My Credit Card Got Me Free Lions, Tigers, and Bears Today!

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While the main reason I have most of my credit cards is for their miles and points earning potential, there are still other benefits that some of the cards have that are worth pointing out.  One awesome benefit of all Bank of America cards is that on the first weekend of every month, they get you in free to many popular museums and zoos around the country.  The official name of the program is “Museums on Us“, and all you need to do to take advantage of this great program is to show your Bank of America credit or debit card (and your ID with the same name) at the ticket desk.  Here is a sampling of some of the museums and zoos around the country that you can see for free when using this program: Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts, Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, The Bronx Zoo, San Fransisco’s Children’s Museum, The Florida Holocaust Museum, Las Vegas Springs Preserve, and The Houston Zoo.

Today we took Little C to the Houston Zoo for free using this program.  When we went to the ticket counter all we had to do was show our Bank of America cards, fill out a slip of paper with our names and last four digits of our card, and then we were handed our free tickets.  It was super simple and saved us about $40!  It wasn’t advertized at all at the zoo, so if you didn’t already know about the program before you went you would be SOL.  I was listening closely, and no one else around us took advantage of the promotion even though I am sure some of them were Bank of America customers.

By the way, if you are in the market for a US Airways Grand Slam hit, you can get a Bank of America US Airways debit card for just $30 a year.  Once you use it, it is good for a hit, 3,000 bonus miles, and free zoo and museum days! 

To have a successful day at the zoo with your little one (once you have gotten in free using your credit or debit card), here are ten very important steps to follow.

1.  Enter the zoo on a beautiful day. 

Check.  October is a great time to be outside in Texas.  We are taking full advantage!

2.  Plan out your day to maximize efficiency.

Check.  Bonus points for reading the map upside down.  🙂

3.  Ensure you have someone to give you a little boost so you can get a good view of the exhibits.


4.  Visit all of your favorite animals.  Lions, tigers, and bears are requirements. 

Check.  The lion and tiger were sleeping, so you get giraffe, baby elephant, and bears, oh my.

5.  Avoid the insanely long and inefficient lunch line (and crazy high prices) by packing a picnic lunch and eating outside in the shade. 


Fail.  This lunch line literally took 45 minutes.  Oh how it made me long for Disney World efficiency.  The outside picnic area looked so much nicer.

6.  Take advantage of the kid friendly play areas of the zoo to burn off some of those lunch calories.


7.  Pet and brush the friendly animals (aka the goats) and wash your hands afterwards!

Check and check.

8.  Take a few moments to yourself to marvel at the beauty of all of these different creatures. 


9.  Pose for a photo with your mommy so you can remember this moment with her forever.

Check based on technicality only.  Note to self, take picture earlier in the day next time.  Toddler melt-downs galore.  🙂

10.  Pass out due to complete exhaustion after the zoo visit is over.

Fail.  Our little toddler took no nap after her awesome zoo visit (how is that even possible???).  That means Mommy didn’t either.  I am jealous of this cat’s nap!

Hope you are enjoying a great weekend.  If you have a Bank of America credit or debit card, make sure to see if there are any museums or zoos in your area that you can visit for free!  Have you taken advantage of this great perk?

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  1. Good tip! I found myself in NYC on labor day weekend and went to the Met — when I pulled out my Visa to pay for the ticket, my BofA Debit fell out and the teller told me about the deal. Like any good points junkie, it marked the first time I’ve ever used my BofA card for something other than ATM deposits 😛

  2. I love the Museums on Us thing — have used it a few times at the mfa in Boston, and once at the New York Aquarium, both of which are pretty expensive! It’s a good perk! By the way, most public libraries have passes to things like museums and zoos that you can check out, use, and return to the library.

  3. This is a great tip! My husband has a BofA card, and I can guarantee that he doesn’t know about this benefit. Thank you!

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