Hey Grand Slam, Where are my Hits??

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In the last couple weeks I have been asked the question “Where are my Grand Slam hits?” more times per day than Little C asks me for more chocolate milk.  The question comes in various forms, but it usually boils down to two things: 1.  I bought x item x days ago, when will it post?  Should I be worried? or 2.  Where can I go to see how many hits I have?

Don’t feel bad if you have asked these questions yourself – you are in good company.  🙂  I have even started to get curious about where a few of my own hits are, and have discovered that at least one hit (Office Max) probably won’t post unless you follow-up.  If you are wondering about either of the questions listed above, I highly recommend you check out my Grand Slam FAQ post which will help with both questions, but especially with question #2.  I am also going do a run-down of my husband’s hits (his were more recent than mine, so may be more relevant if you are still missing hits) so that you can get an idea of what has posted for him and what hasn’t. Also, if I happen to know either from personal experience or Flyertalk approximately how quickly that hit usually posts, I will share that information too.

Hit 1.  Download Dividend Miles Shopping Toolbar and complete three searches

Transaction date: 9/27

Post date: 10/06

I think I read that this one only posts once per month, so depending on when you do your searches, it may take a little while for the hit to come through.  I did mine very early into the promo and it also posted on 10/6.

Hit 2.  Points.com

Transaction date: 9/27

Post date: 9/27

This one went super fast on my husband’s account.  I think it took closer to a week on my account.

Hit 3.  e-Miles

My husband’s account is 5 miles away from hitting the 500 mile minimum, so this hit is not yet completed.  On my account this hit took less than a week to post.

Hit 4.  Share Miles

Transaction date: 9/27

Post date: 9/27

This was a nice instant hit.

Hit 5.  Sharebuilder

On my account this hit posted the next day, but my husband’s account it has been about a week and it still hasn’t posted.  I am starting to wonder if they closed the “free” route to this hit as we did not fund his account.  I will wait it out another week or so, and then probably fund the account to get the hit.  On Flyertalk, HikerT reports that he bought a share of Office Depot for about $2 + $9.95 commission.  Still a cheap hit and may be the only way to ever get this to post at this point.

Hit 6.  Magazines for Miles

Transaction date: 9/27

Post date: 9/27

This one posted the same day for both accounts.

Hit 7.  Audience Rewards

Transaction date: 9/27

Post date: 10/04

This one took about a week for both accounts.

Hit 8.  Thanks Again – Restaurant.com Gift Certificate

This hit has not yet posted on my husband’s account.  It has been about 10 days since the transaction.  It posted within 4 days on my account.  Not quite sure what their pattern is.  I’ll give it another 7-10 days before I inquire on his account.

Hit 9.  US Airways Dining Program

This one took two weeks to post on my account and it has been almost that long on my husband’s account and it hasn’t yet posted.  It does show in his US Airways Dividend Miles Dining reward history as paid three days ago,  so it should appear soon.

Hit 10.  Dividend Miles Shopping Portal

Transaction date: 9/29

Post date: 10/06

This probably varies some with each retailer, but both accounts took 7-10 days to have this hit post.

Hit 11.  Super Shuttle

Transaction date: 10/01

Post date: 10/14

This one seems to post on Fridays.  That held true for both accounts.  I did the DFW version and my husband did the PHX version and both posted the following Friday.

Hit 12.  Office Max

This is one you probably have to follow-up on to get credit.  Mine posted about 36 hours after I sent in the online form requesting that the miles be added.  Still waiting on my husband’s, I submitted his a few hours after mine.  Read this post for more information.

Hit 13.  Vinesse

This hit has not posted on either account.  I made the purchases about two weeks ago.  I have received one of the items in the mail, but no miles yet.  Fridays seem to be big Vinesse posting days, so if it doesn’t post tomorrow I will probably follow-up next week.

