Grand Slam Update: Day 49

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I think we are coming into the home stretch here with this one!  Thanks to all the encouragement to go for it in my last Grand Slam post, I am officially going for 36 hits now.  That will be a grand total of 100,000 bonus miles!  Simply phenomenal for such a fun promo.  In all fairness, this promo does take a lot of time.  Checking my “hit list”, seeing what has posted, and then following up with companies when things don’t post as they should does take a bit of work….but so do most other things in this miles and points world!  In this post I want to give you an update of where my hits stand, but I also really want to know what hits you are still waiting on.  You can check out my full running hits tally here.

28.  FTD Purchase- $42

We bought some Halloween cookies for Little C’s teachers.  We decided we had enjoyed more than our fair share of cookies from this Grand Slam, so we decided to bestow some cookie goodness on others with this hit!  They were delivered a day earlier than expected and the teachers said they were yummy.  A bit pricy for a hit, but since I am now going for 36 hits, it isn’t quite as painful.

Transaction date: 10/21

Not yet posted

29.  Teleflora – $44.98

For this hit I ordered a Golden Glow flower arrangement.  The delivery fee is the same for same-day delivery, so I placed the order for delivery that same day and it showed up about 90 minutes later.  In those 90 minutes I had honestly forgotten about the flowers, so I was almost excited when they showed up!  It was kind of bizarre how flowers you sent yourself can actually put a smile on your face!

Transaction date: 10/21

Post date: 10/26 750 miles

30.  Hertz Rental – $20.00

I used CDP (Counter Discount Program – in this case the American Express Platinum card discount program) #211762 and PC (Promotional Code) 162330 to get the rate so low.  I have now gotten to where I don’t actually have to show up for my rentals.  The manager just processes it without me and I can get my receipt online.  Perfect hit arrangement – everyone is a winner!

Transaction date: 10/22

Not yet posted

31.  Hertz Rental – $20.00

Same story, fifth verse.

Transaction date: 10/27

Not yet posted

32.  Wyndham Rewards Hotel Point Transfer – free

After seeing my last Grand Slam post where I was debating if I should go for 36 hits, my friend Million Mile Secrets asked if I wanted a Wyndham hotel point transfer hit as he had lots of Wyndham points.  I told him sure, but let me give a SPG point hit in exchange.  So far he hasn’t taken me up on the exchange hit (he is too nice!), but I am super thankful for the points transfer.

Transaction date: 10/22

Post date: 10/26 3,200 miles

33.  Club Carlson Hotel Point Transfer – free

I had some Club Carlson points from a hotel stay last year.  When their awesome “like me on Facebook get 5,000 free points” deal popped up last week, I hopped on it and received the 5,000 bonus points a few days later.  It is actually amazing how well run that promo was compared to some of the other social media messes other hotels have gotten into doing similar promos.  Anyway, I had the required 8,000 points to transfer for a 1,000 mile hit.  It is very strange how it requires you to enter the quantity of “4” 2,000 point transfers, but that is the way it works to get the hit.  See the image below.  Horrible transfer rate, but I needed the hit!

Transaction date: 10/31

Not yet posted

The total out of pocket expense for me to get to 33 hits has been $369.66.  I had some previously planned hotel stays and hotel points transfers in there that I did not count, so keep that in mind when comparing this to your own costs.  I only have $20 more dollars out of pocket planned to get to 36 hits, so that will keep my total under $400 for over 100,000 miles!  Simply amazing.

Future Hits Planned:

I still have a few more hits planned.  In addition to getting to 36, I want to have some back-up hits ready in case not all of my hits post as expected.  I would not want to lose 20,000 points because of some technical problem getting a hit to post, so I plan to have 1-2 “safety hits”.  I will see which transactions I am still missing just before 11/14 before I decide exactly how many safety hits to do.

34.  Hertz Rental ($20) – this will be my sixth and final Hertz rental!

35. November SPG Stay – no additional expense, already planned

36. November SPG Stay – no additional expense, already planned

37. Safety Hit November Hyatt Stay – no additional expense, already planned

38. Safety Hit Buy 1,000 miles ($40) – I keep hoping they will have another mileage “sale” before the end of the Grand Slam.  The beauty of this “safety” hit is that it is one you don’t have to make a decision on until the last minute.

What hits have not posted to your account?

I have 28 of my 33 completed hits posted to my account.  So far I am still missing Network Solutions hit that I purchased a million years ago (which is reported to be posting on 11/7), FTD that I purchased on 10/21, Hertz rentals that I did on 10/22 and 10/27, and the Club Carlson transfer that I did yesterday.  All of my husband’s 16 hits have now posted.  In fact his 16th hit, Sharebuilder, posted today!  He made the trade a few weeks ago and we are now good to go!  I truly am amazed at how well this promo has run overall considering how many partners are involved.

