The Grand Slam Home Invasion

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One thing I both love and dislike about the US Airways Grand Slam are the purchases that I have made from all of the seemingly random US Airways partners.  On the off-chance you aren’t familiar with the Grand Slam, you essentially earn (lots) of bonus points by having a certain number of transactions with different US Airways partners.  I have made purchases from companies I have never heard of and have bought items I never imagined that I would own!  In a way it is kind of fun, but in a way it is kind of…well, strange.  🙂

Since I know so many of you are playing along with me, I thought I would take you around my house for a tour of the Grand Slam 2011 Makeover that my house as undergone.

Before you even get in my house you will notice the Halloween item that everyone is talking about, the Skymall Pirate Halloween Decoration ($2.97 + shipping).  I mean, nothing screams elegant and refined like a light-up pirate skull!  And to think, without the Grand Slam, I may have missed out on all the notoriety that comes with owning a light-up skull.

As you continue into my house and head to the dining room, you will see a Golden Glow flower arrangement from ($29.99 + shipping).  This one is actually funny because after reading all of the comments encouraging me to go for 36 Grand Slam hits, I decided to go for it and went on an ordering frenzy.  That meant I needed hits from Teleflora and FTD (I had already done a birthday bear for one of C’s friends  from 1-800-Flowers).  I sent Little C’s preschool teachers Halloween cookies using my FTD transaction, but decided to have The Man send me flowers using the Teleflora hit.  By that I mean I ordered the flowers and sign the card with his name on it for kicks.  I know, I’m a little crazy, but what else was I going to put on the card?  Anyway, with Teleflora, same day deliveries are the same price as future date deliveries, so within two hours there was a knock on the door and a lady delivered the flowers.  In the two hours since I had ordered the flowers I had gotten busy with work and had forgotten about them, so when they arrived I was actually excited!  The Man scored points that day for just sitting next to me while I ordered them.  He thought it was great!

If you continue into the kitchen you will find the multi-purpose Chick Chill Wine Cooler from Vinesse (currently $19.95, but I bought it when it was a bit cheaper).  Not only can you put it on wine to get it colder faster, but you can also put it on any boo-boos that your toddler (or husband) comes home with!  How did I ever live without that??

While you are in the kitchen, you might as well grab one of the many boxes of delicious Anna’s cookies.  We like to eat our cookies on the back patio at sunset while clutching our best friends Jessie and Woody.  It’s a cookie party! Mmmmmmm, delicious!

Presumably after you eat cookies and play outside, you will need to wash your hands.  If so, you are in luck since we are the proud owners of a 7.5 ounce Dial Liquid Basics Hand Soap ($1.99) from Office Max.  Can’t go wrong with hand soap.  You should have seen the ridiculously large box that it was delivered in!

And to conclude our Grand tour, you can get a sneak peek of Little C’s Trick or Treat bag courtesy of the Dividend Shopping Mall retailer, Pottery Barn (this one is sold out, but others start at $7.99).  I am not sure how I ever collected candy as a child without a personalized Pottery Barn Kids trick or treat bag!  I was clearly a neglected soul.  🙂

So tell me, other than the points, what excitement has the Grand Slam brought to your life?!  Did you surprise someone with flowers?  Change all of your neighbor’s fire alarms with your Skymall batteries?  Become a wine sommelier with your new wine knowledge from your Vinesse wine book?  Surprise your kid’s class with a box of Anna’s cookies for each kid?  Build a paper clip robot from all your Office Max paper clip purchases?  I would love to hear your stories!


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  1. Worst surprise from my grand slam purchases… I ordered a $2.99 bottle of anti-wrinkle spray from SkyMall, because it was cheap and because I hate ironing. I figured I’d be killing two birds with one stone. It arrived, and I was excited to see if it actually worked… but when i turned over the package it came in, I noticed a sticker on the back saying “This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.” WHAT?! Needless to say, my clothing will continue to be wrinkly.

