US Airways Grand Slam FAQ’s – Mommy Points Style

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Ever since the Grand Slam started I have been getting several emails (and comments) per day from readers asking various questions about the promotion.  I am more than happy to help when I can, so feel free to keep emailing me the questions, but I wanted to share some of the questions I am getting asked most frequently here in case others have the same questions.  I am the first to admit that this promotion can be pretty confusing at first.  It certainly doesn’t help that the rules, terms and conditions, and FAQ’s (which contain some of the rules), are all in separate locations on the US Airways site!  Without further ado, here a dozen of the Grand Slam questions that I have been asked most frequently:

1.  How can I tell how many hits I have?

The best way to go about counting your hits is to do a few different things.  First, keep your own record of transactions made and the dates that they were done.  You can use your own tracking system, or you can use a spreadsheet that is available on Milepoint or Flyertalk.  Second, keep an eye on your US Airways Dividend Miles account to see when the transactions post.  While it isn’t a guaranteed hit just because the transaction posts, it is a pretty good sign.  Third, see how many hits US Airways says you have when they post the bonus miles every two weeks.  The next sweep is scheduled to go on 10/12.  Some people received an email from US Airways detailing how many hits they had, but not everyone did.

Unfortunately, the check marks that may appear next to your transactions in your Dividend Miles account don’t mean anything in terms of hits.

Also unfortunately, even though you can find out the total number of hits when the bonus mile sweeps occur every two weeks or in the emails from US Airways (if you receive one), you still can’t tell exactly what transactions are counting for hits.  If you really need more info about which hits are counting, you can contact US Airways and they should be able to give you more information.

2.  I should have 14 hits and only 6 are showing.  What is wrong?

Quite possibly nothing is wrong.  If you followed the instructions closely to get each hit, it is likely that the transactions just haven’t posted yet.  For example, as of the writing of this post no one has received a hit for the toolbar search as it only posts once a month.  On the other hand, if you share miles on US Airways, that hit posts instantly.  In short, some hits post once a week, some instantly, some randomly, some after x number of days, and some after a month.  I’d say 7-10 days is average, but some are quicker and some are much slower.  To get an idea of how quickly some hits usually post, check out post #1 in this thread graciously maintained by beltway on Flyertalk.

While it is very important to stay on top of your hits and make sure they all eventually post, some patience really is required in this game.  Don’t become too concerned about “missing hits” just yet.

3.  Is there really no minimum to spend with their partners?  I can buy the least expensive things that I can find and it will still count as a hit? 

Typically that is the case.  Off the top of my head, I bought some of the cheapest items available from Skymall, Thanks Again, Office Max, Biscoff, Vinesse, and others.  The only caveat is that you usually can’t add coupon codes, Groupons, or things like that  (though there are some exceptions), so you aren’t necessarily always getting the best available deal out there on those inexpensive items.  For many of my purchases, shipping was the most expensive part of the purchase.

4.  Does it really work to just not show up for the Super Shuttle hit?  Do I just make the reservation online?

Yep, it is that easy.  The two routes that have been working for many people are DFW – Hyatt DFW and PHX – Aloft PHX.  This is a hit that a coupon code seems to work with, so use UYR59 to save $3.  Some people leave a note in the reservation that says “Don’t wait for me.”  Some people (myself included) also include a tip for the driver.  Even if you do neither of those things, this hit seems to be functioning just fine.

5.  Are you sure that you are supposed to redeem miles to get magazines instead of buying magazines?

I know it sounds crazy, but redeeming miles for magazines does result in a hit.  It is called Magazines for Miles – don’t confuse it with Magazine Mileage Awards, that requires you to spend money and possibly doesn’t count as a hit.  You can get a subscription through Mags for Miles for as little as 400 miles, though there are more choices if you are willing to spend 500 miles.

6.  I have 400 points in e-miles and can’t figure out how to transfer to US Airways for a hit, can you help?

The minimum number of points required to transfer for e-Miles is 500 points and e-Rewards it is $25.00.  Make sure you have at least the minimum number of points/dollars in your account, and then you will be able to transfer for the hit.

