Grand Slam Update: Day 37

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I’ve been so focused on my husband’s Grand Slam action recently, that I have honestly forgotten where exactly I stand with my own hits.  So, I decided that tonight is the night to catch up on my own GS 2011 action.  I’ve pretty much completed most of the easy hits where I just order things online, so I am now primarily completing hotel stays and rental car transactions.  My hotel stays are all stays that I would have had with or without the Grand Slam, but the car rental transactions are all for my love of the “game”!

Sadly, I have all but given up on e-Rewards as a hit for this year.  I haven’t received a new survey in weeks.  I would love for that to change, but I am now not counting on that hit.  Hopefully I will have it in place for next year.  I can see how the Grand Slam is much simpler if you have been planning some in the months leading up to it.  Here are the hits I have been working on recently.  If you are interested, here is my entire hit tally to date. 

Hit 25.  Hertz Car Rental $20.00

I used CDP (Counter Discount Program – in this case the American Express Platinum card discount program) #211762 and PC (Promotional Code) 162330.  I scheduled the rental for one hour, but didn’t actually take the car off the lot.  The manager thinks my husband and I are hilarious for doing this, but she is happy to do her part to help.  It was super simple and the miles posted within a week.

Hit 26.  Hyatt Hotel Stay (already planned)

I had a stay a hotel stay for my day job at a Hyatt.  I told them at check-in that I wanted to earn US Airways miles instead of Hyatt Gold Passport points.  At check-out I checked my bill and it didn’t indicate that I was earning US Airways miles, so I had them add it again and print out a new receipt showing that the miles from my stay were credited to US Airways.

Hit 27.  Hertz Car Rental $20.00

Technically I am doing this hit tomorrow, but it is close enough.  🙂  I am doing the same thing that I did for hit 25.  It really pains me to be not getting any use out of these rental cars, but with a kiddo it is just easier to not take the car than it would be to deal with moving car seats and driving the other car home.  Simple is better in this household!

Future Hits: 

All subject to change, but this is the current plan. 

28. Buy 1,000 Miles ($37) – I keep waiting to see if there will be any bonus sale on miles, but I will buy them before the Grand Slam ends one way or another.

29. November Hyatt Stay – no additional expense, already planned

30. November SPG Stay – no additional expense, already planned

31. November SPG Stay – no additional expense, already planned

32. FTD Purchase ($40)

If all of those hits post as planned, I will have to decide whether to go for 36 hits.  Right now I am about 50/50 on stopping at 32 or going for 36.  I could do three more Hertz rentals at $20, but would still need one more hit.  I will have maxed out the car rental and hotel stays at that point.  If US Airways Club Membership went on discount, that would be a no-brainer for me, but that is looking less likely.  I could transfer 5,000 Hyatt points, but I value them so highly I don’t really want to do that unless there really is no other option.  I guess I could do Teleflora for the 36th hit, but it is a rather pricey hit.

Hit Posting Update:

I just updated my running tally with the dates that my hits posted.  Other than the most recent car rental and Hyatt stay, all of my hits have posted except for Network Solutions.  That hit was reported to be extremely slow in posting last year, and there are no reports of anyone having this hit post yet this year.  I currently have 24 hits posted.  Hopefully I will get “paid” for all 24 in the next payout sweep!

What would you do in my case?  Stop at 32 or push for 36?  I would hate to get stuck at 34 or 35, so if I go for 36, I want to make sure that I am going to make it all the way there.  Either way, I am thrilled with how the Grand Slam has gone thus far.

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  1. I say go for 36! I agree with e-rewards they take forever. I actually have been doing e-rewards since 2005, and after awhile got sick of them and got annoyed when they all didn’t post to my account.

  2. I say go for 36 as well.

    I haven’t had any of my Grand Slam bonus points after the first 2,000 post even though I’m up to about 15 hits. I’m trying to take advice about being patient but at what point do I call to inquire “what’s up”? Have you called US Airways and have the CRs been knowledgable about Grand Slam progress?

    Thanks for all that you do…really accessible writing style and easily digestable content!

  3. One quick way to make the e-rewards count is to do a donation to a cause — they have some really great ones listed. Yes, it increases the outlay for the Grand Slam, but I look at it as spreading some goodness around — I am getting thousands of miles, after all 🙂

  4. PUSH for 36. We are all pulling for you and you are so close! It has been a real treat to follow you through this ordeal.. GO GO GO!

  5. @CU – I think you are referring to E-miles? Which is like e-rewards, but I don’t think you can make donations on e-rewards like you can on e-miles?

