Last Minute US Airways Grand Slam Hits and Tips

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These last two months have sort of flown by!  There are only four days left in this year’s US Airways Grand Slam.  So far my bonus miles have posted for 32 hits.  I am currently sitting just shy of 100,000 US Airways miles and I started this promo with 0 miles in that account.  Not too shabby.  I’ll review my entire hit list and costs sometime next week, but today I want to focus on how to help you maximize the few remaining days of the Grand Slam.

I am also not going to be going into detail in this post on which items to purchase or things like that – though if you have a question feel free to ask in the comment section.  Hopefully another Grand Slam player or myself can help you out.  I also highly recommend you checking this great thread on Flyertalk for tons of updated info.  You can also check out my Grand Slam hit tally for some guidance on how the hits operate.   This close to the end, there are some hits that are more realistic and reliable than others.  Let’s break some of those down.

Flower Partners:

1-800-Flowers, Teleflora, and all state that the “Activity date” is the date the flower are delivered, however in practice 1-800-Flowers has been posting often based on the date the order was placed.  This is a very important detail since we are so close to the end.  However, I would not personally risk a hit on that, because if there were an issue you would have no recourse.  If you still want to do a flower hit, I would make sure the delivery date is by Monday.  Since that is close in, you may find increased delivery fees, but it is worth checking.  In my experience, Teleflora doesn’t charge extra for a same-day delivery, so that may be a good option.

Super Shuttle:

This is a super easy hit that you can still do very inexpensively.  AMEX users can use the code 72MMA to take $3 off. 

Car Rentals:

This is another super easy hit.  I would get on it if you want this hit though since you can only do one per day.  See my Grand Slam Hit tally for coupon codes and info for Hertz rentals.

Dining Program:

There is still time for this one since registration is instant.  Just join, register a card, then go to a participating restaurant and use that card to make a purchase.


This one is probably still okay to do, but they have been a bit notorious about cancelling orders this year.  However, they have usually left the miles in even after cancelling orders, so it may work out.

Buying miles and sharing miles:

Since these transactions are both directly with US Airways, they happen instantly.  You can even do these the very last day if you need to.  In fact, buying miles will be a back-up hit of mine on the last day if it looks like I need some “insurance”.

US Airways Dividend Shopping:

This one should also still be a good easy hit to complete.  Everyone always needs something from!

Network Solutions:

NetSol is painfully slow in posting hits, but they do seem to post with the correct Activity Date once they do post, so you can still do this hit.  Just be aware it probably won’t actually post until January.

Track it Back:

I actually just used this sticker on my new iPhone 4S!  Though I certainly hope to never lose that phone – I would be lost!  This hit has been pretty reliable, so it could still be a good option.


I think this one has been pretty reliable this year as well, though the miles do only post once per month.  Just plan on being a bit patient if you decide to get in on this delicious hit.

Hotel transfers:

I don’t recall hearing any wide-spread issues of activity dates being problematic with hotel transfers, so you should still be good to go on these.

Hotel stays:

Again, there is a one per day rule, so don’t delay on these if you are still hoping to squeeze a few in.  Another important issue to look at is if the hotel uses a check-in or check-out date as the activity date.  That is important since you can only get one hotel hit per day, but also important if you are completing a stay on the last day or so.  The info below was obtained through this Flyertalk thread.  If you are very concerned about the activity date, I recommend double-checking, as I did not read every single page of that 82-page thread.

Hyatt activity date = check-out date

Hilton activity date = check-in date

Marriott activity date = check-out date

Choice = check-in date

Starwood = check-in date

Club Carlson = check-in date

Priority Club = check-out date

Those are the hits I would personally focus on at this time.  There are obviously other hits out there, but these have been the more reliable hits, in my experience.  This late in the game reliability is very important.  If you are new to the Grand Slam (and I know a lot of people are just now getting into it judging by the emails I have been receiving), then check out my Newbie’s Guide to the Grand Slam post to get a basic understanding before you jump in head-first.