7.  Do I need to use a US Airways credit card in order to get credit for my hits?

The only hits that require use of a specific credit card are the ones that are specifically related to using a US Airways credit or debit card.  All of the other hits that are related to making purchases with partners can be made with any credit card that you like.

8.  I’ve read on your blog and other websites that you need to transfer a minimum of 850 miles from hotel partners to count as a hit, but I can’t find that listed in the official Grand Slam rules.  Am I missing something?

Yeah, but it isn’t really your fault.  That “rule” can be found in the official US Airways FAQ that is located here.  Not sure why it wasn’t listed in the “real” rules.  🙂

9.  Are you sure that if I share miles with someone that we both will get a hit?

According to the US Airways official FAQ’s, yes.  Both parties get a hit for sharing, but you can only get one hit whether you are the giver or receiver of the miles.

10.  It looks like all of my transactions/hits with US Airways disappeared – what happened??

Don’t worry!  Your activity is categorized by months, so if you are looking for September’s activity, you just need to click on September.

11.  Are you sure that the Grand Slam is worth it?  Would I be better off just buying miles from US Airways?

Only you can determine whether or not it is “worth it to you”, or how many hits are realistically attainable for you, but you can get to at least the 12 – 16 hit level for little out-of-pocket cost.  The cost per mile is much lower than any rate you can get from US Airways.  For example, you can get to 12 hits (15,000 miles) for about $35.00 and 16 hits (25,000miles) for about $80.  See my hit tally to find the cheapest hits to get to those amounts.

12.  I haven’t received my confirmation email, should I be worried that I am not registered? 

If you are certain that you registered, everything is probably fine.  It took 5 days for my husband’s confirmation email to come through.  If you are worried, contact US Airways and they should be able to help.

Those 12 questions are some of the questions I have been asked most frequently, hopefully they helped clarify a thing or two for you.  I may add to this list as the Grand Slam goes on.  Did I miss a burning question that you have about the Grand Slam??

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  1. Thank you for such a great work! One question about the hotel stay. I have upcoming Marriott and SPG stay. Can I book from expedia? Or I have to book from the properity’s website in order to get points?

    • @Kate, you are more than welcome! Per the terms and conditions of the Marriott and SPG programs, you will not earn points or miles for stays booked through third parties (like Expedia). Every now and then people get lucky and earn points, but don’t count on it. However, if you are leaning towards Expedia because you have found a lower rate for a SPG property, you can take advantage of this program to get 2,000 bonus Star Points. That way you can have the best of both worlds. 🙂

  2. Any body tried the Wine Insider Hit? It doesn’t seem like a club membership with automatic shipments but I might be wrong….Thought of getting the deal (12 bottles at $6.99/each) but wanted to make sure it was not an auto repeat.Any input will be appreciated.

  3. Hi there,

    I just found your blog yesterday and I am now obsessed! Thanks for all the great tips. I follow a lot of the points guys, but it’s great to be able to follow another mom 🙂 I have a question, do you always have to use a different partner to get a hit. For example, I use Amazon all the time, can I get multiple hits for using them multiple times, or just one hit per partner? Thanks so much!

    • @Nikki O, welcome! I love reading The Points Guy, too. 🙂 Most partners only award one hit (car rentals and hotel stays being the only exception). For example, you will only get one hit by shopping through the US Airways shopping portal (which is where Amazon is located). Even if you order from 10 different retailers in the shopping portal (or 10 order from Amazon), you will only get one shopping portal “hit”. You may want to check out this post for some good info to get you started. You can then see some of the hits I have done by looking here. Feel free to copy some of them for your own!

  4. Any idea if booking 2 consecutive night under 2 different reservations at a participating hotel will be able to get 2 separate bonus points? Thanks

  5. @garipi, that would only work if the two different reservations were under two separate accounts (ie you and your spouse or a friend). Most of the time, if you do consecutive nights at a hotel in the same name they will not credit as two separate stays.

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