Trip Review: The Westin La Cantera Resort in San Antonio Part 2 (and contest preview!)

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As you may have learned from the Part 1 of this review, we spent a night at The Westin La Cantera Resort in San Antonio using one of our free resort nights earned from a Starwood Preferred Guest promotion earlier in the year.  In the first part of this review I talked about the check-in process, the pools, the bar, and some other outdoor offerings.  In this post, I am going to talk about our amazing suite, the on-site fine dining restaurant, a few other things we did around the resort, and preview an exciting upcoming contest involving this resort!

This resort is a SPG Category 4 resort, so it can be booked for 10,000 SPG points, or occasionally by using the cash and points option at $60 + 4,000 points a night.  If you don’t want to use points for your stay, I have found rates to often run in the $200 – $300 range.  Our stay was free using a resort night, but I would not hesitate to book again without a free night – especially using the cash and points option!

This resort did not know in advance I would be staying at or reviewing this resort.  I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are just that – my opinions.  🙂

The Suite:

After we spent a little while drinking “umbrella” type drinks at the pool, we received a call that our room was ready.  We got our keys and headed up to our suite.  I am rarely a “suite” kinda gal.  I love them, but we usually just book the least expensive room available due to budgetary constraints.  We have had a couple of amazing suites in Vegas, but we have never had a room anywhere as awesome as this one outside of Vegas.  When we first walked into the suite I seriously felt like a kid – I was literally running all around the suite.  The drinks at the pool may have had something to do with that, but I really was that excited.  I hope I never become blase about staying in amazing rooms.  That wouldn’t be near as fun.  Anyway, when you first enter the suite there is a little table and window.  From there you can either turn left and head to a second bathroom or turn right and head to the wet-bar, master suite, and living room.

Here is the view of the hallway connecting the different portions of the suite.  Normally a hallway couldn’t excite me, but I thought it was crazy that a room I was staying in actually needed a hallway.

Here is a shot of the separate full bathroom.  It was super nice when we were both trying to get ready at the same time.

If you turn back around the end of the hallway and towards the living room, you will pass the wet-bar area.  We didn’t really use this part of the suite, but it would have been very handy if we had been staying there with our whole family, or were entertaining friends.

If you keep walking past the wet-bar you will run right into the awesome living room.  The living room has windows and glass doors leading out to small balconies all the way around.  You get a fantastic view of the pool area and the Texas Hill Country.

As great as the living room looked during the day – I loved it even more at night.  It just felt so warm and inviting.  The perfect place to snuggle up under and blanket and watch a movie.

Okay, enough about the amazing living room.  If you backtrack a little down the hallway you can turn into the master suite.  As with most Westins, the bed was super comfortable.  The bathroom and soaking tub were also wonderful.  I seriously wanted to move-in and never leave.  The robe being laid out for you on the bed was also a nice touch.

As much as I loved having just the two of us in the suite, I really wished that our daughter had been there, too.  It just felt like a waste of so much space on just us.  I would love to be in a suite of that size again with our whole family – it would be so much fun!  The fact that the suite was a complimentary upgrade because it was our anniversary was simply amazing.

Dinner @ Francesca’s:

Since we were celebrating a special occasion, we had made advance reservations at the restaurant Francesca’s at Sunset.  If we had brought Little C, we would have selected a less fancy restaurant because she can sometimes be a bit unpredictable at dinnertime.  There were some families with well-behaved little ones dining in the restaurant, but for the most part it was an older, dressed-up crowd.  Most of the tables around us seemed to be celebrating various events just as we were.

Since the restaurant is named Francesca’s at Sunset, we made sure to make reservations when the sun would be setting.  It just seemed appropriate.  Our table was facing west, so we did get a great view of the setting sun.  It did make us squint for a few moments, but it was well worth the squinting.