  2. Great post, very entertaining. I still havent figured out what to do with my squeegee refill without having any squeegees in the house. I still haven’t gone for alot of items I dont need.

  3. Your such a cool Mom! Your products look better than mine! Mine are over in a corner of the house, mostly still in their boxes, but sliced open. We have things like 2 wine books, a happy birthday bear, a puppy dog stuffed animal with a thank you blanket(?), a battery, a european switch plug, sharpies, a box of gold paper clips. Haven’t received my track it back stickers yet, but did get the hit!

  4. I got to see Avenue Q via audience rewards. After watching puppets have sex, I left at intermission. I may read the fine print when it comes to points and miles, but I sure didn’t before I saw this play. 🙁

  5. Somehow I ended up with more random stuff last year. I still have my Halloween pumpkin eyes and I have never got around to opening my frequent flyer vitamin pack.

  6. We got home from vacation last night and there was a box by the front door, Josh looks at it and without even picking it up says “Another box of cookies!” Little does he know there’s another one on the way!

  7. @AK, it is yummy!

    @Gary, good tip!

    @Kris, yikes! My clothing would have to stay wrinkly, too with that label.

    @T money, ha ha. That is a dilemma. I’m not a huge fan of items I can’t use either, but I have manage to mostly find uses for the things we bought. Sometimes I spent a couple extra dollars to make sure the item we were getting was one we could use.

    @Worldtraveller2, thanks! It sounds like you have an interesting assortment! If you can’t use some of the items, maybe you could donate them. I’m sure there are kiddos out there somewhere that would love the stuffed animals!

    @MJ and Kashyap, that is pretty funny!

    @JimL, Avenue Q would be a bit shocking if you didn’t know what was in store for you!

    @Carsten, Halloween Pumpkin Eyes do sound like quite the purchase. 😉

    @travelingirl, I understand the feeling! My husband doesn’t even get excited anymore when the UPS guy shows up.

  8. First of all my quest for 36 hits and my wife’s involuntary quest for 20+ hits is all your fault. Little did I know when I joined in the hunt that I would request 1 ticket to a play “Tribal Signs” or something like that in North Carolina (where I don’t live). The most fun was getting an I dine hit at a hole in wall pizza place and seeing my wife pay separately (by credit card) for a couple cookies. I never thought I would have a BofA checking account or the US Dividend miles debit card that goes with it. We are still waiting on a few items in the mail and I gotta go rent a couple cars at random but we are very close to goal. Best surprise was the high quality dog leash for $2.97 from skymall. Worst item was the carbiner from Skymall for like $8 with shipping.
    I am concerned for those on the quest that didn’t buy actual wine from Vinese. I read on another site that only “wine” purchases will count. I ordered a bottle of wine but I hope I’m wrong for everyone else.
    Thanks for your tips on the site. I’m sure I’ll be reading more once we start having to fight for the hits we did with US Air.

  9. As to Ave Q, I loved watching the puppets having sex! I have done all hits I can without no show stays or car rentals, I just can’t bring myself to do them!!

    • @Judy, I actually thought Ave Q was hilarious when I saw it years ago, but I can see how it would be a shock if you went in not knowing much about the show! As to the rental car and hotel hits, they aren’t for everyone for sure. If you are happy with where you are with your hits now, then you have succeeded!

  10. My best purchase so far was the Olay gift caddy. I went through dividend shopping to I ordered the gift set which was 9.00 with free shipping. If I don’t want the enclosed magazine gift subscription I can receive 10.00 back so negative 1.00 for me.

  11. My favorite purchase was a ticket to the poetry slam last month in Charlotte. It was surprisingly empty for a sold-out show, but that didn’t hold back the energy up on the stage! Man those kids are really talented! I recommend checking this out during next year’s Grand Slam!

    • @Mitch, that is great you actually attended! I know that was a popular “no show” purchase amount GS players. 🙂

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