, and Missing Miles

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The first batch of US Airways Grand Slam bonus miles was scheduled to post on 9/28.  Turns out the miles didn’t start posting until the morning of 9/29 – a little delay isn’t that big of a deal, but now 12 hours after the first miles have started posting there are many (myself included) that have yet to see any miles post.  Just like many others who have yet to see miles posted, I registered, received my registration confirmation, and have made many eligible transactions.  Since miles didn’t start posting yesterday, and many still have not posted today, I think it is safe to assume US Airways is experiencing some kind of IT related issue with processing the hits/posting the miles.  As long as you received a confirmation email that you were registered for the Grand Slam, I don’t think it is time to get overly-concerned that your miles have not yet posted.  You know, the “sky is falling” syndrome.

Don’t get me wrong, I am anxious to get the miles, but I am fairly confident that there is just some computer glitch that US Airways has to sort out and that the miles will come soon enough.  Now if they still aren’t here next week, I may not be as laid-back about the delay.  Anyway, if you haven’t yet received your miles, you are in good company.  If your misery wants some additional good company, check out these threads on Milepoint and Flyertalk.  You will be greeted by others who also are still anxiously clicking “refresh” hoping their miles appear.  Hopefully they will come soon!

The good news is that we did learn a few things from the lucky ones who did have their miles post this morning.  It seems that answering trivia questions via Audience Rewards does count as a hit.  That is great news.  No more buying tickets for Poetry Grand Slams in North Carolina when you live several states (or countries) away!  I’m glad that I was patient with this one and waited to see if the free way of getting the hit worked out.  Patience is often a key virtue when hunting miles and points.

The jury is still out on whether just setting up a ShareBuilder account without funding it is good enough for a hit or not.  It looks like it is posting okay in some cases, but not in others.  It may be one of those situations where “individual results may vary”.  I will probably set up an account tomorrow just to see what happens.  You also get 2,500 Dividend Miles after your first trade, but those miles seem to be posting for some without even funding the account.  Can’t hurt to try, just don’t rely too strongly on this one in your official count until we know a bit more information.

Most everything else seems to be posting as expected, which is good.  I have updated my list of all hits that I have completed to include the date that the transactions actually posted in my account so you can see what has come through.  That is also a great place to look for a little more detail about how each transaction went, where to enter your DM number, etc… Most of my transactions are posting relatively quickly, which is great!  I’ve actually been pretty impressed (knock on wood) with how reliably and quickly most of these partner transactions have been working.  So impressed that I have now started to “play ball” with my husband’s US Airways account.  I am only going for 16 hits on his account – just enough to get the number of  miles for a domestic round-trip ticket.  I will be getting those 16 hits as inexpensively as I possibly can.  Not only will those miles help our family get to the places we need to go, but hopefully his version of the Grand Slam will help some of you who don’t want to go “all-in”, but who would like to get some inexpensive miles out of this fun promo.  Stay tuned for a post coming soon about his progress towards 16 inexpensive hits.

Also coming soon is a list of Grand Slam Newbie FAQ’s.  I have been getting many emails about the Grand Slam, so I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of the questions I am getting most frequently.  I hope to work on that this weekend, so check back soon for that as well.

As soon as my miles post, I will update with how my hits are officially stacking up, as well as update on my most recent few hits!




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  1. I never received an email confirmation when I registered. I registered again out of an abundance of caution and still didn’t receive a confirmation. I have received miles for transactions since 9.14, but nothing actually noted as a “hit”.

  2. I’m mostly nervous about my Budget Rental Car hit. I rented a car on 9/21 and my miles still haven’t posted to my account.

    How long did it take for your rental car hit to actually post to your account?

  3. I finally just got my first grand slam bonus 20 minutes into the 30th of September. So 2 days late officially. I actually had my 8th hit post earlier on the 29th, so I was kind of hoping they would have counted that since it was before the Grand Slam Bonus hit, but no. So they must really be strictly using the 28th to measure the amount of hits qualified for the bonus.

  4. I never got an email confirmation, so I subscribed to the theory register early and register often. I also called to confirm in an abundance of caution. I had 24 hits post. Very cool. Thanks for all your advice!

  5. @JA, have any of your bonus miles posted yet?

    @chrisb, I have a Hertz rental from 9/23 that hasn’t posted yet either. If you look around on the FT or Milepoint forums under car rentals, someone there might know what day of the week (or month) those usually come over.

    @Eddie, mine are there now, too! Did you have a Biscoff hit post yesterday? That one seems to have come in too late for the sweep. Glad your miles posted though!

    @Mike, congrats! Feels good, huh?

    @Nathan, I am going to post more about it later today. Initial reports from the miles sweep were conflicting about whether or not it counted if you didn’t fund the account, but it seems to be good to go even without funding.

    @Kris, just one question should do the trick.

    @Jim L, glad you called in. I would do the same thing if I didn’t get email confirmation. Congrats on your hits!

  6. Hi – got my bouses for 8 hits, but doesn’t look like my toolbar searches made it 🙁 Anyone get a created for the toolbar search?


  7. @zh, my toolbar search hasn’t appeared yet either.

    @Pearl, you can play for your kiddos. Many are. I am playing for my husband, but I just don’t have any more time to play for additional accounts. It is a great idea if you have the time though!

    @infamousdx, it really is fun….more fun than I even thought it would be! Congrats on your 10,000 miles!

  8. 4 hits bonus received on the 29th. 6 out of 9 hits posted: audience reward survey, mags for miles, swap, erewards, dining and skymall.

    Hits not posted: Toolbar search, office max, thanks again fb like

  9. I would not be playing if it weren’t for your posts! Now I’m hooked and thinking I can push for 16 hits… and I’m now tempted to play for my fiance!

  10. In reading some other blogs I was given the impression that transferring miles into USDM would only result in one single hit. Has anyone verified that transferring into USDM from a variety of other different mileage rewards programs has yielded multiple hits? Moving Alaska Airlines in would be one hit, what if I were to do the Asia Miles trick, and then some American Airlines miles? Would each of these be counted as a hit?

    Kudos to you MommyPoints -thanks for all your hard work in covering this!


    • @Kurtis, you are correct that you can only get one hit for exchanging other points/miles on to US Airways Dividend Miles. You can earn additional hits for transferring in hotel points (with some fairly high minimums), not sure if that helps in your situation or not.

  11. Great info. Are you sure the Audience Rewards trivia questions count as a hit? I have one foul ball and can’t figure out which one it is. By that, I mean that I have 6 items that posted to my DM account, including AR, but the confirmation email says I have only 5 hits. I am guessing either it is Audience Rewards or the Magazines for Miles that is the foul ball.

  12. @MichaelP, thanks for the info.

    @Kris, that is awesome!

    @Carl, glad the info is helpful. When did each of your transactions post – were any of them pretty recent? There are many reports of AR being a valid hit. I haven’t paid as much attention to the Mags hit, but I know the one I did seems valid (I redeemed miles for mags).

    • @Kathy, some transactions take a while to post in your Dividend Miles account. Just keep an eye on your account to see which transactions post soon.

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