OneWorld MegaDO Booking Now Open for All – Sold out!

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Update: Holy smokes, this event sold out within 23 minutes of opening for public booking!  Congrats to those who are coming and fingers crossed for a good spot on the waiting list (once it gets rolling – keep watching and Milepoint for those updates!) for those who aren’t quite as lucky.  🙁

Everyone can now go and reserve their seat on the first OneWorld MegaDO!  There is still some pretty good seat availability, but I don’t recommend delaying if you want to go on this awesome trip.  As of when I wrote this post, there were approximately 1 First Class seat ($1699), 16 Tommy Class seats ($1199), and 60 Economy seats ($799) remaining on the flight.  You will find Mommy Points in seat 25D – aisle seats are better for self-service drink selections.  🙂

The booking process for the flights and hotels took me less than 10-15 minutes from start to finish.  You will need to go through the process for each traveler in your party separately.  You do need to have your Hyatt Gold Passport number, AAdvantage number, and passport number ready as you will enter those while booking.  I really enjoyed getting to select my own seat and see where everyone else is sitting!  It was also nice to have all of the North American portion hotel links ready to book at the same time we book the flights.  Both the Dallas and Seattle/Bellevue hotels were $149 plus tax and the LA hotel was $194 plus tax.  Since my husband is driving me to Dallas and staying the first night, we used a Diamond suite upgrade at the Hyatt Regency DFW.  Woohoo!

There hasn’t been any information announced that would indicate you have to stay at the host hotels or at the posted rates.  I would recommend staying at the hotels since it is just much easier that way, but if you were looking to use points, or can get a different rate, I haven’t seen anything that would prohibit going that route.  I am staying at the host hotels and the DO rates, but will be going to a different LAX hotel on Saturday night using points.  I fly out super early Sunday morning and I gotta keep the costs down somewhere!

There are some very generous airline status matches and a Hyatt Diamond challenge that are offered as a part of the DO.  There are challenges both for elites from other airlines as well as for American elites as well.  You can read all of the terms and conditions regarding these challenges on the booking site.  You can also read more about the airline status match/challenge over at View From the Wing.  Since I fly on miles or points 80% of the time, I don’t have airline status with anyone so this doesn’t help me, but it is a very great offer if you do have status with an airline.

According to, there have been some schedule adjustments already.  Namely, there will no longer be a reception dinner at Boeing the night we arrive in Seattle, and we will now be flying into SEA instead of Boeing Field.  Both of these changes were made when the organizers realized how tired everyone will likely be when we arrive into Seattle that day.  That is especially true for those coming from the East Coast or just getting off the European portion.  The never ending time zone shifting can really catch up with you!  MegaDos are usually very long, action-filled days, and it was probably a good decision….though I am a little bummed about not landing at Boeing Field.  🙂  As I have said before, it is best to not get too wrapped up in the specific DO details as they do shift around.  In the end, if you just go with the flow you will have a fantastic time and get to do some amazing things.

Now hurry up and book your seat if you want to come on this amazing trip.


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  1. I got to the last screen before it shut me down. Very frustrating. I will now refer to this event as the megaDON’T! Really bummed 🙁

    • @JimL, so sorry to hear that! I don’t think they had any idea the response would be this strong, this fast. I highly encourage you to not give up just yet. Keep your eyes peeled for a waiting list. Again, sorry to hear about how it went for you today.

  2. Well, mommypoints! Remember how I told you that this “clicky” event would go mainly to those who attended the launch party. Well, I wasn’t so wrong. 🙁 The reason it sold out in 23 minutes was that it was already almost sold out during the “pre-sale” period for those who attended the launch. ***grumble***

    Anyway, I kept my eyes peeled and I tried, but was shut out. Frankly, I’m bummed and won’t be following the news of this MegaDon’t (I like that!) anymore. Hey, since the organizers were sophomoric, I can be too! 😉 I hope that Randy is reading this, because he, too, said “don’t worry, the pre-sale won’t shut you out.” ***grumble***

    The worst part is that most of those doing it just want to get the EXP challenge, while many OW flyers of many years don’t get to see the inner workings of their favorite alliance. If you don’t believe me, go read some of the posts on MP or FT!

    Oh well, you win some and you lose some…

    • @A.S., so sorry to hear how frustrating it was for you this morning. Trust me, if I were in your shoes I would be very frustrated as well. I will say that I don’t personally feel the launch party is to blame for the quick sell-out. There were I think 50-60 seats booked early from launch party attendees, but there were at least 80 seats left when they went on public sale this morning. The insanely high demand is what sold out the plane – and technical glitches made that even worse.

      You are correct that the EXP challenge certainly increased the interest in this DO, but that is part of the innate attraction for these types of events. I know that the organizers are doing everything they can to secure a larger plane to accommodate more people. They had no clue the demand would be quite this high. The last one just last month took months to sell out. Since they personally have to guarantee the large bill for the charter, they aren’t going to book a larger plane than they think they can fill.

      That all being said, I really do empathize with your frustration. It seriously stinks to get very excited about something only to have it pulled out from under you through no fault of your own. I do hope that you don’t let the experience this morning tarnish your view of all future DOs. There may be more opportunities for this one if seats open up, and there will always be future DOs. The organizers truly have everyone’s best interest at heart and will do their best to make this opportunity available to as many people as possible. Maybe next time we can all go to the launch party to ensure we are able to get seats on the flight!

  3. You mentioned: “There are challenges both for elites from other airlines as well as for American elites as well.” However, as far as I can tell, if you are only Elite on AA (or OW) you get no special offer for renewing/upgrading status. As noted by A.S., why have all the OW/AA-centric cool stuff and then not cater to your own elites? I guess they were trying to appeal to a wide range of people in the hopes of filling the plane but it left me wondering why I would bother, especially as I have status on SPG and HHonors but don’t even have a Hyatt account. Guess I was a lot more excited about this before the launch and subsequent announcement.

    • @Ike, I believe the Terms and Conditions regarding that issue changed very recently (yesterday maybe?). I think that they very much want to make everyone happy – both their own elites, and those on other airlines. Since site is down, I can’t pull the info from there directly right now, but I can tell you than an organizer (Tommy777 on Milepoint) posted this last night: The elite status challenge can be used to qualify for an AAdvantage elite status level that is higher than the member currently holds or to re-qualify for their existing AAdvantage elite status level, thus extending the
      expiration date of that status.
      You can read more about this T&C improvement here.

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