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Do you want to hear about a miles and points secret that has never been blogged about?  Then join me in Chicago on October 28th – 30th at the Chicago Seminars.  Many of the very best points and miles experts will be there sharing tips that you aren’t going to find written about on any blog.  Some deals you just gotta hear about in person!  I signed up for this seminar months ago, and have been very excited to learn more of the inside secrets of travel hacking, point collecting, maximizing your points, etc… ever since!

I am  reminding you about this today because registration ends this Friday – October 14th.  It is only $75 to attend and this includes your sessions, lunch both days, transportation to and from the overflow hotel (host hotel is sold out), and admission to the Halloween party on Saturday night!  I am debating between dressing as a pirate and a punk rocker, oh decisions, decisions.  While this will be my first Seminar to attend, I am certain you will more than get your $75 worth of information.  Just to be clear, I am in no way affiliated with this seminar other than just attending right along side with you.  I just know how valuable in-person information can be from these seasoned points pros!

Here is the schedule of events:

You can find out more about the event here, or you can go ahead and register here.  The overflow hotel is the Holiday Inn & Suites Rosemont/O’Hare and the prices are extremely reasonable for $91.00 per night (using the conference rate), including breakfast.  I’ll be using my stay as one of my Grand Slam hits!  The actual seminar will be at the nearby sold-out Holiday Inn Elk Grove, but there will be shuttles between the two hotels for you to utilize.

Remember, just a few more days to register!  Come learn about top-secret miles and points information and have drinks at a costume party with a Mommy dressed as a rock star/pirate – maybe I will just go as a pirate rock star.  Can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend before Halloween!  🙂  Are you joining in the fun?

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  1. *sigh* Another event I’d love to go to. Sucks I don’t have a career yet, I suppose it’s better to be in school than in this economy right now…

  2. @Jimgottkp, ironically I can’t go because I have a career! I so wished I had traveled more when I was in school and had the time.

  3. I will be there, see you then. I plan not to use this as a Grand Slam hit as it will be my 2nd PC brand & hope I can get more PC points from codes floating around somewhere:-)

  4. MP: I am curious how a stay at the HI will count as a hit for Grand Slam purposes. According to the US Air’s info, you receive 2 miles per $ spent and a “hit” requires 200 miles minimum. I am not sure a $91 room rate would hit the threshold or is tax included? Grouping the two nights together would seemingly cross the threshold, but it appears HI reports the stays separately. I am in the same situation, but wanted to see if I’m missing something.

  5. @Chris maybe if you put something else under your hotel bill? I’m going to be there 3 nights, getting in a day early, but only two nights are under my name so i’ll have to look into this.

    At any rate, yay! I’m excited for the event, and I didn’t know there was a Halloween party 🙂

  6. MP, absolutely concur the ORD DO is a supercharged event.

    Last year at the first ORD DO, enjoyed hearing from GLeff, Rick, Ric Garrido, and Mr. Pickles. Wonderful comraderie…our endstate–we earned at least 1M miles/points following the DO and using techniques I learned. Booked the HI and event first day of registration this year, but in early August got a super deal to spend two weeks traveling to Europe and back to US in next week thru early Nov–naturally used miles fly BA next Tues (FC to Lisbon) and points for hotel stay. ORD DO attendees will supercharge their miles/points accounts following their attendance at this year’s DO–plus, you will get to meet and socialize with wonderful travel loving folks.

  7. I’ll be there! I’m looking forward as much to meeting others in this crowd as the seminar itself. I’ll be at the overflow hotel which actually looks pretty nice based in the photos and reviews online.

  8. @jimgotkp, there will be future seminars. 🙂

    @kris, ha ha. So true! And if it isn’t the career, it’s family that makes it hard. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love my family I have now, but I wish I would have traveled more before having a family. Hard to be away for things like this.

    @JA, I think a couple of the sessions are at capacity, but I think there will be super useful info at any of the available options.

    @gpapadop, see you then!

    @Chris, I should have been more specific. 🙂 I didn’t book two stays – I booked one stay of two nights. I should be grouped together just fine. I also am not actually on the conference rate. I am not a slightly higher rate that includes some snacks, some CTA passes, and breakfast. I booked it just because the conference rate wasn’t working when I booked, but I am keeping it just as insurance for the GS (and I like snacks). Good question!

    @ Jerry, just charge some things to your room and you should be fine. Or, see if a different rate code meets your needs better.

    @sr, will have to consider that. 😉

    @DGF, see you there!

    @Wes, thanks for sharing!

    @Frequent Miler, it does look pretty decent. See you there!

    • @Dan, no, but I know The Points Guy has a post up about it today. People are sharing links in the comments page on his post.

    • @Maxim, I only know of this one annually in Chicago. I know the organizers have mentioned maybe moving it to Orlando this year, but I haven’t heard NYC come up. NYC would be fun though!

  9. Mommypoints, I AM IN! Just booked my trip. FYI – I am taking the MIG-17 ride on Wednesday, October 26th. Hope to see you on Saturday, October 29th 😉 I am staying at the same hotel as you are… Not sure if I am going to wear my pilot or police outfit to the party. See you then! =^..^=

    • @Whiskarina, woohoo! Can’t wait to see you there! Glad at least someone else is dressing up. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about your MIG ride! BTW, I think I was able to get in the host hotel today. That may blow my plans to have this stay count as a hit, but at least I won’t be hopping back and forth from hotels. Either way, so excited you are coming!

      • @MP – last year the host hotel made sure everyone got full points for the stay due to the fact we are all points nutz! Check with INGY but I bet that is the case again.

        • @DGF, I have read that points are being awarded – thank goodness for nuts like us! My route into the host hotel though is a bit complex – short story is there is a guy who can’t use his reservation, so it is going to me, but the hotel can’t actually change it to me as the system would just “eat the room slot” since they are so full. Anyway, the Priority Club credit may end up going to him – no biggie, just time to think of another hit. 🙂

      • Correct. Those 3 are sold out, and no others. It appears that none of the others will sell out, but won’t know for sure until tomorrow (Friday), when we close out registration at 5 pm Central.

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