Reminder: Register Tonight for the 50,000 Radisson Point Offer!

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Who wants to stay up late with me tonight? Well, at least it is late for those of us on the right-hand side of the country. 🙂 Today at 12AM EST, registration will begin for the Radisson “Stay One Night, Get One Night” promotion. The first 50,000 people who register will be able to stay at any Radisson Hotel in the US, Canada, or the Caribbean from November 10 through December 30, 2011 and receive 50,000 bonus Gold Points! That is enough points to redeem for a free night at any Club Carlson Hotel in the world. So, you can book a “cheap” stay at a Radisson now, and redeem for a very expensive property in the future.

Some quick facts about this promotion:

  • The first 50,000 who register will know they are in the first 50,000 from the display on the registration page and can then complete their stay anytime between 11/10 and 12/30 to receive the 50,000 bonus points.  Registrations after the first 50,000 will be informed their stay will earn them 15,000 points.  So, don’t wait to register!
  • The stay between 11/10 and 12/30 must be at a Radisson or Radisson Blu to earn the 50,000 points.  Country Inn and Suites and other Club Carlson hotels do not qualify for earning the bonus points.
  • Your stay must be eligible to earn Gold points to receive the 50,000 bonus points.  Be careful about this – some rates do not earn Gold points.  When I checked the government rate it was ineligible for Gold points.  I’m not sure if that is always the case, but it was for the dates/hotels that I checked.
  • Existing reservations count, so you can actually go ahead and make your reservation now.

If you want to check to see if your rate is eligible for points, click on the rate details.  Here is a screen shot of the government rate I found that was ineligible. I have also found government rates that seem to be eligible, so just be sure and double-check.

I will absolutely be up past my bed-time tonight to take advantage of this for both myself and my husband.  I’ll be tweeting to stay awake, so feel free to help keep me up @Mommy_Points!  I will also tweet to remind you it is time to sign-up.  Hopefully the Radisson IT department is ready for the onslaught of registrations tonight – I am crossing my fingers that the website doesn’t “melt down”.

If you want a listing of Radisson hotel locations, check this out.

Thanks to Loyalty Traveler for getting some clarification from Radisson about some of the terms of this promotion.

Also, while we are up tonight, you can participate in the live chat on Milepoint with Hyatt Gold Passport’s Jeff Zidell.  That happens at 9PM Eastern.  You can read more about that at View From the Wing.


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  1. Hi Mommypoints, I am going to stay up with you to register! Hope the system doesn’t melt down either as this will be cutting into my beauty sleep!

    • @Chris, it doesn’t seem to be true for all govmt rates, so you do have to check. It was in the rate details under instructions. I will post a screen shot in the post.

    • Yeah! It’s a party! 🙂 I will not be so happy if the website is keeping me up even later though. Oh please be ready for the traffic. Oh please be ready for the traffic.

  2. I’ll be staying up as well. Our only choice for the paid stay can e had for $85 so it seems to be a no-brainer.

    What is the URL of the countdown above? I tried and Club Carlson, but no apparent pointer…

  3. I will be up as well, and check your local places out over xmas day. In dallas, i’m seeing one that can be pre-paid for $59 a night, which is stellar. That is where I will be checking into on xmas day, along with my better half so she can get her points as well. And yes…please don’t let the website go down.

  4. Does anyone know how easy it is to merge Club Carlson accounts or transfer points? As in if I am able to register my brother or friend can we will I be able to combine the 50k offers or just be stuck with multiple accounts of 50k.

    • @Everett – It is extremely easy. I actually just did it yesterday. Combined mine and my husbands account so I can transfer to US Airways and get a “hit.” Both you and the person you are combining with must be on the phone and verify your info.

  5. Do you think you will be required to check in at the hotel? or can I just pay online and not show up for my reservation? There aren’t any hotels near me.

    • @Jeff, unless you work some super secret deal out with a manager, then yes. I’m sure if there is a “cooperative” manager identified, you will see some talk of it on Flyertalk. Otherwise, the official answer is you do have to check-in with Club Carlson.