Hit 14. Skymall

This one averages 7-10 days from the order.  My husband’s battery order was actually just cancelled by Skymall, so we probably have to look for another purchase to make.  Oh boy!  (note the sarcasm – this hit has been a bit troublesome on his account)

Hit 15.  Biscoff

This hit seems to post once, at the end of the month.  Mine posted on 9/29, and my husband’s had not yet posted.  Hopefully it will at the end of October.

Hit 16.  Hertz Rental

Transaction date: 10/7

Post date: 10/13

A week or so from when the rental was returned seems to be average.  My first Hertz rental took a full two weeks to post, but the second one was a bit quicker.

So, there you have it.  My husband (and by that I mean me playing for him) started playing on 9/27, and on 10/13 has completed all but one of the 16 hits that he is going for and 8 have posted.  The eighth hit came in just after the last bonus mileage sweep, so to date he has only received his bonus miles for his first 4 hits.  Patience is key in this game, but you also do need to stay on top of your hits and follow-up if too many weeks go by without your miles posting.  If you want an idea of additional regular hit posting times, check out this thread.  Beltway is doing an amazing job of keeping it updated – look at the beginning of the thread for updated posting times for many of the hits.

Are you starting to worry about any hits on your account?  Have your posting patterns been the same or different than mine?

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  1. Don’t look for another item on SkyMall. The canceled orders still post. In fact, when I realized that SkyMall is so stupid I started submitting battery orders on daily basis. They were cancelling one after another but giving me triple miles for every single of them. I ended up collecting over 500 miles until they finally woke up and removed the batteries from their catalog. Bad programmers is a huge asset!!!!

    • @Eugene, I have read that, but was just a little afraid the miles would be taken back at some point. 🙂 Looks like you found a great loop-hole though!

  2. Skymall has a “Lighted Nail Clipper/Magnifier” that costs $9.99. Good Mommy tool. I bought it as a stocking stuffer. Seems like a good buy.

  3. concerned about:
    Network Solutions: 9/21/2011
    Sharebuilder 10/01/2011, will eventually fund

    Also: playing for family of 4: 1 person’s mag for miles didn’t post, went back to do it again and it looks like that link has closed down to spend miles for magazines, but instead is to spend money and make miles! (any help on this one? cheap hit now would be $12)
    Also, no audience rewards USA questions available for person #4,
    So two virtually free HITS are not showing up right now! At least 3 of us got these above hits! YMMV!

  4. I was able to fund my Sharebuilder account with $5. Trades on the first Tuesday of each month are $4. I got $1 worth of Sirius Radio. I did get the bonus miles and a hit.

  5. Do you think it’s worth waiting out the Sharebuilder to see if the miles post (without making a trade) or to call and ask them to post the miles or should I will I just have to buy a share? And for those that did make a trade, how long did it take until those miles posted? Thanks.

        • Thanks.

          Here are the questions and the correct answers:

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          True or False? The Mountaintop marks Angela Bassett’s debut on Broadway.

          True or False? The Marquis Theatre is NOT decorated throughout to look like a run down, about to be torn-down theatre for the current production of Follies.

          In Avenue Q, Christmas Eve’s character is what ethnicity?

          Besides Relatively Speaking, what other Broadway show has actor Steve Guttenberg been in?
          Prelude to a Kiss

  6. If you’re going to use Sharebuilder, don’t pay the $9.95 commission! Use the automatic investment option – which will make your transaction on a Tuesday, one time (if you select one time only) and will cost $4. Google around and you may find coupon codes for one free automatic investment trade and save that $4. There really is little harm in funding $5 and buying a penny stock (there are plenty of stocks you can buy that cost pennies, nickels or dimes).

  7. Both of my SkyMall purchases were cancelled by them, but the miles still posted. Not sure if they will be reversed, and if so, whether the hit would be reversed.

  8. Good Morning all.

    I have 22 hits. And 21 have posted. The only one I am missing is my US Air credit card spend. But I am not worried about that one. US Air has posted the miles for the 20 hits. The only hits I had to follow up on is Office Max (who hasn’t) and 1800 flowers. But on both occasions the hits appeared on my account within 48 hrs. For the 22 hits I have spent $86.59. Going to make 2 flower purchases in the next month then I am done at 24. I did this with NO hotel stays or car rentals.