I would love to know which hits have still not posted for you, as well as when you made the purchase.  Let’s see if we can get you those missing hits!

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  1. I am still missing 1-800-Flowers, Biscoff, and Wine Insiders. I am a bit concerned about the Biscoff hit, as I placed the order on 10/11 and never received an e-mail (and forgot to grab a screenshot). I called them the next week and they said system errors had delayed everything and their e-mail confirmations were messed up. Eventually they charged my card and sent me the goodies, but I’m scared the system problems will cause my hit to be lost. 🙁

  2. Still missing the Netflix, US Air MC, and Network Solutions hits. Should be at 24 hits, with two safety hits to total 26.

  3. Missing my Skymall hit. Placed the order about a month ago. Trying to find if anyone on MP had similar experience, but can’t find anything.

  4. I’m missing Biscoff, I read somewhere that it posts end of each month.. hoping in the next day or so, then I’m emailing or calling.

    My wife’s account is not seeing Audience Rewards for the longest time, a couple of weeks (mine posted earlier after a few days). We sent them two emails and received no response. I’m not counting on Audience Rewards at this point.

    • My Biscoff hit didn’t post. I contacted the company and two people told me that ” ‘I’ left off the last two numbers of my US Airways DM#”…I don’t thinks so..they are “fixing’…I hope!!!

  5. 37 hits posted – OfficeMax posted yesterday, and Choice transfer and Sharebuilder posted today. Network Solutions still has not posted.

    I did 2 Hyatt stay + 1 car hire last week – they will trickle in over the next week or so, therefore I’ll end up on 41 hits. I did plan for a few over 36 as insurance.

    I certainly did not expect Audience Rewards to post, and I was dubious about Sharebuilder. I’ve not had to contact any merchants at all this year either – last year I had to follow-up with 3-4. It has all been relatively pain-free.

    41 hits has cost me $670.28 (0.00497 CPM) – I did renew my US Airways Lounge Membership for $325, so if I removed that I’d be 40 hits for $345.28 (0.00262 CPM).

    I invested a bunch of time upfront to load up as many hits as I could, to avoid the last minute scramble. That has certainly paid off.

    I’m now trying to figure out the cheapest way to hit Prem Exec on UA (9k miles to go) – running out of options & time.

  6. Looks like several people are still missing Biscoff. It would be a good idea to e-mail them. Both, my wife and I, placed orders. Both orders did not post for a long time. Turned out that both times out DM number was missing. I can hardly imagine that we made the same mistake on two orders. After my first e-mail they asked me to provide the DM number. Once I did that, the problem was solved quickly. Hard to be sure, but all symptoms indicate a software glitch.

  7. Great work on keeping us all updated on your progress, its really helped keep me organized as well. I was wondering about the points for car rentals- Does renting from Hertz on six different occasions count for 6 separate hits? Do you not have to divide the rentals up between the 8 different car partners? And also, I think I remember reading you got one of the hits from using your free 500 Hertz points from a sign up promo earlier this year? I have those points too, and was wondering if using points will earn me a hit or if I have to actually PURCHASE a rental with cash. And finally my last question, you were able to get the rental for $20 and not even show up for it, did those promo codes work no problem every time, and any advice when speaking to the manager to arrange this perfect arrangement? Thanks!

  8. after reading your post about sharebuilder I was concerned about the “manual mode miles” and I contacted sharebuilder(CS email) on 10/31 and it posted just now and the activity date shows 10/31. So it seems that if someone did made a trade or investment but still expecting the miles, maybe need to have a email or phone call to get the manual miles..

  9. I am still waiting on Network Solutions, BOA Debit Card, Netflix, 3 Hertz Rentals, Amazon (non-skymall activity).
    My Share Builder posted today. Office max posted twice.

  10. Just about everything…but I didn’t buy anything I can’t use, so I am not that bent out of shape. Buying the 12 bottle Wine Insider deal for about $85 (twice) has made it worth it.

