Up To 2000 Free United or Continental Miles – New MileagePlus Toolbar

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I mentioned earlier this week that the United and Continental shopping portals were undergoing a major overhaul, and that the previous United Shopping toolbar was “retired” as of 10/3.  Well, today there is a brand new MileagePlus toolbar for you to download and 500 bonus miles to go with it!  So far, this toolbar seem to just work for PC’s, so no guarantees it will work for my Mac using friends. 

Additionally, you can earn up to 100 miles per month just by performing searches using the toolbar.  While I am not personal a huge fan of using toolbars myself, I do think they can be great for some families who otherwise would be too busy to go through a shopping portal for making their online purchases.  I downloaded one for my mom on her computer, and it helps ensure she earns miles while making online purchases.  That way, she doesn’t have to remember to do the extra step of selecting a portal.  Even if you don’t like to use toolbars on an ongoing basis, you can always uninstall it later and enjoy your 500 free miles!

To help celebrate their newly renovated site, MileagePlus is also awarding 1,500 miles for any purchase of $125 or more with any participating retailer through 10/31.  I don’t have a purchase of $125 planned between now and the end of the month, but you never know what may come up between now and then.  🙂

I must say that in my experience, the “old” United Shopping portal was pretty notorious about not posting bonuses such as this as advertized.  I have always had to follow-up to get my bonuses, and I will post more about that soon.  It does usually work out in the end, but it has required some extra work.  Still, 2,000 free miles is nothing to laugh at in my books.  If you were planning to make a purchase of $125 anyway, might as well get some free miles for your efforts!

The last thing I noticed on the site was that it said as a MileagePlus cardholder (though I only have a Continental card) I was eligible for increased miles offers from participating stores.  I couldn’t find any details or specifics about that, but it did sound interesting……..brought back memories of the “good old days” of double OnePass miles at Shop OnePass.  I’ll fill you in on more of those details when I get them.

If you have never used a shopping portal, or otherwise have no clue what I am talking about, please let me know.  Shopping portals really are one of the cornerstones of how my family earns miles for purchases we were going to make anyway.  Regular purchases plus bonuses such as this can add up very quickly, and will help get to your next destination (almost) for free.

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  1. great. ya know I never got the i think 500 bonus miles from one of your first ever posts. will have to look back and send them an email!

    • @DGF, they really have not had a good track record of paying out bonuses automatically. Definitely follow-up on your miles. I have had good luck when I follow-up with an email. I have my fingers crossed the recent site “improvements” have made that process better, but only time will tell.

  2. Thanks. I haven’t used portals until now (just used the US portal a GS11 hit, which I registered for thanks to your blog!), but they sound like a good deal, if only I could make my wife go through the extra trouble.

    I would be very interested to know which portals you use, and how you decide between them for any particular purchase. Or is it that most stores partner with one airline program? A primer would be very helpful. Thank you for a very useful blog!

    • @Alex, I will do a more updated post soon (great idea!), but this post might help some in deciding which portals to use. If you don’t think your wife will be on board with adding an extra step to online purchasing, just install a toolbar that you think makes sense for your family and have her use that (I put the Amex Membership Rewards toolbar, Insite) on my mom’s computer. No real extra steps required. 🙂

  3. Unlike the AA and Hawaiian toolbars, the Mileage Plus toolbar doesnt seem to keep track of searches, nor is it awarding me any miles earned (at least no notification of it) after searches. Did about 10 of them to make sure.

  4. Great deal – only problem is I have a Mac and the toolbar will only work on a PC. Hope us Mac folks get the same bonus offer when they release an OSX version.

  5. Requires administrator login for installation. Why? It also wipes out other firefox add-ons. Who designed this? No thank you.

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