What’s the Point?

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If you have read Mommy Points for a while, you know that I like to take snapshots in time to remind myself (and others) why miles and points are so important.  This is an interesting reminder in that this time the point wasn’t made while we were on a trip, it was while we were doing something in our own community.  My little family is about to enter another very heavy travel period, however thanks to miles and points, the financial burden of the travel is dramatically lifted from our wallets.

That means that we still have some cash to participate in things closer to home.  If we had to pay for all of these upcoming trips out of pocket, there is no way we would have the cash to do exciting things on the weekend with Little C.

Exciting things like riding a llama.  She loved it – I never knew how cute it could be to hear “Llama, Mama!  Llama, Mama!”  And thanks to the llama for smiling for the photo. He may want to use the money we put into the llama fund to seek out a llama orthodontist though.

Seeing knights joust was a huge high point of the day for Little C.  For the record, the green knight one.

Eating fried alligator on a stick with Mommy and Daddy was also pretty exciting.  Though I think she has her eye on the cajun sausage on a stick!

Seriously though, having miles and points set aside to help offset the cost of travel helps take the burden off of our bank account as the trips near.  Less financial burden means less stress, and less stress means more fun together as a family.  More fried alligator for everyone!  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend whether you are close to home, or in a far-away land.

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  1. Great post, MP! Its important to remember that points = money. Points are just as much about personal finance as they are about travel, IMHO. Have a great weekend with the family!

  2. Very cute pictures, but isn’t Daddy supposed to be in a Knight’s costume and Mommy dressed up like a serving wench? And I’m not entirely sure that llama’s smiling.

  3. @TPG, that is so true! Hope you are having a great weekend in West Hollywood. 🙂

    @Steve, ha ha. We aren’t quite that hardcore…yet. We are considering dressing up once C is old enough to really be into it (if she is into it)!

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