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I try not to ask for much of anything for myself on this site, but today is going to be an exception.  I have been nominated for the Parents Magazine Best Blog Awards in the Family Travel category and would really appreciate if you would take a few seconds and vote for Mommy Points.  While awards are nice and all, the reason I really want to participate in this contest is to help get the word out to parents that their miles and points aren’t worthless.  While everyone (I assume) who is reading this already knows how easy it can be to rack up free travel, I know there are tons of parents out there who have no idea how affordable a vacation with (or without!) their kiddos can be.

Full disclosure, you do have to “register” with Parents to vote, but just be sure to use the same “extra” email and info you have been using for e-Miles, e-Rewards, etc…..  My husband just registered to vote for me (thanks!) and it took less than a minute from start to finish.  If you have a minute to spare, I would much appreciate it!

Let’s help spread the word so that more families can travel (almost) for free.


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  1. Will be under Sil but not my real last name. Just voted for you. Thanks very much for you wonderful and informative blog. Hope you win.

  2. You got my vote. I love your blog, even though my “child” has four legs. Thanks for all the time that you put into it. I would never do the the Grand Slam without your play by play. Good luck!

  3. I’m a relatively new reader (I found you from Million Mile Secrets), and have really enjoyed reading about traveling and racking up miles (with I’m also new too) with a young child. I just voted for you too!

  4. Wow! Thank you all so much. Mommy Points has gone from last place to second place (in the Family Travel category) in just over 12 hours. I know what a pain it can be to register to vote for things like this, so I am very grateful for your time and support.

    Right now we are just 14 votes behind the leader in this category. (By the way, if you are looking for some other good family travel blogs to read – this contest can help expose you to several of them!) The contest runs until 10/15. I honestly have no idea what the winner wins, if anything (probably just a badge to put on your website), but if it somehow helps me reach just one more family so that they can realize that travel is within their reach, then it was worth it!

    Thanks again for all of your help – it is very much appreciated.

  5. I voted for Traveling Mom.


    You got my vote yesterday. Cool to see you already tied. Guess this has been going on since August 1, and there’s 10 days left. Let’s push Mommy Points over the top, people…!

  6. Thanks again to everyone – we are now in the lead by five votes! As Gary said, the voting deadline is only a few days away. Apparently this contest has been going on for months, so we are late to the party. You guys are all so awesome that being late to the party hasn’t seem to have mattered. 🙂

    Apparently a second person has nominated Mommy Points (wow, thank you!) as it is now listed twice. I have contacted Parents to have them remove the second nomination so that it isn’t as confusing. As long as you use the link in this post to vote, you will be going to the right one.

    If you have a chance, another blog that I read, InACents (see two posts up) is also in the contest under the “Best Daddy Blog”. I know he would appreciate your vote as well.

    Thanks so much, I am truly humbled by your support.

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