    Also, with e-miles, you can also accumulate miles with purchase for i-tunes and Groupon as well as getting them for donations.

  6. Erndog is right. You can only earn via surveys on eRewards. I made the mistake of signing up to eRewards through eMiles so US Airways is not a sponsor option. Sigh.

  7. @dealswelike – e-rewards is actually great in responding to issues raised. Granted, we shouldn’t have to follow up so closely. But after writing in and describing the survey problem or missing rewards, I have found them extremely generous and quick to respond. They genuinely seem happy for the feedback.

    On another note – has anyone experienced a delay in amazon hits posting? I purchased 9/19 and it still hasn’t shown up at DM. Can’t find any discussion on the boards. Thanks to MP for listing her transaction /post date info.

  8. Great update. Best blog for Grand Slam. Go for 36. I live in Hawaii, where delivery charges eat me up, yet am still maxing it out. I am actually going for about 38 in case there are any foul balls.

  9. If you have two stays at the same hotel chain (say Hilton), would that count as one or two hits? Can you have 30 hits if you stay 30 times at Hilton and credit all stays to US?

  10. My hits are posting so very slow, I’m getting worried. Just to clarify, don’t we have until next March or something for the transaction to post and we still get credit. Not that I want to wait that long though. We only have to complete the partner transaction before Nov. 15th right? Or does it have to post by Nov. 15th. I’m thinking it’s the first option. Can you confirm what you read in the TC

    • @HikerT
      Can you elaborate on this deal? I read thru the flyertalk.
      Sign up for EU Wyndham Promo
      Make 2 bookings Reno Hawthorne no shows
      They post points to my Wyndham account (enough for a transfer of Wyndham points to usa miles) Hit 1
      The stay itself (hit 2)
      Would you get another hit (3) for the second no show reservation? Can you get up to 6 hits per hotel group or 6 hits per member?

      • HikerT can probably give more info, but you can have up to six hotel hits total(same or different hotels, doesn’t matter), so that is how you get three hits out of this deal.

        • Actually, you get 9 hits from 6 stays. You get miles for each stay under the promo plus bonus wyndham points do 1 transfer hit for every 2 stays (up to 6 stays) with this promo. That covers all 6 hotel hits plus 1 hotel transfer (and leaves 2 transfers hits to sell to or trade with someone else). The transfer hits are easily worth $50 (given they net 3.2K miles for the recipient which is as cheap as you can buy miles from US Airways outside the GS). See the hotel stay thread in the GS forum at FT for more details. Wyndham is one of the few that will credits miles and points for no shows, so a great option for the GS.

          • Ha, wish I had known about the Wyndham option before I did my hotel and transfer hits. Would have saved me a bunch on the 2 accounts I’ve done 36 hits for. Debating whether to go for 36 on my last account now that I have a good feel for the cheapest hits, grin, but this is helping me live vicariously. Must resist… Actually, the hassle of selling Wyndham transfer hits is also holding me back on that last account.

  11. Hi Mommy Points:

    As I just coming back from vacation, I lost lot of time working on my hits. Actually it is really hard as I’m from Argentina and most hits required either stays on hotel, rentals and some for “United States” only like for example Sharebuilder.

    Don’t know if anywhere in milepoint/flyertalk or you can help us, partipants from outside the States making a list of hits that we could use. Actually I have around 12 hits only. What about those Hertz rentals. Can I make the rent from outside the country without picking up the car and still get the miles??. Any help would be really appreciated

  12. All of these activities posted before 10/14 but as of today, I’ve only received the 4 hit 3000 bonus points. Why did I not get my 8 hit level points? Any ideas?

    divdend bar
    dividend mall-amazon
    Mags for Miles

  13. @dealswelike, 36 is looking pretty tempting…..:)

    @Goodguy, thanks for the compliments! I have not had to contact US Airways, but I know others have. Have your hits/transactions posted to your Dividend Miles account? If not, contact the individual retailers, if so, contact Dividend Miles Service Center. They should be able to give you more detailed information about your hits. The Dividend Miles Service Center number is 800-428-4322. Good luck!

    @CU, I love the way you think and I would do that in a heartbeat, but I haven’t seen that option with e-Rewards, just with e-Miles. I wish I could find that option on e-Rewards though!

    @Bill, thanks for the encouragement. I may just have to go for it.

    @erndog, I have only seen that for e-Miles as well. Too bad!

    @Goheerow, oh that stinks. Sorry to hear that@

    @Colleen, all of my Amazon transactions have posted roughly a week after the purchase was made. I am a little concerned something has gone wrong with yours. Did you check out within 24 hours of adding an item to your cart? Did you add the item after going to Amazon from Dividend Miles? Did you use a credit or gift certificate? If yes to any of these it may not have been a valid transaction. If none of those apply, it still sounds like something went wrong and you may want to contact Amazon about posting the miles. That is a long time to not have them posted. Good luck!

