Grand Slam Update: Network Solutions Hits Posting!

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I guess they should rename November 7th NetSol Hit Day as this is the day that many Grand Slam enthusiasts have been “patiently” waiting for.  I personally did my Network Solutions transaction about a month and a half ago (Sept 22nd) and finally saw it had posted when I checked this morning.

Woohoo! I’m not sure exactly what the purchase cut-off date for NetSol was in order to be included on this 11/7 posting bonanza, but I know that there are people who purchased in early October who are included.  Check out this Flyertalk thread to read additional experiences with NetSol.

The best news in all of this is that the transaction date seems to be accurate, so it is still not too late to do this hit before the fast-approaching 11/14 deadline.  While your miles probably won’t post until early 2012, they should count as a hit once they do post since the transaction date will be before 11/14.

Heck, even without the hit, just getting 2,000 miles for $26.09 isn’t all that bad.  It’s a better deal than buying the miles outright from US Airways!  If you want in on this hit, read Hit 16 from the Grand Slam Tally for detailed instructions.  There is less than a week to go in this year’s Grand Slam, so don’t delay if you are wanting to get a few more hits in before the deadline!

Did you Network Solutions hits show up today?  What was your transaction date?

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  1. Thanks for the update! Any idea when the next sweep of miles will post? I was expecting them to update the hits earned today or tomorrow….

  2. mine hasn’t showed up yet and i purchased this on 9/21. my wife’s did show up and she purchased her’s on 10/5. go figure…

    • @oneeyejack, if I were in your shoes, I would give NetSol a call and check the status of your miles just to make sure there isn’t some error you need to help correct. Good luck!

  3. Same here. Mine posted today and I am so relaxed now. I should run behind the Netflix, Thanks Again and Amazon (Shopping Mall) postings. Amazon asked me to talk to Dividend Miles since they have nothing to do with that.

    • @Maury, it will eventually count as a hit – but it won’t post before 11/14. It will probably post in early January, but with a transaction date before 11/14, so you will be good – you will just have to be very patient. 🙂

  4. Mine posted today as well! I was a bit worried about this one. 20 hits for me so far, and even though I know I should have gone for more, I am a happy camper for my first grand slam promo. Thanks for your excellent coverage on this Promotion!!

  5. I can’t get the NetSol website to accept my DM acct number, even with a string of leading zeroes and capitalizing the letters in my DM acct. And the NetSol CSR is unfamiliar with the promo or the process. Any suggestions? I’m going to need this hit.

  6. i still haven’t gotten the grand slam notice, i have the registration email, but in my 5 posted hits i still do not have a grand slam credit.

    • @cbkcc1, question 2 in this Grand Slam FAQ post may help you out some. If you have the registration email and you did the hits appropriately, they will likely all show up eventually. 🙂

  7. I have at least 8 transactions that should be hits, but have not seen any bonus points posted to my account. Am I the only one??

  8. 9/23 posted 11/7
    already got firm 36, just now talked with USA csr, I was told only 23 hits are posted, even a few posted yesterday and today. I guess they should be kinda manually “filtering” activities periodically but seems still processing huge amount of the posted activities.

  9. still waiting for 2 accounts of Network Solutions to post…9/21/11 was one transaction date and the other was 10/24/11…. I did send a secure email about the first one, so hopefully a response soon!
    Sharebuilders finally posted!(afer funding and transacions)

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