United and Continental Shopping Portal Overhauls!

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I’m not sure yet if this is good news or bad news, but it is certainly news for those of you who use the ShopOnepass or United MileagePlus Shopping portals.  I noticed today when I went to log in to the United MileagePlus portal that it asked me if I wanted to use my Continental Onepass or United MileagePlus number.  That got my attention right away as it has never asked me that question before. 

By the way, if you have no idea what a shopping portal is, check out this post.  They are fantastic ways to earn miles and points for purchases that you were going to make anyway.  I personally earn tens of thousands of miles a year by doing this. 

However, the changes didn’t stop there.  I then noticed that some of the retailers were either gone or the miles earned per dollar had changed.  Some have gone up and some have gone down.  One notable retailer loss that I have blogged about before is Groupon.  Boo!

Also, if you go to look at the transactions under “My Shopping Account” you will notice that your transactions before 9/28 and after 9/28 are in separate categories.  I can only hope that this “new system” will do better in tracking all transactions post 9/28, but that remains to be seen.  I have personally had pretty good luck with MileagePlus shopping, but I know others haven’t been as lucky.  And Lord knows what a disaster the United Months of Miles has been!

Additionally, if you have been using the United MileagePlus shopping toolbar, you may have noticed that it has stopped working.  It “expired” as of October 3rd.  From poking around on their site, the wording still reads like there will be a toolbar, so it is possible they are just revamping it as they combine both programs.  I personally don’t use a toolbar as I like to use different portals for different purchases, and it is easy for toolbars to just “take credit” for the other purchases if I am not paying attention.  However, I know toolbars can be super helpful if you don’t want to have to worry about remembering to go through a portal.  So, fair warning that you need to go through the United MileagePlus portal right now if you want to earn Mileage Plus miles.  Don’t rely on your non-functioning toolbar.

I also saw that Continental’s ShopOnePass is set to end on October 10th.  I have not used their shopping portal once since they ended double miles for Continental credit card holders back in July, but in case you still use it be aware that option is about to be gone.  If you like a mileage offer that they currently have, you may want to take advantage of it now as there is no guarantee that you preferred retailer or mileage earning rate will be available after that time.  Starting October 10th, your only option will be the new combined Onepass/Mileage Plus shopping portal.

My eternally optimistic side really hopes that these changes will largely be “improvements”.  I know that good shopping portals can exist, because the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal seems to function fantastically.  I have my fingers and toes crossed that this portal will operate just as efficiently once they finish making all of their updates.

Okay, those are the changes I have noticed.  Have you noticed anything I missed?  Do you hold out hope that these changes will be for the better?

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  1. I was suprised as well when I logged on today to make my last few purchases I need for Month of Miles from Sam’s Club. I noticed it dropped to .5 cents a mile! (Boo!!) I’ll be switching back to AAvantage shopping mall once this is over.

    Here’s the part that’s got me really worried — All my pervious purchases from Sam’s now show ZERO $ under the Eligible Amount column! Is everyone else showing the same?

    Also, it won’t advance to the next page of transactions. So I have no idea what’s going on with my other purchases.

    So far I’m not liking the change!

  2. I totally agree with Nathan. Chase Ultimate rewards mall is much more superior in extra points, quick posting and customer service. At least for now nothing else come close unless with the passage of time they also catch up with the trend.

  3. @Nathan, I worry when retailers start disappearing out of some mileage malls. While it may not mean that they will soon be gone from other malls, it does make me wonder. I really hope Groupon stays in Ultimate Rewards.

    @serion, I only have one Sam’s club gift card purchase, but it too is not currently showing (at least not anywhere I can find).

    @Dave, I would not be thrilled either with a loss of 17 transactions.

    @caveman, I also love Chase Ultimate Rewards, they are the proof that good shopping portals can exist. My only problem with Ultimate Rewards is that I am often working on hitting the minimum spending requirement on a credit card, so I need mileage mall options that don’t tie me down to a specific credit card.

    If it weren’t for that, I would almost exclusively use the Ultimate Rewards portal! I hope that others can learn a thing or two from UR. 🙂

  4. Ultimate Rewards mall is not without problems. I have started to have orders missing….but so far I have been able to get them credited with a phone call. Haven’t used them recently due to Months of Miles with United…but justed to order again through Ultimate Rewards. I have heard though that Cartera is the 3rd party that tracks and runs Ultimate Rewards behind the scenes!!!

  5. So far the changes suck. The web page is slow and sometimes won’t even come up. Like one of the others said, I have transactions that have disappeared too. And there is nothing showing for anything I have purchased in the last month. Hope they fix it!!

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