I love food, but I am certainly not a “foodie”, so I am not even going to try to take you through each course.  I will tell you that the food was delicious, and they have a “farm-to-table” approach, so the food was very fresh.  The chef sent out a complimentary chocolatey dessert to help us celebrate and it was also fantastic and much appreciated.  This meal was not inexpensive by any stretch, but it was well worth it to celebrate special events.  An extra bonus for point collectors is that since we charged the meal to the room, we were able to earn SPG points!  Since we have a SPG American Express – we earned even more points for our meal!

We were so stuffed when this picture was taken after the meal.  We actually walked around the resort some after dinner just to “walk off” some of the delicious food we had eaten.  They do have an outdoor movie and s’mores in the evening at this resort, so the outdoor area was still very active with families out and about after the sun went down.  It was so cute seeing little families eating dinner by the the pool at night.  You could tell all the kiddos were having so much fun….of course, then I missed Little C again!

Breakfast and the last morning:

By the last morning of our weekend getaway we had more than blown through our budget, so we opted to grab a light Starbucks breakfast instead of ordering room service.  It would have been fun to have room service in the suite though!  For those who are caffeine addicted, or budget-conscious, it was great to have a Starbucks option right in the hotel.  It was a little pricier than some Starbucks I have been to, but it was still much cheaper than room service or a restaurant would have been.  At that point in the trip, inexpensive = the way to go!

After eating breakfast, we wandered outside to go on their one mile nature trail.  I had on some comfortable, but not very sturdy Tom’s shoes, and my husband had on flip flops.  For some silly reason, we were kind of expecting the nature trail to be paved.  It wasn’t.  It wasn’t a full-on serious hike, but it would have been a good idea to at least have on real shoes!  It was a little bit more of a hike than our footwear was prepared for.  Despite that, it was a great way to start the morning and a good way to get a feel for the resort.

After our hike, we cleaned up and headed home.  We were only at the resort for about 16 hours, but we had such a good time that it felt like we had been there for a few days.  For families looking for a headquarters to enjoy while experiencing other attractions, this resort and its location really cannot be beat.  Since I had just stayed at the Hyatt Lost Pines a month before, I couldn’t help but compare the two resorts.  While I highly recommend both resorts, I would say that if you are looking to go to a resort and not leave for several days with your family, there are a few more offerings and activities at Lost Pines – but if you are looking for a great resort that is located near many other exciting attractions (such as Six Flags, Seaworld, great shopping, and the Alamo), then The Westin La Cantera is the choice for you.

Upcoming Contest Information:

After my stay, I connected with the staff at The Westin La Cantera, and they were very excited to be a part of one of my Holiday giveaway contests.  I am ridiculously into the Holiday Season, and want to bring some of that Holiday Spirit to Mommy Points.  This resort is also all about the Holidays, so it was a perfect match.  To give you a sneak peak, The Westin La Cantera offers “Hill Country Holidays” from November 18th – January 8th.  During that time there is a synthetic ice rink, a North Pole workshop where you can build toys and decorate cookies, holiday singing, snow falling (synthetic, of course), story-telling, Santa himself, and more.  These activities are open to the public and a portion of the proceeds of these events go to charity.  Click here to find out more information.

Anyway, the contest will start during the first week of November and one lucky Mommy Points reader will win a package at the Westin La Cantera that will include not only an overnight stay, but also ice skating passes and a food and beverage credit.  To celebrate the season of giving, both Mommy Points and The Westin La Cantera will be making a donation to Toys for Tots for each contest entry received (up to a certain amount), so you will be helping charity while entering to win a trip for your family!

Check back for more information and your chance to win!

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  1. I’m really glad you guys got to have such a great night away to celebrate your anniversary. Looks like you had lots of fun, even if you missed Little C a bit.
    Time to start planning for next year!

    • @Steve, it was a good time. You should take your theme park loving family there when you get a chance for sure! Don’t worry, we are already planning what we will do next year. 😉

  2. Glad you had some adult time and a memorable anniversary. Life with 2 kids is a big blur the the first year, congratulations!.

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