    • My List as requested

      FREE: 5 Hotel Transfers: Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton,SPG
      And Priority Club (5 Hits)
      Mags for Miles, ERewards, Emiles, INGDirect,
      Tool Bar, Aud. Rewards, Credit Card Use,
      Points.Com Exchange 4/1, (8 Hits)

      Shopping Mall … $2 Donation to Pet Smart
      DM Dining…..$8.85 3 Black&White cookies
      SuperShuttle….$4 PHX
      Thanks Again….$2 Rest.Com Voucher
      Bischoff….$13.47 Annas sampler pack
      800Flowers….$19.98 Peanut Brittle
      Vinesse….$13.35 Book “From Vine to Wine”
      Skymall…..$$11.88 Spot remover
      Office Max…$11.06 Lifesavers (9 Hits)

      Total 22 Hits….21 Posted…waiting on CC spend

      Total Spent $88.79 Miles earned to date 20 hits
      35k Points.


  9. @infamousdx, they haven’t overly impressed me either.
    @Kathy, it is always a double bonus when you are able to buy something that you can actually use!
    @Jim, if you have the time and/or money, it is aboslutely worth it to play for kids. I haven’t yet found the time or money to play for her….but if I can in the next month, I will.
    @wt2, my Network Solutions hit has not yet posted either. Glad you found the new Audience Rewards and the Mags link!
    @Dave, thanks for sharing – sounds like a good option.
    @Dan, I do not recommend calling to ask about miles that should not really have posted in the first place. It is kind of a no-win situation. If you have made a trade and are missing miles then it is totally legit to call, but calling because you never funded an account and miles never showed up probably won’t get you very far. Just my opinion though. 🙂
    @ArizonaGuy, good tip. I will look into that!
    @Neal, wow that is amazing you go to 22 for under 90 bucks. How many of those were credit card hits? You should share your list!
    @MMS, thanks!

  10. Magazines for Miles has not posted for me and it is 6 days later now. The Dividend Miles Shopping Portal has been over 10 days now and has not posted. And yes, one has to contact OfficeMax to get them to post miles.

    • My List as requested 🙂

      FREE: 5 Hotel Transfers: Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton,SPG
      And Priority Club (5 Hits)
      Mags for Miles, ERewards, Emiles, INGDirect,
      Tool Bar, Aud. Rewards, Credit Card Use,
      Points.Com Exchange 4/1, (8 Hits)

      Shopping Mall … $2 Donation to Pet Smart
      DM Dining…..$8.85 3 Black&White cookies
      SuperShuttle….$4 PHX
      Thanks Again….$2 Rest.Com Voucher
      Bischoff….$13.47 Annas sampler pack
      800Flowers….$19.98 Peanut Brittle
      Vinesse….$13.35 Book “From Vine to Wine”
      Skymall…..$$11.88 Spot remover
      Office Max…$11.06 Lifesavers (9 Hits)

      Total 22 Hits….21 Posted…waiting on CC spend

      Total Spent $88.79 Miles earned to date 20 hits
      35k Points.

  11. Just got Vinesse “hit” today 10/14/11 , least got 50 miles posted with purchase date of 10/7/11. Hope it counts as a hit.

  12. Yep, these partners appear to only post miles once a month or less, which can lead to long waiting times: Network Solutions and Biscoff.

    After an email, OfficeMax posted for me.

    • Glad that Office Max posted for you after follow-up. At least they have been good about that so far! You are right about the long wait times for some partners. I’m still waiting on Net Sol myself.

  13. Foul ball on 800-flowers, supposedly the U44 code which is required for airline miles is considered a “bonus code” which is not allowed for many sale or cheap items. This code which is auto propagated at checkout when coming over from the Dividends website made my order a total waste. General customer service and fresh rewards customer service both say no dice to miles. Oh well, for those who placed similar orders no miles in the otherwise 6-8 week timeframe for normal posting per their reps.