I have two more hits to complete this weekend and then I will be done and should hit 36 hits.  That will land me enough miles for two off-peak First Class awards to Europe!  Woohoo!

What are your last minute hits?  Are you doing any “safety” hits?

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  1. I’m still missing my skymall hit and I’ve called them to confirm they have my DM number. They assure me it will post, but it’s been a month and a half already. Getting nervous since that’s my 16th hit.

  2. Ftd hasnt posted for 6 weeks, even though they say it will. The other two flower companies posted very quickly. I had trouble with a choice transfer as us air says it posted as a stay. And my 6th hertz rental didn’t post even though it shows in my account. I’m sitting at 38 per us with miles received on 36 awhile ago. I had one safety hit, it’s just time to followup.

    I’d add magazines for miles. That posted quickly and the toolbar, while not super fast, is really cheap.

  3. After all the free’ish simple stuff like e-miles and such the next best hits for the money (ROI) are the cheap car rentals. I’m a little worried. My wife could use a safety hit or a safety dance (look at your hands), If she does a drive by Hertz rental on Monday I’m worried it won’t count. Then again I’m a little gun shy after dealing with Wine Insiders and waiting on Network Solutions. Maybe after this is all over you could do a poll of the most reliable hits or something like that.

  4. I’ve completed 25 hits, but I’m still waiting on Netflix, Wine Insiders, and Office Max to post…All activity dates should be around Oct 10th for these. Quite annoying, as I’m taking a trip in December, and it’d be nice to be Gold status by then (i need those 5000PQM’s!)

  5. @goheerow, if they told you it will post, you are probably fine. However, if you are worried maybe a back-up hit is something to consider?

    @JimL, good ideas! FTD was my slowest flower hit as well. It took about two weeks for me.

    @Ric, my husband’s family is from Ireland so that will be a must-stop spot. We will probably hit one other area while we are there. This will be his first trip, so probably either London or Paris this go round. We will get to the more off-the-beaten path places on a subsequent trip.

    @AK, good job! LOVE the Safety Dance idea. 🙂

    @DGF, ha ha ha ha ha. You know when the music from the YouTube video started playing, Little C and I started dancing. Careful, or you will end up with a MP and Little C Safety Dance music video on your hands. 🙂 Good job with the earned points! If you count the US Airways card I just got (though too late for a hit), I should come out of this with 160K miles for me. Pretty awesome promo!

    @Dan, I have personally had good success with Hertz posting dates. If you are really worried, can you do it today or over the weekend?

    @G.David, I hope they post soon. Congrats on hitting Gold status!

  6. I am waiting for a Hilton stay from last weekend to post. Am staying at an SPG property in SAT this weekend and will be doing a daily rental car churn to get up to 37. Doing one extra rental car rnetal just in case I don’t get the Netflix hit…..

    • @JA, well for one I have not yet received it, so not sure if i will even have it in hand by that deadline. But, more importantly, the statement has to close before 11/14 to count, and mine won’t even come close.

      • I didn’t know the statement had to close by 11/14,I thought you simly had to use the card by then as mine will arrive tomorrow or Monday at the latest. In that case, I better get one more!

  7. Is exchanging miles on (i.e., Asia Miles for US Airways) and then sharing miles on US Airways two separate hits? Seems like it is on your tally but just want to confirm before I share miles on US Airways with my wife for hits for us both. If it won’t, then I’ll just buy miles. Thanks!

    • @Goodguy, they are two separate hits. I didn’t include the exchanging points into US Airways miles on one on here because some of mine have hung in pending status for days, and it was too close to the deadline to recommend that one. Some do go quickly though, so if you want to do the one do it now. Sharing miles on US Airways is a separate hit and counts for both people.

      • Goodguy,
        I was lacking in a lot of programs to be able to transfer them into US Air miles on However, the easiest one I’ve found (and now it’s worked for myeslf and my wife) is to sign up for a Greenpoints account. You can transfer 8US Air miles into 12 Greenpoints, and then 12 Greenpoints back into 1 US Air mile. Of course, you come out of this (-7) US Air miles, but from GP signup to finish, it only takes about 10 minutes, and they post to your US Air account almost immediately.

