Six Days Until One World Mega DO Details are Announced!

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I am the equivalent of six-days-before-Christmas excited (you know, the way you were excited as a kid) because we are just six days away from finding out details about the First One World Mega DO!  I’ll never get over the weird name either, but trust me it is going to be awesome.  Why should you trust me about that when I literally know nothing about the event?  Well, here are a few reasons why I am excited and you why you should trust this event will be awesome.

  • Many of the same Milepoint organizers who helped make the Star Mega DO that I attended last month a success are again helping out with this event.
  • They have all repeated a million times “this will be amazing”.
  • American Airlines approached them to help sponsor this event, so even the airlines are super motivated to make it a great success.
  • Hyatt is again involved……I smell more Diamond status gifts!
  • The chartered plane is a 757 (with “new” First Class seats for those who are lucky enough to sit up front).
  • Many of the same super fun people from the Star Mega DO are planning on attending this event.

Okay, so those are a few reasons why I am jazzed about this event.  The reason I am talking about it now when the actual flights are not until the week of January 23rd is because on Sunday 10/9 at the Andaz West Hollywood there is a launch party where the details about the DO will be announced.  I am not able to make it California for the launch party (mommies have to be home sometimes), but the details of the DO will be shared at and I think I read on milepoint tv as well.  The launch party is a themed “pajama party” event complete with complimentary American Airlines first class pajamas for everyone to wear.  A pajama party in West Hollywood………sounds interesting!

So, where do you think this DO will be headed?  Since I will only have the funds and vacation days to attend the North American portion, I haven’t given as much thought to where it may be headed internationally, but I would love to hear where you think (Hong Kong would be awesome!).  Keep in mind this is a One World DO, so think of destinations that would make sense for One World carriers.

For the North American portion, I think Dallas has to be one of the stops.  This would also be great because my husband could drive to Dallas and join in the fun for a night!  I also think that Miami and Seattle have to be top contenders.  Chicago was included on the Star Mega DO last month, so even though it is an American Airlines hub, I don’t think it is as likely.  Also, it will be January, so Miami sounds much warmer and nicer.  If you are considering going on this trip, be ready to buy your seat soon.  There are only about 160 seats available, and with over 75 people attending the pajama themed launch party, it is safe to assume that the event well sell-out well before January rolls around.  My bet is a sell-out at least by early November.

Okay, those are my guesses…..what do you think??  Are you considering going?  I know I am!  I can’t wait to find out the real details soon.  I promise to share them Sunday night as soon as they are released!

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  1. I wish I could go to these DOs, but the timing is all off this year 🙁 I’m getting married in Hawaii in Feb 2012 so I have to keep the budget tight! I’m looking forward to all the coverage though, that’s for sure.

  2. I am sure the ORD DO will be much better (cuz I will be there and can DRIVE there.. have fun kiddo!) Can not wait to hear all about it! DGF!

  3. This promises to be an exciting evening! I missed SMD, so this will be my first connection to a MegaDO.. I’ve got UA Fleet Week Sunday in SFO, and then five of us (FT/MPers) fly down to LAX for the party. The AA pajamas party will be interesting to see! :p

    I’ll also be posting photos and a report on my blog. 🙂

  4. The launch party will be a blast! Partying in pajamas in a Sunset Strip hotel – sounds very LA / Hollywood-ish doesn’t it!?! Doubt I’ll be going on the actual DO (do need to save time for actual family vacation and SMD4), but you never know… Best part will be seeing friends from SMD / MilePoint / FlyerTalk. Wish you could be with us in person!

  5. @infamousdx, totally understand about the wedding/budget issue! Hopefully after the wedding you can join in some of the DO fun.

    @serion, hope to see you there!

    @Sil and John, sorry, I should have explained better. While it may be longer than you wanted, here is the definition of a “DO” stolen from Milepoint and written by Randy Peterson (basically the Godfather of all things miles and points)

    A “DO” is a dictionary term used to describe a gathering, In this case it is a noun and decribes a party or other social event. The term “MegaDO” was used by one of the co-founders of milepoint, Tommy Danielsen (Tommy777) in 2009 when he and a loose group of other volunteers (among them Oliver and Reb) thought it would be a cool idea to charter a plane (we know, bad idea huh?) and fly to see the Airbus factory in France. Despite the seemingly unsurmountable odds they pulled it off, the participants had the time of their life and now it is one of the hottest tickets on the planet for a frequent flyer/aviation experience. Yes, it’s a party. Yes, it’s a social event. And yes, you’ll have access to tours and experiences that none of your fellow man (or woman) will likely be able to match.

    Star Mega DO referred to the latest event/DO that was partnered with the Star Alliance (Continental, United Air Canada, etc…) I linked to more information about the Star Mega DO in my post, if you want more info. Hope that helps!

    DGF, see you in Chicago!

    FriendlySkies, can’t wait to read all about the pajama infused antics. 🙂

    Jetsetr, totally understand the pull between family vacations and MP/FT events. 🙂 Hope to see you on the SMD4 if you can’t swing this trip. Have fun in LA!

  6. “Do” is an older English word related to “Whoop-De-Do” or “big to-do.”

    Oxford English Dictionary:

    “Something done in a set or formal manner; a performance; esp. an entertainment or show; a party; hence (orig. jocular), a military engagement, raid, or other ‘show’. “

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