    • @Andrew, that stinks! I know some people (myself included) seem to get by the first few days with sale items, but then it started to get harder to find valid purchases. That is why I didn’t even attempt 1-800-Flowers with my husband’s hits. I didn’t want to play either game on which items counted and which didn’t. Ugh. Sorry to hear about your order and thanks for sharing!

  14. Made an OfficeMax purchase on 9/26 with Dividend Miles number.

    Sent note on 10/12 to make sure Dividend Miles number was associated with purchase.

    Received reply on 10/13 that they would make sure it was and that points should post within 8 weeks.

    Points just showed up an hour ago.

    Thanks for the advice on sending the message!


  15. My skymall order got cancelled, too, and I made another purchase, different item, which also got cx-ed. However, the miles posted for both orders. So this actually is a free hit for me:D Of course skymall might take those back, but let’s see…

  16. Bought 2 wine glasses from Vinesse this past weekend. Received email on order and shipping date was supposed to be October 11, 2011. Today, I received an email that my order was cancelled (currently unavailable)

    • @Sil, ugh that stinks. I know several things from Vinesse have gone out of stock since us Grand Slammers starting ordering all the less expensive merchandise.

  17. I am having spotty luck. Here’s what posted: buying miles on points.com, shopping mall purchase, convert spg points to miles, convert marriott points to miles, biscoff, trackitback, share miles, exchange miles, teleflora, toolbar, dividend miles dining, FTD, Audience Rewards, and a stay at the Marriott Vacation Club.

    Here’s what I’m waiting for (for weeks in some cases): 1800Flowers, lifelock, magazines for miles, network solutions, office max, sky mall, thanks again, emiles.

    Do I have to call the vendor in each case to see what’s what? Thoughts?

    thanks, Mommypoints!

    • @CU, here are my thoughts on your missing hits:
      Here’s what I’m waiting for (for weeks in some cases): 1800Flowers – if you bought a sale item, you probably need to follow up. Some people are having bad luck now with that., lifelock – I don’t know much about this one, magazines for miles – mine posted instantly – did you redeem miles for it or use cash? I redeemed miles and it was super quick, network solutions – this is a very slow hit. I think everyone is still waiting on this one, office ma0x – requires follow-up I have a whole post on that one, sky mall – I would follow up if it has been more than 3 weeks, thanks again – I’m still waiting on this one too, been a few weeks, emiles – this one posted within a couple days for me – if it has been more than three weeks I would follow-up.

  18. Will I get hits for two different Hotels I will be staying in later this month that were NOT booked through the USAIR website but both have USAIR as a perfered partner?



    • @Jeff, as long as they are on the US Airways Grand Slam list and you make sure you are being awarded US Airways miles for the stays (instead of hotel points) then yes! 🙂

  19. I found a biscoff coupon code BELGIUM which gives 10% off. I just used it. Hope it works with the Grand Slam. I don’t see any fine print restricting use of coupons.

  20. Have you considered doing a Grand Slam: What’s Missing post? You could ask people to comment on what’s missing and then post about which vendors aren’t coming thru.
    My most painful one is:
    **Marriott Vacation Club — we did an ownership purchase, obviously not for the hit, but still want the hit! No one at Marriott Vacation Club has ever heard of the promotion — I’ve gone thru numerous MVC people for WEEKS. US Airways keeps saying MVC has to issue the hit. Argh.
    Other foul balls:
    **Mags for Miles
    **Network Solutions
    **Office Max
    **Thanks Again
    All have been spoken with or direct messaged and no hits have appeared yet altho purchases took place in September. Argh.
    JMHO but I think vendors that don’t post miles should be dropped from the Grand Slam next year. Why should US Airways back doing business with them if they don’t come through? Makes US Airways look bad as well as the vendors.

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