Upcoming Huge Ultimate Rewards Earning Opportunities

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It should come as little surprise that this points-addicted mama is also a huge Black Friday (aka the day after Thanksgiving in the US) shopper.  Two years ago, I was eight months pregnant on Black Friday and waited in line through the night for the doors at Babies R Us to open at 4AM.  It was me, a bunch of other crazy pregnant ladies, and their reluctant partners.  They opened the doors and it was a pregnant lady race to score some seriously marked down baby furniture.  Once it was over it was well worth it, and that year my fondness for Black Friday turned into a full-on obsession.

Here’s the best part: Black Friday can also be an amazing day to score huge point hauls as well.  Luckily for those of you who don’t want to camp out in line at stores all night, the best points deals (as usual) are scored by shopping online.  You get not only the rock-bottom Black Friday prices, but you also score 4x, 6x, or even 10x points for your purchases.  This year, Ultimate Rewards is offering 10x and 20x points on some very popular retailers on certain dates starting in November.  As a quick example of how this can turn into a great points haul, we are planning on buying a new fancy-pants stainless steel dishwasher this year on Black Friday.  Typically the best prices on appliances (at least in my experience) happen on that day.  Let’s say we find a dishwasher at Best Buy this year for $500.  If we make that purchase at Best Buy on Black Friday via the Ultimate Rewards shopping mall, we will net 5,000 points as Best Buy is the Ultimate Rewards Holiday Deal that day at 10x points.

I highly recommend you start planning ahead to see if you can coordinate some of your household or Holiday shopping with some of the Ultimate Holiday Deals offered by the Ultimate Rewards Shopping Portal.  10x points for places like Best Buy, Apple, and Target is nothing to ignore – especially around the holidays.  Groupon is even going to offer 20x points via the Ultimate Rewards portal on 11/14.  I hope there are some good Groupons out that day!  I checked the American Express Membership Rewards portal to see if they had a similar offering up, but I was not able to find anything.  I hope they step-up their game and have some special holiday point offerings coming soon as well!  Nothing brings out the best deals like a little friendly competition.  😉

Also, there is a post up on another BoardingArea blog called FrequentMiler that outlines that you don’t have to use a Chase Sapphire or Ink credit card in the Ultimate Rewards portal in order to earn bonus points.  You do have to have one of those cards to access the portal, but that post indicates success when using another credit card, such as the Starwood American Express card, to make purchases with the different retailers.  Maybe that is old news to everyone else, but I hadn’t heard that yet!  If true, it would be very helpful when you are working on hitting the minimum spending threshold on a different card.  Or, in the case of Best Buy, you could use their own store credit card to utilize some of the no-interest financing perks on some of your “big ticket” purchases.  That would be awesome around the holidays!  That same post also outlines some potential ways to double-dip by buying using gift cards in the portal.  I would personally feel a bit guilty doing that, but it is still an interesting idea.  I would love to know if using a different credit card in the Ultimate Rewards portal has worked for you!


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  1. Black Friday is by far my favorite day ofthe entire year. Getting so excited that it is so close. You can find me and my mom waiting in line around 3am. It is crazy but such a fun thrill for us! Glad to see the huge point bonuses as well!

  2. I don’t have Chase sapphire nor Ink, but can still access that portal. I have a freedom card. Maybe any Chase card works that issues ultimate rewards points are valid.

  3. Just got my fiancé an iPad on Friday, kind of bummed now! But so glad I know have a couple of weeks to plan ahead with Christmas/wedding shopping to score major miles! Thanks MP!!!!

  4. I have been using ‘non-affiliated’ credit cards on various portal (AA, United, Chase,..etc) for years and have always gotten the bonus points. Using SPG card on Chase portal and getting the points.

  5. Hmmm… I would not try it with another card. I say that because I have had a few orders I did not get UR points for. When the rep has gone to research the first thing they did was look on my account for the charge. They have told me a “3rd party” manages the mall as far as “reporting the purchasess”, but they have based manual credits on whether the charge for the item is there or not on my Chase UR card…..

    If you use another card and it doesn’t show up, then there is no way they will give you credit.

  6. @Kelly S. Good point. In the past I have used HD gift cards and earned points on UR mall, but as you said, if those points are missing for any reason then you might be on your own. Further more it is just a matter of time before this loophole is closed, so if you are intent on going this route then do it quickly.

  7. @dealswelike, it is fun! Especially if you have a partner in crime to go with you! No one in my family seems to have the “crazy” gene like I have, but I still have fun talking to all the other crazies out there like me. 🙂

    @trooper, that could be!

    @Kris, I’m sure you can find lots more ways to make good use of these point bonuses! I hope you guys enjoy the new iPad!

    @brent, good point. I will add that. I’m looking forward to that point bonus there year. 🙂

    @Jenny, no problem!

    @frugal travel lawyer, ha ha. You and me both!

    @Abbas, I knew you could use different cards for airline, hotel, and other similar portals, but for portals like Membership Rewards and Ultimate Rewards I just assumed you had to use the associated credit card. Glad it has been working for you to use your SPG card in the Ultimate Rewards portal!

    @Kelly S, that makes perfect sense. The automated process may let it go through (at least for now), but any manual corrections would require that you used a UR earning card. Thanks for sharing!

    @caveman, I agree it is probably just a matter of time. I probably won’t press my luck doing this (other than perhaps with a small purchase), but it is good to know the HD gift card route worked for you.

  8. Great info, thanks for sharing!

    It’s interesting that Kohl’s is listed there. They already offer 10 extra points per dollar through the UR mall so I’m not sure why the mall listed it as a special holiday deal. I’m hoping that it was an error and the real deal will be even higher (20 points would be nice!).

    Regarding the double-dip opportunity from my blog post: Sears is the only retailer I’ve found that allows this. Most others have explicit rules against getting UR points for either buying gift cards, using gift cards, or both. Even Kmart, which is owned by Sears, says:

    Purchase of a gift card is eligible for rewards but a purchase made with a gift card is not eligible

    So, if any readers are thinking of doing the double-dip, make sure to read the terms and conditions first!

    • @FrequentMiler, Kohl’s was kind of the “dud” of the bonus group since they do already offer 10x points! 20x would be exciting. Thanks for adding some clarification to the “double dip” option. I would not only read terms and conditions, but maybe take a screen shot. It has to just be a matter or time before they close this option. Thanks again!

  9. I always use my Continental Onepass Mastercard and the points always post. I feel pretty safe about that one because it is a Chase card. I prefer to use that card because I am chasing some spend bonuses.

    • @bluto, I understand. I just got the 10,000 points this month from hitting the spending threshold on my Continental card. I’m glad to hear it posts consistently for you!

  10. Wow, with these shopping bonus’s this card keeps on getting better. i love the liberal travel bonus double points. last week we took our four year old to griffith park to ride on the kiddie train. i saw they took visa so i used the sapphire card and they counted the kiddie train as “travel” and gave double points.

    • @Chris, I agree this card does seem to get better and better! Also, if you think about the train was a form of travel. Ha ha. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the information which is very helpful. For some reasons, I am unable to locate the information at the Utimate Rewards site titled “shop and earn” described by you. Could you please tell me know how to locate the information from the site? Thanks!

  12. Thanks a lot, mommypoints, for the information. I saw the information on points (e.g., 2 pts per dollor for Best Buy). However, I did not see the information described by you “Earn 10 extra points per dollar on Nov 25”. Did I miss some steps here? Thank you so much for your help!

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