Grand Slam Update: Day 23

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Lots of happenings in the last few days in the US Airways Grand Slam world.  Some is good news, some not as good.  Let’s start with the good:

US Airways Grand Slam Good News:

  • There was an unexpected bonus mileage sweep done today, so check your account to see how many bonus miles you have racked up so far!  This was just expected to happen every two weeks, so who knows if weekly sweeps can now be expected or if this was just a “fluke”.
  • My Hertz car rental transaction (finally!) posted after two weeks.  I was getting nervous because the rental was in my husband’s name, but had my US Airways Dividend Miles number on it.  We do share they same last name and it posted just fine to my account.  I can’t guarantee that will work for you, but it did for me.  It can be a good way to earn car rental hits for spouses who don’t want to actually go to the car rental location themselves.  My husband and I are both doing Hertz rentals tomorrow (in our own names this time) for less than $19 each all-in.  I hate wasting money that way, but we both need that hit.  Lord, I sound like a junkie.  When you rent with Hertz, try using CDP (Counter Discount Program – in this case the American Express Platinum card discount program) #211762 and PC (Promotional Code) 162330.  Thanks to HikerT and infamousdx for that tip!  You can enter both when you make your reservation.  While I actually have the Amex Platinum card, rumor is the CDP Platinum code often works even if you don’t posses the Platinum card.  The coupon code is valid for rentals picked up after noon on Thursday – midnight on Saturday.  If you use those codes and make the reservation for one day (or less), the total often comes to around $20 or less.

  • Most of my other transactions are starting to trickle in to my Dividend Miles account as well.  There have not yet been any wide-spread reports of “foul balls” (ie hits that are failing for large numbers of people) that I have read on Flyertalk, Milepoint, or other blogs that are following the Grand Slam.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will stay that way.

US Airways Grand Slam Bad News:

  • Today the price of buying miles directly from US Airways went up from $0.0275 per mile to $.035 cents per mile.  To purchase the minimum number of miles required for a Grand Slam hit (1,000 miles), the cost has gone from $29.56 to $37.63.  That takes that hit from the “fairly-pricey” range to the “pretty-pricey” range in my book.  What is worse, for those who buy lots of miles from US Airways, this price increase will really impact the value of that purchase.  For example, if you wanted to buy 50,000 miles, the cost just went from $1478.13 to $1,881.25!  While I have never considered buying miles in large quantities for those kinds of rates, it can be a good deal when they have their 100% bonus and you get 100,000 miles for just under $1500.  If you are using your miles for international First/Business tickets, obtaining the tickets by buying miles is often much cheaper than actually buying the ticket.  Crazy, but true.  Still way out of my price range though.
  • There is at least one report of the Super Shuttle hit from the Phoenix Airport to the Aloft hotel not posting due to the transaction being ineligible since the rider didn’t actually ride the shuttle.  I wouldn’t get overly concerned based off of one report, but it is worth mentioning.  We did this transaction for my husband’s account earlier in the week, so we’ll see if it goes through.  I think those hits have been mainly posting on Fridays.

Just as an update, I am now playing the Grand Slam on my husband’s US Airways account and have found a way to get 16 transactions/hits that should bring in over 25,000 miles for less than $80.  They are all hits that you can replicate (ie not transferring tons of hotel points or counting transactions for hotel stays from work).  That is a domestic round-trip airline ticket for under $80!  Simply an amazing value.  In fact, for many families I think that the best strategy may be just getting as many accounts as you desire to the 16 hit level.  I will share the list of hits that we did to get 16 hits for $80 in the very near future.

Also, a reader is going to have three subscriptions to Sunset Magazine (thanks to the Grand Slam) that she doesn’t need.  If you know anyone who would like a complimentary subscription to Sunset Magazine, let me know and I will pass the info along to her.  Thanks so much to Faith for offering this.

I’d love an update of how the Grand Slam is going for you!

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  1. Hello there!
    I received a sweep of bonus miles in my account today. Such a good way to start my day. Yaaaay
    My hits so far are for 1 choice hotel stay, buy miles, swap points and magazines.
    I am eagerly waiting for my hits for 3 more hotel stays, officemax, netsol, netflix, shopping mall (amazon– pack of gillette blades, which every man wants), e-miles, trackitback, sharebuilder, BOA Debit card, Tool bar, Biscoff, Dining, Super Shuttle (skeptical as of now abt the PHX trip). That should be 15 more hits taking me to 19 in total.
    I am targeting at 32 hits so that I can get a round trip ticket Business class to India, which is scheduled next March.
    Most of my coming hits are going to be “fairly expensive” and pain staking since I do not have enough points to transfer, all the car rentals are going to be out of pocket, etc.