  11. I am most pleased with this one (and your outstanding help). I will have for me and MRS DGF 20 hits each(waiting for 3 to post but look good). We also both did US AIR MC’s from MMS web site to get 40k (+10K after 1 year) link. So, including next years cost for the credit cards, we are $500.11 all in and will as a team earn 180,000 miles. 🙂 I will need 250,000 for 2 – 1st class tickets to Sweden on Lufthansa. I will get the extra 70k EZ with GS2012 or with the biz MC’s next year for one of my trips in 2013! 🙂 The funny thing is the NET-NET cost for this will be about the same as the 250,000 DELTA points from the SKYMALL deal in Sept when all is said and done. 😉

  12. Talking about insurance hits. I have a club carlson hit that I will only perform if some of my other hit have not posted by November 15th… thats right Club Carlson will put an activity date of one day before you actually requested the transfer. And hotel transfer are super safe. I might not need the transfer and in that case it will simply wait for next year.

  13. I should have 36 myself…wondering if I need to have a few safety hits myself. Though technically I think I may have some bonus ones built in. Looking at just over $460 for all 36!

  14. still waiting on Marriott Vacation Club (ownership purchase), Mags for Miles, Network Solutions, Office Max, and Thanks Again. All have been contacted (in Marriott Vacation Club’s case, numerous times) — to no avail… Not sure if I will participate next year. The miles are great, but the frustration quotient is high!

  15. Got my Sharebuilder hit yesterday (& 2500 bonus miles) 4 days after making 1st trade.

    Have had my Office Max for while and it duplicated yesterday. Think this was because I phoned Office Max and they added it immediately manually and regular sweep was yesterday. eMiles also posted yesterday.

    Thanks Again, Dividend Dining,TrackItBack and Super Shuttle have all been in for a while.

    Still no Network Solutions or Audience Rewards or Toolbar.

  16. @Larry, I think Biscoff only posts once per month or so (it isn’t very frequently), so that one can take a while depending on when you purchased. HikerT is right about the 1-800-Flowers sale item situation. Good luck!

    @JP2, for me it has ranged from 1-2 weeks with most being in the 7-10 day range.

    @carwag25, just this week I started seeing some Netflix hits post, so hopefully soon. Netsol is a super slow hit!

    @Rajesh, I personally do have the Plat card, but I have heard many others who don’t using it without a problem.

    @goheerow, I would contact SkyMall at this point. They usually aren’t quite that slow.

    @Alex, Biscoff is about once per month so hang in there. Sorry to hear Audience Rewards is going slowly for you!

    @Asen, we had the same transaction date issue. It was actually much later than the actual date. That could be problem for those who are trading close to the cut-off date of 11/14.

    @Simon, you did great! It is a very good strategy to do as much up-front as possible!

    @Eugene, thanks for sharing that info!

    @Everett, you can have a max of 6 rental hits either with the same or multiple car rental partners. I have used points for a rental, but not for the Grand Slam. I have used real dollars for these hits. The codes have worked just fine everytime and I worked that arrangement with the manager after I got to know her over the first three rentals. I was running late to get the 4th one and when I called she said don’t worry about showing up. She knew and trusted me at that point – and I knew and trusted her. Good luck!

    @Juventini, I agree if anyone is concerned about that hit it is a better safe than sorry situation to get some verification from ShareBuilder. I think as long as you make a trade you should be fine, but their process does seem to have cut out the “free” hit option.

    @Kashyap, my Office Max posted twice as well.

    @Mark, you are missing just about everything?? When did you do the hits? That sounds very strange to be missing almost everything. I would encourage you to get in contact with the retailers to see what the problem is.

    @DGF, good job! … always!!

    @Carsten, always good to have a “Plan B”!

    @IPBrian, I would look at what you are still missing as 11/14 approaches and then decide what to do about safety hits. I would hate to lose out on 20K points due to a “bad hit”.

    @CU, sorry to hear about your frustration from this.
    I have had to do some follow-up myself, but other than NetSol, all have worked out so far. I have my fingers crossed for you!

    @tassojunior, toolbar is once per month so should come in the next week or so. Hopefully NetSol will as well!

    @Maury, it should come in the next week or so.

  17. Don’t waste your time if you already have Dish trying to get the bonus match. The offer is through US Air, not Dish and Dish does not have any way to credit miles. Just wasted a few minutes trying. May try disconnecting Dish and rejoining thru US, tho that would be iffy.

  18. I’m still missing the toolbar on all 4 family member accounts. Missing a rental here a stay there, but nothing else I am concerned about. The toolbar hits were all done 10/12.

  19. I’m at 24 hits and the only options for me now are car rentals or hotel stays. Is it worth it to do four car rentals to get to 28?

    Thoughts/advice please

  20. Still missing FTD, Netflix, Wine Insider, and Office Max. I’ve contacted them all, and they tell me to be patient – I’ve contacted Office Max twice (once via the web, once as a call) and still nothing, and the purchase was Oct 5th!

