Earn Points for Your iPhone 4S Purchase!

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The iPhone 4s went on pre-sale on Friday and officially goes on sale in stores on October 14th.  The prices ranges from $199 – $399 depending on the amount of memory you select.  As you may have read here, I am a big iPhone fan.  It really helps my family stay connected while traveling.  Also, what better tribute to the late Steve Jobs than to continue to support Apple.

But to get to the point, the important info (at least for this site!) is to make sure that you get as many miles and points as possible if you are planning to make this purchase.  Thanks to this thread on Milepoint for the inspiration for this post.  Even if you aren’t the Apple type, this post can still help give you an idea of some of the available points and miles options for making other online purchases.  If you want to earn as many miles and points as possible, the best plan is to avoid the madness of the Apple store on 10/14, and place your order online through a shopping portal.  While there are almost limitless shopping portals, I will highlight the main offerings that relate to the iPhone from four different portals.  Many of these portals did not award points for pre-sale orders placed for the iPhone on Friday, but they all seem good to go today.

Chase Ultimate Rewards

You must have an eligible Chase card to use this portal, but if you do, it is a great option.

Apple Store 2x

Best Buy 3x

Walmart 3x

American Express Membership Rewards

Again, you must have an eligible American Express card to use this portal.  I have a Platinum card, so the earning rates could vary some for the Gold card.  These earning rates are pretty good if you like Membership Reward points.

Apple Store 4x

Best Buy 4x

Walmart 4x

United MileagePlus Shopping

The earning rates per dollar are pretty bad right now from these retailers, but since United MileagePlus is giving 1,500 bonus miles for purchases over $125 until October 31st, this actually may be the best bet for some people.  If you are still trying to get Months of Miles transactions, this this is an extremely good option.  I will most likely be making my iPhone purchase from this portal due to the bonus miles.  If you still want to use ShopOnepass, they are offering 2x from all three retailers, however you will not get the 1,500 bonus miles.

Apple Store 1x

Best Buy 1x

Walmart 1x

AAdvantage eShopping Mall

The rates from this portal aren’t great either, but I included it in case you favor One World miles.

Apple 1x

Best Buy 1x

Walmart 2x

I know not everyone is in the market for a new iPhone, but for those who are there are some pointers to make sure you are getting miles and points for a purchase you were going to make anyway!  Please let me know if you find a more lucrative miles and points option for purchasing an iPhone than I was able to find!

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  1. […] Traditionally the best online shopping portal for Apple was the American Express Membership Rewards shopping portal.  It often awarded around 4x for purchases made at the Apple store.  However, that portal disappeared without warning a few months ago, and has yet to return.  Perhaps it will reappear in the future, but it certainly isn’t available right now.  That leaves us to try and find a new source for earning points on Apple products.  The good news is that there are many options, the bad news is that the options aren’t currently as lucrative as they were when I did a similar post for the iPhone 4S in October. […]


  1. The Membership Rewards shopping page explicitly says no points for purchase of iPhone 4S. Older iPhone 4 still qualifies for points.

    • @angeleno, it reads to me that pre-orders were ineligible for bonus points until today (just like the rest of the portals), but that as of today you are good to go for up to two units. Is yours showing something different?

    • @Shannon, very strange. I just checked using my mom’s Premier Gold card and Apple was there. Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. “Earn Points for Your iPhone 4S Purchase!”

    You know I see this all the time, but it bugs me and I am going to say something now. When you are talking to the general public that includes people purchasing and people who are not purchasing then the appropriate title would be “Earn Points for One’s iPhone 4S Purchase” or more smoothly, “Earn Points for an iPhone 4S Purchase”.

      • I’m sure there are often better ways to phrase things than I do, but I write like I speak. I speak pretty informally, and thus write pretty informally (or some may say incorrectly). While it may or may not be true, I write this site as if I am writing to my friends, so sometimes you will see some less formal grammar choices. Thanks for sharing that tip though!

    • @Rachel, my focus usually is points and miles, but it is helpful to share other ways to make the most of your purchases, so thank you!

  3. @mommypoints, looks like the terms have changed since I checked this past Thursday. So you are correct, sorry for the confusion.

    • @Angeleno228, no problem. I was just worried you were seeing something I missed. It is crazy how quickly terms and conditions like that can change. Thanks!

  4. Just the post I was looking for. I still cant figure out whether to get it for Sprint or Verizon. I’m with At&T and the service is horrendous in NYC. I only have access to the AA, US Air Dividends, and Hawaiian Shopping Portals so I can’t take advantage of the MR points potential. =[

    • @Stan, glad it was helpful! Do you just prefer those portals mentioned? If you like United/Continental miles, the best deal may be the United portal solely for the 1,500 bonus points. Whichever you choose, I’m excited for you that you are earning as many miles as possible! 🙂

        • @Stan, I flew Continental (United) a lot when I lived in NYC and really liked them, but it is just personal preference and flight patterns. If you already have some favorites you want to stick with, then just work on adding miles to those accounts. 🙂

  5. I’d suggest to anyone getting an IPhone to consider insurance. The Iphone is pretty fragile, and can have issues.

    I’ve noticed that by going directly with Sprint, Apple Care is a flat $99 fee— supposedly Best Buy charges a $14.99 monthly rate for their insurance. I’ve heard that if you buy the IPhone directly from Apple that they only charge a flat $69 for Apple Care— is this still the case?

    So for me it isn’t worth it to get a few miles by buying the IPhone from Best Buy and pay higher insurance; if the Apple Care plan is still a flat $69 fee, then going through the Amex Mall directly with Apple may be your best value.

    Though I am clueless about Walmart’s phone insurance options…

  6. Hi! Is there a website you can go to that will tell you what the best shopping portal is to collect the most amount of miles for a specific store? I need to order some party goods and want the most miles I can get.

    • @Tovah, a lot of people use this site to compare portals: http://www.evreward.com/
      I think it is okay to get a general idea, but it isn’t always 100% up to date and make sure you read the fine print on your selected portal/store before you purchase your items to make sure that they aren’t excluded for earning miles for some reason.

  7. Can anyone give me an idea about buying a phone? I have ordered the mytouch with T-mobile but i am not very tech Savvy and the HTC one S or X with T-mobile seemed really simple and also i like the fact that I can get all kinds of music all the time, since I travel all the time and would love to listen to music on it…
    Or should I wait for the I-phone 5? I have a Macbook pro and i am %100 certain that is a “LEMON”. I have apple care and everytime I go there, a young Arrogant punk type person writes that there is a liquid damage and they refrained from fixing it and wanted to charge me a flat rate of $750 dollars. After calling their corporate I finally got the computer fixed, however the Optical drive is still a problem and I have never been able to watch a movie. I like to take them to small claims and get my money back but I see that everyone loves their I-PHONE? What is it about it? It seems like an addiction to Apple products? Should I sign up with Verizon to get the 5000 miles with United Mileage plus however they just have phones like Thunderbold by HTc and Samsung Illusion. What do you all think? I have a store credit at the Apple Store for some items that I returned so I can buy the I-phone there and I will get the Apple Care but as I said that love Saying NO and always something like a liquid damage or Some BS like external damage as I have kept it in excellent condition (a cover) Unibody hard cover, plastic film on the keyboard, another Zipper bag to put it in….
    Please let me know how I can get the I-phone at the Apple store with my store credit and how I can get the points with United from Verizon? or how long should I wait before I get the I-phone 5? When does it come out?
    What are the differences? Sorry for all the stupid questions…
    Thank you for your help…

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