  2. Mommy points has been fantastically helpful for my hits. Thank you very much.

    Can I open multiple DM accounts and enter the GS for 16 hits, so that I can use for future travel?
    I am not going to use others names to get this. I will open multiple accounts with the same name.

  3. I am at 36 hits. With the recent sweep, I have 28 posted so far. I tried the office max route early on, but nothing has posted yet. I also can’t tell if my trial preferred posted as a hit, though my account shows silver, but nothing registers it as a hit. I have four rentals and a hotel stay yet to go. I’ll probably finish with 41 or 42 hits, I will assume I am going to have some foul balls somewhere. 9 of my hits were hotel transfers. It was a good way to relieve some miscellaneous miles sitting in a few of my hotel accounts. Diners club helped with some of the other hotel transfer points. Thanks for all your tips mommy points

  4. My SuperShuttle PHX > ALoft posted and counted as a hit. I’m up to 16 hits (12 posted). Still debating going for the next 4 – I’m starting to get into pricier hits for things I don’t really need. However, it’s hard to stop.

  5. Great updates so far! You are definitely keeping me motivated for this promo.

    So far 9/13 hits have posted miles to my account but I’ve only received the first bonus so far. I will definitely get to 16 hits but not sure if it will pay to go for 20.

  6. @HikerT, thanks, it is almost impossible to know where some of this great info truly originated. However, I am a big fan of giving credit where credit is due! Drbobguy, you have my gratitude.

    @uday, I promise to write and share that post with you soon! If you want to get a head start, check out some of the free or cheaper hits on this page and they will start you in the right direction.

    @Kashyap, sounds like you are doing great!

    @Jim L, wow! Great job!

    @Marilyn 🙂

    @Dave, it is hard to know when to quit. Glad your Super Shuttle hit posted. Still waiting on my husbands. If you don’t want to play anymore on your account, maybe a friend or family member will want you to play for them?!

    @Michael W, it is hard to know when the pay-off doesn’t make sense to keep playing. 16 hits is a good threshold. 🙂

    @Zachary, I will share your email address with Faith so that you guys can coordinate that! So glad the magazine will go to a “good home”.

  7. If anyone wants to do a “share” miles transaction, let me know. It looks like the total cost is $40.75, and one of us transfers 1000 miles to the other (so obviously an exact 50/50 split of costs won’t be fair). If anyone wants to do it, contact me at jonnydoe1234 AT yahoo dot com.

  8. Just as another possible info point, I’m beginning to suspect that the 1-800-flowers Gund birthday bear might have been a foul ball; IIRC normally by this time it would have posted.

    • They already posted for me despite the ship date being October 18 – I paid for the bear Sept 26….Have patience and good luck!

  9. @Nick, I can’t remember exactly what post it was on right now, but I know that there were a couple of others who posted on here looking to share miles as well. They are in the comments section on one of the Grand Slam posts. I’m just not sure which one right now. Hopefully you find someone to split the cost with you!

    @Bonnie, thanks for sharing!

    @Shingwedzi, I have read some reports of sale items from 1-800-FLOWERS having some trouble. However, others are getting through just fine. An email or call to their customer service may help either identify the problem or put your mind at ease if it has been several weeks since you placed the order. They have let others return and order a new item in the event that no miles were awarded. GL!

    @garipi, thanks for the info!

  10. Mommypoints,

    I wanted to put in another request for you to post the 16 hits for $80 that you figured out for your husbands account. I’ve got a lot of friends who I’ve been able to get sort of interested in mileage but are afraid of applying for credit cards and don’t want to invest a lot for miles they’re afraid they won’t be able to use. I’ve love to be able to link them to a guide of how to get a free ticket without spending a bunch.

  11. I got a late start this year for the Grand Slam, and only started on Sept 28. But so far in 1.5 weeks, I have 22/25 hits that have posted to my US Airways account, and am waiting for Biscoff, Network Solutions, and Officemax to get there.

    Luckily, no issues with SuperShuttle, Audience Rewards, or vinesse, as they have all posted some activity to my account.

    However, I am having some buyer’s remorse, as I slightly regret losing 5K Hyatt points, 10K Hilton points, and 10K Priority Club points. I think I would’ve felt better if I had done 3 $20 car rentals instead of those hotel transfers.

    • @David, I understand about the points. It saves out-of-pocket funds, but the value of the points in the hotel programs is probably higher. Don’t have remorse though, just enjoy the US Airways miles that you are getting and use a different strategy next year, if you want. 🙂

  12. Thanks for all of your postings Mommy Points! Do you actually have to show up at Hertz for the points to count, or can you just reserve and no-show?

    • @1711, it all depends what you have worked out. There are certainly reports of people no-showing, but it is usually after that is arranged with the Hertz manager at their office. If you are a Gold member who has rented before, there is nothing you actually have to do, so it can be done without you.

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