    If they all post, that’ll be for 24 hits plus 1 safety – and I need those 5000 PQM’s to reach Gold for the year. With no travel scheduled before Jan, I’m getting nervous!

  21. I deliberated far too long before jumping in, and now I’ll be lucky to get to 16 hits. My question is about Sharebuilder: We have 2 long-dormant accounts (opened for an AA or DL promo around 2002): What do I need to do to get a hit (and 2500 miles)? I’m willing to do a trade, but will it count? Thanks for your input — and I love your blog!

  22. Thanks for the Hertz advice! My follow up question, the Grand Slam promo runs until November 14, does that mean all our hits need to be posted by then and the points officially received, or we just need to complete the partner activity by then? Meaning, I have 8 or so hits posted right now, 6 or so still pending, and another 10 or so (like Hertz) I plan to get this week. Will these activities still count as hits if I do them this week (even if they take weeks to post, like Wine Insiders), or am I wasting my time? I also have a few backup hits planned just incase.

  23. Thank you for the Club Carlson prompt – I didn’t even know what that was. Then discovered I had 30K Radisson pts = Carlson pts so did an 8K transfer as you did for another hit.

  24. Isn’t it also possible to just have a meal at a Starwood hotel and fax the receipt to SPG to get the points (which can then be transferred to US Airways)? As a Platinum, I believe the minimum meal was $67? Calcuation: 67 + 33 (Platinum 50% bonus) = 100 SPG points which get transferred to US as 200 points.

    Is this correct?

  25. Hi Mommy Points! Quick question regarding the Club Carlson. I have 5,000 club carlson points. The website allowed me to transfer only 4,000 points for 500 US Airways miles. Will that count as a hit? You mentioned that only 8,000 points were allowed to be transferred. Thank you and keep up the AMAZING work.

    • @JM, sadly according to the Grand Slam FAQ’s the minimum transfer to count as a hit has to result in 850 Dividend Miles. In this case, the “cheapest” way to get to that is 8,000 points to 1,000 miles.
      You can transfer your hotel points into Dividend Miles at the hotel’s program website or visit If you transfer hotel points to Dividend Miles, you can earn one hit (with a maximum of one hit per hotel family). You have to earn a minimum of 850 Dividend Miles from each transfer in order to qualify as a hit. If you transfer 25,000 miles from Starwood you only get one hit, even if you transfer from Starwood again. However, if you transfer 5,000 miles from Starwood and 3,000 miles from Marriott you earn two hits.

  26. Hi MP,

    Any chance of getting the name and phone number of that friendly Hertz manager so that we can also check-in/-out without having to actually showup? 🙂

    • @zo, I wish I could, but I’m not sure she would want to be inundated by people she didn’t know. It worked for me after I got to know her, but not sure how well that would translate to people she didn’t know. Good idea though!

  27. I am missing Dividend Miles Mall purchases (I actually made two purchases) plus Budget Car Rental, 800 Florist and US MC. My Biscoff purchase was on 10/24 and posted on 10/27. For me, it is the Dividend Miles Toolbar that only seems to get posted once a month – installed 10/1 and posted on 11/3.

    • @bellagio, I hope your missing miles turn up soon! I think your timing just was fortunate with Biscoff, but either way glad it posted quickly!

  28. A little annoyed with US Air for not remaining consistent on the info they give out over the phone. Two questions:
    1) I have received conflicting info in regards to the credit card. I have heard that your statement closing date needs to be before Nov 14 AND I have also heard that statement close doenst matter as long as you use your credit card before Nov 14. Anyone know the real story here?
    2) For the Wine Insiders hit, there needs to be a subscription, but when you click the link from the US Air Earn More Miles page it takes you to a one time purchase for a 1,000 mile bonus. And when you click where it says to join a wine club, there is no where to enter your US Air number. Any thoughts?

    Love your blog, easy to read for a 23 year old recent college grad. At the end of Feb, I should have about 300,000 miles. Kinda excited!!!

  29. Better your Netflix account be brand new.

    I called netflix today following up for the DM miles. This is what they said:
    I have closed my previous netflix account on 10/31/2010 and opened the new one on 10/05/2011 (for GrandSlam) with the same credit card. They found that and rejected my promotion miles.
    Netflix suggested me to open a new account with a new email id and asked me to use a new credit card. I am going in for that. This is my 36th hit. I cannot afford to lose this. 🙂

    • @Kashyap, yeah Netflix makes me nervous. I have purposefully not really talked about that hit because it isn’t truly new for most people these days. I would consider a back-up hit if you are counting on that one for your 36th….at least that is what I would do. 🙂

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