  6. hi, does anyone know if I can make the stay as a qualified hit to US GS? Can we double dip? If not, I assume we have to choose Club Carson points rather than airline miles in order to get the bonus, right?

    • @longmanzz, I like the idea, but since you have to earn Gold points for this deal there is no way to also earn miles with Radisson. It’s an either or situation. Nice thought though!

  7. The “Advance Purchase” rate says:

    – Cannot be combined with any other promotional offer

    should I understand that being not eligible for this promotion to earn 50K points?

    • @palmtenor, reader on Twitter told me that those do still qualify. As long as the rate earns Gold points it should work. You can always double-check with Radisson if you are worried.

  8. Hi MommyPoints:

    Flying SFO-ORD tonight and doesn’t arrive until 10:30pm Central so my timing should be perfect. Happy registering!

    • @carwag, It was on the right-hand side of the screen as a search option after I did an initial search. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense and I will get you more info a little later.

    • @Lisa, I personally think that if it is a rate that will earn Gold points that it will work, but if you are unsure double check with Radisson. Better safe than sorry.

  9. registered after a video…
    not showing any response about if i am the first 50000 both on the screen or in the email inbox.

  10. same here, it didn’t specify 50k or 15k for me. just said “Congratulations!” and “You are now registered for the

  11. Also was in for 2 (wife and myself). No confirmations but I took screenshots so hopefully I’ll have good luck.

    Now we need to find a weekend during the holiday season to buy up some eligible hotel stays.

  12. Yep, success after modifying the URL. Performance is good, so probably not #50,001.

    The ‘success’ message mentions 50k, but that isn’t as clear as we were lead to believe:
    “We are offering 50,000 Gold Points, enough for a FREE night stay at any Carlson hotel in the world, to the first 50,000 Club Carlson℠ members to register for the promotion”

    I guess we’ll see if people start getting the same message with 15k at some point…

  13. Got myself, wife, brother and sister-in-law registered.

    My computer did not like listening to /viewing 4 videos at once.

  14. I agree they should have had a redirect from the countdown page, but at least their site didn’t crash! I recommend taking screenshots since it does not clearly state if you are receiving 50K or 15K points. Hopefully emails will go out soon verifying your registration. Good job for to everyone for staying up. Here’s hoping they send out registration confirmation emails very shortly. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. Registered for me and the wife at 12:55 EST and it went through, we will see if I get confirmation. Still said 50,000 points.

  16. Hey Mommypoints,
    Any idea of whether Clubcarlson does status matching with other hotel brands like starwood, Hilton, etc? Probably of interest with so many new “members”

  17. I registered this morning but did not get any email confirm either so don’t know if I get 15k or 50k. Will see if they send out an email. We have a Radisson at RDU with weekend AAA rates ~ $90 so could be nice to get in on the 50k

  18. Registered 4 accts betw 12:00 and 12:15 a.m. Carlson just stated that the acct was registered and didn’t say whether it was for 50K or 15K. Screen shot only shows “registered,” not 50K or 15K. No emails yet. How are we supposed to know we received the 50K?

  19. I tried to sign my sister for club carlson and it says profile already created, I know for certain she doesn’t have a Club Carlson account.

  20. I registered last night with my email and club carlson membership number. Today, I tried again with just club carlson number and thinking I would receive a message like others saying I have registered already, it said, you are now registered( the same message as the lst time I did it) So does it mean I was never registered the first time?

  21. *DATA POINT* I just spoke with Janet in the Club Carlson call center @ 888-288-8889. She said that as of 9:08AM CST today, Nov 10, the 50,000 registrant plateau has not been reached yet, so if you registered last night, or prior to 9:08AM CST today, you will get the 50,000 if you complete the rest of the T&C’s. She didn’t indicate how close to the 50K they were getting.

  22. I just called the Club Carlson phone # listed in the comment above to see if I made the 50,000 cut off. She said there is no way to tell for sure, but that the webpage will be updated with 50,000 or 15,000 in the paragraph depending on if you made it or not.

    I’m not sure how I feel about them being uncertain and unable to tell us for sure. My screen says 50,000 but it’s no guarantee.

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