  8. Mine have posted surprisingly well … I’ve had good luck with FTD (maybe a couple weeks), 1800 Flowers, OfficeMax (just took a week or so), SkyMall and Biscoff. My hotel transfers posted generally after about a week.

    The only bummer was a Microtel stay. I was hoping it would count as a hit. I was on a double points promotion, but the regular miles (about 150) and the double miles posted separately, so I’m guessing neither will count as a hit because I didn’t meet the 200 mile minimum.

    Regardless, I got 20 hits pretty easily and am a happy camper.

    I got a hit for eating at Wendy’s at the airport through Thanks Again. Who would have thought …

  9. I worked hard and long to get 24 hits done. Twenty have been awarded and I’m throwing in the towel. This has taken way more time then I thought it would and the slowness of the hits posting hasn’t helped. I’m not sure if my last 4 will get a tier reward but I’m not spending more money chasing it. This was my first Grand Slam. Sky Mall, Wine Insider, La Quinta and have yet to post.Some things haven’t been fair; like the requirement to pick up the car at the airport, where the only gain is to the airport authority with taxes and fees or the increase in prices from the flower shops and Biscoff as well as U S Airways for miles purchase but on balance you knew going in it would get expensive to get to 28 or 32 hits. Also tough for the guy who does not use motels/hotels much. Next year if I play it will be to get the cheap hits and stop at 8 or 12. Now I’ve got to unsubscribe to all those ads I’m getting from the e-miles and Rewards sites and others. Thanks to Mommy Points for good guidance.

  10. Did anyone ever figure out if the Audience Rewards 1pt earning (from their quizzes) count? I’d make it to another tier if it did!

  11. I Show 30 hits versus US airways showing 32. Can someone help find the 2 differences for me? Driving me nuts. Last column is my tally. Thanks!

    9/10/2011 09/12/11 US WORLDCARDADJUSTMENT5,541(nohittooearlycbelow)
    9/14/2011 09/14/11 GRAND SLAM 2011 TWITTER BONUS 1
    9/15/2011 09/15/11 BUY MILES TIERED BONUS OFFER BONUS 10,000 2
    9/15/2011 09/15/11 BUY MILES – POINTS.COM 10,000 (see above)
    9/15/2011 09/15/11 SHARE MILES -1,000 3
    9/16/2011 09/16/11 ONLINE REDEMPTION -400 4
    9/17/2011 09/19/11 AUDIENCE REWARDS MILES 2 5
    9/18/2011 09/22/11 SHOPPING MALL, BUY.COM 16 6
    9/29/2011 09/29/11 GRAND SLAM MULTI PARTNER BONUS – 4 3,000
    9/26/2011 10/04/11 ELITE MEMBER NEXT STAY BONUS 1,000 7 (7 lines)
    9/26/2011 10/04/11 NEW MEMBER BONUS 500
    9/26/2011 10/04/11 Hong Kong … 1,449
    9/26/2011 10/04/11 PRIORITY CLUB BONUS MILEAGE AWARD 100
    9/26/2011 10/04/11 NEXT STAY BONUS 500
    9/26/2011 10/04/11 WELCOME BACK BONUS 500
    9/26/2011 10/04/11 PRIORITY CLUB BONUS MILEAGE AWARD 100
    10/1/2011 10/04/11 THANKS AGAIN MILEAGE AWARD 6 8
    10/3/2011 10/04/11 AUDIENCE REWARDS MILES 2 (see above)
    10/4/2011 10/05/11 E-REWARDS MILEAGE TRANSFER 500 9
    10/4/2011 10/07/11 VINESSE.COM WINE PURCHASE 40 10
    10/3/2011 10/05/11 TRACKITBACK.COM 500 11

    US air showing 12 here and I show 11

    10/5/2011 10/05/11 GRAND SLAM 2011 MULTI PARTNER BONUS – 8 7,000
    10/5/2011 10/05/11 GRAND SLAM 2011 MULTI PARTNER BONUS – 12 5,000