    @David, thanks – that is similar to what I have experienced as well.

    @ArizonaGuy, ugh. I forgot about that. Thanks!

    @Carl, thanks for the nice words! Good thinking with the cushion hits. Better safe than sorry.

    @Julian, you can have up to six hotel stays that count as hits. They can all be with the same chain or different chains, but six total is the max. You just need to make sure that if you are at the same hotel that you are not doing consecutive days as that will just count as one. Otherwise, you are good to go.

    @erndog, hope that hurry up and post for you!

    @Faith, you do have until March 28th for the transaction to post, but the eligible activity date must be Nov 14th or earlier. That date is “based on the date the qualifying partner records the mileage transaction, and not necessarily the date on which the transaction occurred”. In other words, don’t delay until the last minute on hits!

    @Pearl, I don’t believe that hit has posted for anyone thus far.

    @HikerT, thanks so much for the idea. Unfortunately, I will have maxed out on hotels so that one hit would cost me $100. Hopefully I can find a hit a little cheaper than that. We’ll see…..

    @CarlosU, there is a whole thread on that on Flyertalk. Hopefully it can help you out.

    @Gina, I’m not sure. Maybe one wasn’t in place in time for the last sweep when they paid out mileage bonuses. I would wait until the next payout (I think next week) and see what happens. Or, you can contact the Dividend Miles Service Center and see if they have any info.

    @Eugene, they haven’t totally stayed on schedule, but I think it is next Wednesdayish. 🙂

  14. I am curious, how do I see my hits posted? I don’t see anything yet and I started at least 2 weeks ago if not more. The only one I have seen is the reduction of miles from magazines. Thanks for any info!

  15. @mommypoints, given the number of people doing the EU wyndham promo you could probably buy or trade for that hit (I bought mine for $50 from someone).

    The biggest omission I see in your hit list is the Barclays US credit card. I would sign up for it regardless of the GS given the 40K signup bonus, fee is waived, and for most folks it’s a Transunion inquiry (which few of the other issuers pull) so doesn’t really impact your ability to get other cards.

    It also has some nice perks including the reduced mileage award (nice if you want to redeem some of your GS haul on US), annual $99 companion ticket (for up to 2 companions which mommies might find useful), lounge passes, and annual 10K bonus at renewal.

    You might also want to look at TD Ameritrade. Requires parking $2.5K for 6 months, but if you would otherwise invest that money in a interest bearing account the lost interest (after-tax) is ~$30 so a pretty cheap hit and a 5K bonus (worth $30 or more) so I see it as free hit.

    • @HikerT, ha ha. I think you read my mind today. I actually in the process of trading hotel transfer hits with Million Mile Secrets and am 99% sure I am going to get that credit card for the exact reasons you state. I’m not sure if the timing will work out for a hit or not (even if I change the statement close date), but it does seem like a good card to go ahead and get. Thanks!

  16. Another option (instead of Teleflora) is Netflix. One free month and then $7.99 / month for 6 months – that’s under $48 and gets you 1500 miles. Not bad for a final hit if you need one. I counted it as a free hit since we already use the service and just canceled / re-subscribed under a new email address. Not sure if that will work for those who got US miles in the past for Netflix.

  17. Easy way to get e-rewards surveys is to self-select yourself for _everything_. check your participation level and max it out and then check every box in the my profile section.

    i was getting multiple surveys per day and there’s a question after each one about more surveys. I think I maxed out in a couple-few days.

    • @Richard, great tip. For some reason they aren’t sending me squat even though I have done that. Maybe they need more men than women? I have no clue – I’m still waiting though. 🙂

  18. A good way to get lots of surveys on E-Rewards is through their magazine surveys which credit a couple dollars or so each. Go in your profile and say that you read all the magazine options, then they’ll send you surveys about your reading of them. I’ve gotten many points (dollars) this way on E-Rewards.

  19. Hi Mommy Points, I am just getting started and finding it difficult to navigate the Grand Slam through US Airways. I think I registered for the promotion, but I only received a tiny little notice when I submitted my information that I was actually registered for the promotion (no e-mail confirmation, and I can’t see anything on my account). Can you tell me where I can see my point tally? Your site is very helpful! Thank you!

    • @MillValleyMom, try checking out this post for info on how to track your hits. There is no one easy place to go and see a “point tally” exactly. Glad the site is helpful for you!

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