Office Max Hit (Grand Slam) – Possible Foul Ball Alert!

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I’ve been getting many questions lately regarding the Office Max Grand Slam hit.  I wasn’t too concerned until recently, but it has now been a little while since most of those purchases were made.  More worrying is the info I read on this Flyertalk thread.  It seems that those who have contacted Office Max about their purchases have been told that their US Airways Dividend Miles numbers are not attached to the orders.  Office Max did not have a place to input your DM numbers for the first couple weeks of the Grand Slam, but the people who are reporting that Office Max does not have their number attached to the order are ones who placed their orders after that glitch was “fixed”.

My Office Max miles have not yet posted either, so I used their online form to send in an inquiry today.  The standard response they seem to be providing is something along the lines of:

We do apologize for the inconvenience. We have forwarded this information on so that you receive the miles for this purchase. Please keep in mind that they may not appear for 8 weeks. If after 8 weeks you still do not see the miles from this purchase please let us know.

I’ll let you know what I hear back.  You can also call them at 1-877-633-4236.  If it has been a few weeks since you placed your order, I highly recommend you contact them as there is no indication yet of miles posting automatically.  Better safe than sorry in this case.  As always, when making purchases for points/miles or using portals, I recommend saving a screen shot of the activity in the event any future issues arise.

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  1. MP – I sent in the email over the weekend and the points posted Monday. I had my order number and DM number on the email. Good luck!

  2. I just called OfficeMax before seeing this and the customer service reps are very helpful — most people who called said they got the miles within a few days.

  3. Also, if they don’t post, the DMF Partner Marketing team ( team will manually add the miles based on the purchase date. This happened for one of the merchants last year for me.

  4. I spoke to them today. They told me that there is a software glitch and a massive number of orders have been affected. The rep also said that their customer service is literally flooded with phone calls about missing miles. According to him, every time somebody calls, the issue is being escalated to the next level. I was promised a resolution within two business days. I’ll believe it when I see it. But a take-away point from this conversation is that making a phone call is probably a good idea.

  5. I ordered on 9-15-11 and it still hasn’t posted. :{ I need to send an email. Is there a best address to send it to increase the odds of success?

  6. Just want to update what I said up there … an hour after I called, the miles posted to my account. I also emailed last night, so that may have done it. Contacting OfficeMax is best, calling is better!

  7. I just called them and didn’t get any of that concerned and helpful feedback that all of the above poster got. My asociate literally said “I see that your order was placed on 9/25 – it could take up to 8 weeks for miles to post”. 🙁 So, basically, go fish. After I pressed her on the fact that this seems to be a company wide issue of a software glitch and non-attached DM numbers, she offered to send an email to somebody within a company who would get back to me within 48 hours. So, we’ll wait more to see. Darn Office Max!

  8. Based on these responses here and the continued posts on the Flyertalk thread I referenced in the post, it sounds like people are getting pretty varied responses in terms of helpfulness posting the miles. It seems to range from wait eight weeks, nothing is wrong, to we know there is a massive software glitch and let me post your miles immediately. Very interesting……

  9. I send OfficeMax an email Monday night regarding points, they responded with the standard wait 8 weeks line, however Wednesday morning the points were in my account!

  10. Calling is the WAY to go. They all have a memo on what to do and sounds like we will get the points fast this way. Thanks so much for the help! – René

  11. I know that this might not help those of you that have already purchased stuff, but on the USAir website there is a link that will prompt you to enter your Dividend Miles number before being sent to the Office Max site.

    In case that doesn’t work, here’s the page right before that one…

    (The second link also gives you the option to click on some other Grand Slam participants, ie FTD, Biscoff, Vinesse, etc.)

    Did the people that are having trouble getting credit go through one of the above links, or did you go through the Dividend Miles shopping site?

    • @SEE, there was/is a problem even if you went through those links. Many, including me, entered our DM numbers after using those links and still are having some trouble. Thanks for posting the links though!

  12. I got the standard letter: “We do apologize for the inconvenience. We have forwarded this information on so that you receive the miles for this purchase. Please keep in mind that they may not appear for 8 weeks. If after 8 weeks you still do not see the miles from the this purchase please let us know.” now I have to call, ugggg.

      • Phone call worked. Email said up to 8 weeks but 24hrs after call I got the credit at USAIR.


        BTW would be believe less than 30 days after the FR I am back in with AMEX!?! Will tell you all about it at DO but it worked great and me wife in 1 week will be PLATINUM medallion with DELTA!


  13. I called on Tuesday, Oct. 11 since I didn’t see my miles post and the agent told me she would send an email to that department letting them know. Late on Wednesday, Oct. 12, I got an email saying the miles needed 8 weeks to post, but today (Oct. 13) the miles posted!

    I think we’re going to have to call on these.

  14. I wrote to OM this morning at 7am. Received a reply that it may take 8 weeks at 12pm. Had my miles in my account by 3pm.

    Glad I wrote to them

  15. I just got off the phone with an OfficeMax representative, and they confirmed that they had a problem with almost all orders made prior to October 3rd. The girl was very pleasant and reasonable about checking for me – they seem to have a process set up, because they’re getting so many phone calls. Just make sure you have your order number and Dividend Miles number, and you shouldn’t have any trouble. She told me that I’d see the miles post within three days. We’ll see.

  16. Just called because of the advice on this and TPG – the lady was extremely friendly, told me she had a form to fill out regarding this, and that she’d send it to the fulfillment department immediately. Hopefully everything is as smooth for me as it was for others on here

  17. Yep, I had to call and the nice lady on the phone said they have indeed had quite the problems with these points posting. Thanks for posting the number to call!

  18. I called a month ago and got the form e-mail. Nothing showed up. I called again today and they read the same e-mail to me over the phone (great customer service!) and told me to wait.

    • @Robert, that stinks! I will say that I have noticed that my account has now been double credited. Many others have as well, so I think there is some automatic process that is working again – although perhaps very slowly. Good luck!

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