    9/15/2011 10/06/11 DIVIDEND MILES TOOLBAR SEARCH BONUS 3 12
    10/2/2011 10/06/11 CONVERSION:HILTON EXCHANGE 850 13
    10/2/2011 10/07/11 SUPER SHUTTLE CREDIT 50 14
    10/2/2011 10/10/11 CONVERSION: SPG POINTS TO MILES 1,500 15
    10/3/2011 10/10/11 SKYMALL ONLINE PURCHASE 9 16
    10/7/2011 10/11/11 NATIONAL CAR RENTAL BONUS 17 17
    10/8/2011 10/11/11 NATIONAL CAR RENTAL BONUS 17 18
    10/12/2011 10/12/11 GRAND SLAM MULTI PARTNER BONUS – 16 8,000
    10/12/2011 10/12/11 US WORLD CARD: EVERYDAY PURCHASES 340 19
    10/12/2011 10/12/11 GRAND SLAM MULTI PARTNER BONUS – 20 10,000

    I show 19 usair shows 20 here

    10/12/2011 10/12/11 GRAND SLAM PQM BONUS – 16 HITS 2,000
    10/2/2011 10/14/11 EXCHANGE MILES 1 20
    10/16/2011 10/17/11 1-800-FLOWERS BONUS 70 21
    10/16/2011 10/17/11 1-800-FLOWERS ADDITIONAL BONUS 70
    10/3/2011 10/18/11 OFFICEMAX CREDIT 3 22
    10/9/2011 10/21/11 DM DINING BONUS 11 23
    10/24/2011 10/24/11 GRAND SLAM MULTI PARTNER BONUS – 24 7,000
    10/24/2011 10/24/11 GRAND SLAM PQM BONUS – 24 HITS 3,000

    I show 23 versus us air showing 24 here

    10/2/2011 10/27/11 BISCOFF GOURMET SNACKS 267 24
    10/3/2011 11/01/11 OFFICEMAX CREDIT 3 (see above)
    10/4/2011 11/01/11 E-MILES MILEAGE TRANSFER 500 25
    10/31/2011 11/01/11 hotel stay 1 line 26
    10/2/2011 11/03/11 DIVIDEND MILESTOOLBARSEARCH 5 (see above)
    11/1/2011 11/03/11 US DEBIT CARD ADD’l FIRST USE BONUS 2,000 27
    11/1/2011 11/03/11 US AIRWAYS DEBIT CARD FIRST USE BONUS 1,000
    10/3/2011 11/07/11 NETWORK SOLUTIONS BONUS 2,000 28
    11/4/2011 11/08/11 NATIONAL CAR RENTAL BONUS 34 29
    11/4/2011 11/08/11 NATIONAL TRIPLE MILE OFFER 1,144
    11/5/2011 11/08/11 NATIONAL CAR RENTAL BONUS 34 30
    11/5/2011 11/08/11 NATIONAL TRIPLE MILE OFFER 68
    11/9/2011 11/09/11 GRAND SLAM MULTI PARTNER BONUS – 32 20,000
    11/9/2011 11/09/11 GRAND SLAM 2011 MULTI PARTNER BONUS – 28

    At his point I show 30 versus 32 by US airways.

    hyatt might not post-can’t count on given rate
    holiday inn
    2 more car rentals (assuming only 4 counted above othwrwise both of these may not count)
    best western transfer

    Do you think I’m all set for 36?

  12. I’m in need of a partner to transfer miles to/from! If anyone is in the same boat please contact me emailkkback@gmail

    (If this wasn’t ok to post, I’m sorry – I can’t find anywhere that connects ppl for this…)

  13. G. David…with regards to the Office Max hit, I waited a week for it to post. I sent Office Max a copy of my invoice asking for credit, and CC’d USAirways on the email ( Office Max told me that the credit would post in 6-8 weeks. USAirways put it in for me within a day. I’d send both of them an email today just ot be on the safe side.

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